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Interior Design — High-Contrast, Warm, Open-Concept Family Home

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On http://houseandhome.com/tv, tour a personality-filled great room — a kitchen, office, dining room and living room all rolled into one! Watch hundreds of other free TV segments here: http://houseandhome.com/tv.
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Scott Brown (10 months ago)
Viral Videos (1 year ago)
This is modern , yet warm and inviting
Salle Sulieman (1 year ago)
Dathan (3 years ago)
I don't think it "feels warm and inviting" and "fantastic art" well that's your opinion but  I do like it overall.  The banister looks black to me.  I like the layout and that the client used her old furniture.
Julie Lamadeleine (1 year ago)
Dathan i
Chrisy McConnell (3 years ago)
Love it.
mrsjimmymare (3 years ago)
Dining table set (complete with the chairs that I think comes with the table as a set) look out of place. The entire execution is more modern (clean lines). I think another dining set will be better but it's very obvious it's a reused piece from homeowner old home. The designers could have tie in the wood and fabric from the dining set to the kitchen but they didn't. They look "separate" from each other now (from the video). Designers could have done better for her (one of them known the homeowner for years...).
mrsjimmymare (3 years ago)
Didn't they said she (homeowner) just lost her husband?? She needs a his and her sinks in her bathroom to remind her that she is now living alone in that ensuite? I know I wouldn't want it...
mistertee (2 years ago)
+mrsjimmymare When she sells the house, the buyers will want 2 sinks. And what if she gets remarried? You're awfully shortsighted, lady.
Fla Ponte (3 years ago)
+mrsjimmymare I was thinking the same!
Keithko007 (3 years ago)
Rose Redd (3 years ago)
I think when fireplaces are made to resemble TVs w/ a flame show it diminishes the beauty & comfort that is a fireplace.
Matthew McCrory (3 years ago)
I agree with fozo momo, the ground floor looks kind of big and empty. Cavernous almost. All the white throughout feels flat and sterile to me but maybe there's more detail/texture (like the fireplace tiles) that doesn't translate to video. The ensuite is absolutely incredible though. The tiles are beautiful and I love the freestanding bath and walk-in shower. The step is a great way to separate the wet and dry areas too. Very clever design. If I lived here I'd never leave my bedroom. I have to ask though, are his/her and his/her sinks a predominantly North American thing? Don't think I've ever seen them here in Europe but maybe I'm just not wealthy enough :P Is it really that bad sharing a sink with your partner?
Ashley Case (3 years ago)
Love the bathroom
fozo momo (3 years ago)
i love the open concept but contrary to what they said it looks cold and empty,
THarrison004 (3 years ago)
So nice.

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