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39 Islamic Names for Girls Beautiful Arabic Cute Baby Starting With L 2018

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39 Muslim girl names beautiful Arabic cute baby names with meaning beginning letter L 2018.
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luthufiya azeex (6 months ago)
Am from india my name is luthufiya my father tolled me its a arabic name i saw here lutfiya can you tell me what is luthufiya
luthufiya azeex (6 months ago)
Saidah Faulia Can you pls explain me the meaning of unais
luthufiya azeex (6 months ago)
Saidah Faulia Thankyouuuu
Saidah Faulia (6 months ago)
hello luthufiya, thank for u comment on my channel. name luthufiya not found, just luthfiya, luthfiyah or luthfeeya (gentle). i'm sorry.
salman ahmad (7 months ago)
Sadiya name meaning
Saidah Faulia (6 months ago)
Sadiya meaning is Lucky

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