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Tube Bending Pt 5 - Bend Direction Mark

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http://www.cteskills.com Just about any plant site you go to, you’ll find scrap bin full of tubing that has not been bent correctly. The purpose of this CTE series on tube bending is to help minimize that waste, cut cost, and to help you become more efficient when bending tubing. There is more to tube bending than just bending, however. In order for proper and safe operation a technician should have a basic understand of tube fabrication, fitting makeup, and the importance of precision in bending the tube. In this CTE series on Tube Bending, we’ll cover topics such as Tube Selection and Design, Tube Cutting Methods, Tube Bending Preparations, Proper Use of the Bending Tool, Making the Actual Bend, Bend Direction Marks, Tube Gain and Tube Gain Calculations, Changing Planes and Tube Orientation, as well as Fitting Types and Assembly. Most tube lines will not be limited to just one bend. There will be many items and obstacle you will have to work around. In this CTE video we will explore the many things you will need to consider in making multiple bends in your tubing line. Some of the topics discussed will be making the proper measurements, adding a bend direction mark, proper tube alignment, making the bend, and checking the angularity.
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jung1e (3 months ago)
All of these videos end too quickly, while he is explaining something. Very frustrating.

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