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People Get Facials For The First Time • The Test Friends

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Text Comments (2279)
Nafisa Quazi (18 days ago)
XYZ LUCINA (1 month ago)
I miss these :(
AriaVille (2 months ago)
Why is it others always say facials are relaxing?!?! Mine are always extremely painful and i end up almost passing out in the end😂 //Maria
Tenscore Draws Stuff (4 months ago)
Daysha’s smile is like the sun
hunter dolinko (4 months ago)
Amber Nguyen (4 months ago)
Hearing Ryan say he didn't wash his face for a week makes me cringe! 😵
sean langley (4 months ago)
Amber Nguyen guys dont normally wash their face unless it's acneprone normally
solitaire (5 months ago)
The blonde lady talking kinda sounds like miranda sings
Impossibly Uncertain (5 months ago)
I actually don't like facials because it restricts my movements so much. Trapped under a blanket and a stranger's hands. Props to anyone that likes it though!
drarryxo (5 months ago)
*Is no one going to mention how sparkling ryans eye looks in this video!?*
The geeky Pottercat (5 months ago)
And NO pores remain UNSOLVED!!
Shashwat Srivastava (6 months ago)
Oh my god. I love their job😍😍😍😍
Romantically Tragic (6 months ago)
Ryan and Shane are my dads? Like wtf?
Grace Turner (6 months ago)
Shane is so cute 😭
Wajeeha Ali (6 months ago)
I live for Ryan and Shane 😭😂
hong. (6 months ago)
_“Enter... the future”_
N. H. M. D. (6 months ago)
I love how the Unsolved crew was here together hahaha
srushti divekar (7 months ago)
And these two are detectives 😋🤩
Varvara Manannikova (7 months ago)
Ryan with a facial looks a bit like geisha
Awkwyrd (7 months ago)
I love when buzzfeed videos feel like asmr
darkerthanspace (8 months ago)
ryan looked so adorable just grinning at the camera i melted into a goddamn puddle oof
NZXEagle (8 months ago)
Hey it’s Katie
Ashley F (8 months ago)
Ryan with his eyes open the entire time ㅋ
Fiction Addiction (9 months ago)
I would hate to have that job. Squeezing someone else's pimples...bleh. All the respect to them
Santy 1 (9 months ago)
Katie marry me please
Your faces are so shiny and also don't touch your face it willmget dirt in your pores and give you acne
NA Hoang (9 months ago)
Ryan looks too cute man
Jack Clark (10 months ago)
I️ miss these videos but on the other hand buzzfeed unsolved is one of the best shows on buzzfeed
Monce66 YT (10 months ago)
Lol do you have a normal routine his responds"soap"
Jaba Monse (10 months ago)
Lol my face gets a tingly feeling every time i watching this😂😂
Rujuta Singh (10 months ago)
this gave me asmr
Lulu Puppy (10 months ago)
Get the facial brush
Lulu Puppy (10 months ago)
And the cooling globes
foxy grandpa (11 months ago)
ryan looked like a newborn baby getting swaddled throughout the entire process omg
Mega Charizard Z (11 months ago)
Blueball title
Great Clips (11 months ago)
U should do this for ever
Linus Jostol (11 months ago)
"Do you have a normal skin care routine?" Shane : "Soap?"
RinTluangi Ralte (11 months ago)
this video make me feel relax
RandomManiac (11 months ago)
Not the facial I was expecting.
Loie White (1 year ago)
I love how Daysha makes fun of Ryan
Bela M (1 year ago)
I always get my facial or cheemical peeling every month by the proffesional
dddankster 5000 (1 year ago)
"All body experience."
not layan (1 year ago)
shane: “am i gonna look like a baby when im done??” **shines the biggest baby smile ever**
Variety Channel (1 year ago)
I can't help but giggle every time this is in my recommended video section because of the title.
Kenia diaz (1 year ago)
When Ryan was touching his face after the facial I got anxiety
suicidal corpse bride (1 year ago)
I get a facial every night
Diamond Carlsen (1 year ago)
"after this-- I might do it every couple of months." lol so... not at all?
gmonster 246 (1 year ago)
I think that lady had a thing for shane
Emily Dillon (1 year ago)
I would pop Shane's pimples any day of the week.
AB Yumol (1 year ago)
Shane and ryan yey!
Meghan Wynott (1 year ago)
Shane is so hot
"Do you have any skincare daily routines?" -"yeah, soap" legendary
They unsolved mystery of facial
Mila (1 year ago)
Tianna Hook (1 year ago)
My facial is cold water,hot if I'm feeling fancy
Hannah Tassie (1 year ago)
At 1:23 i laugh my face off
A Bred (1 year ago)
*shane:* i'm gonna look beautiful *me:* u alrdy r
lexus fazio (1 year ago)
Lmao the intro tho
Catherine Nguyen (1 year ago)
I kinda want a facial now
Isabel Pham (1 year ago)
Watching this video now I recognize katie from the try guys video!
Clyde Cash (1 year ago)
this is not a facial
Mila (1 year ago)
There is no such thing as a generic 'facial'. There are many different treatments and lengths depending on your skin type and desired outcomes. Shut your mouth and get educated before you comment.
Addison Sprabary (1 year ago)
KATIE! 😂 we all know and love her from the try guys!
Jaden Hughes (1 year ago)
I have 11 pimples
SAMMIsLIFE (1 year ago)
I have combination skin, sometimes it's oily, sometimes it's dry, and i do get acne, but not like crazy acne all over my face. Mines mostly in the middle, like between my eyebrows, my nose, around my lips, n on my chin. I wish i could afford weekly facials 😣😭.
Mila (1 year ago)
You only really need to do it once a month. A mini facial has all the benefits of a full facial, without the massages. It costs around $80.
Jasmine R (1 year ago)
Was I the only one to ship Ryan and Daysha
ZuldaFTW (1 year ago)
shane gets ectoplasm on his face by a ghost says its lotion
Muthia Adlini (1 year ago)
am i the only one who ALWAYS cried during the extraction thing bcs it hurts so bad every single fking time
Mike Morgan (1 year ago)
LIL SIVAD VLOGS (1 year ago)
when I saw the title facial I thought of something totally different
crazycatgirl18 (1 year ago)
Shane is so pure
there shiny in a good non greasy way
Asmita Mandal (1 year ago)
I is simple. I see Ryan. I click.
Praveen Ramachandran (1 year ago)
How many guys r thinking abt the facial i m thinking????? 😉
Mila (1 year ago)
Probably just you buddy.
Maria Angelova (1 year ago)
love facials!!!!
Trashy Iris (1 year ago)
The try guys who??
Damaris Quintanilla (1 year ago)
"I'm getting car washed,holy shi-"...*makes a face of regret*...😀
chloe jones (1 year ago)
Stijn Pasveer (1 year ago)
I miss the test friends, it looks like they were such good friends, so nice to see!
Noah Chan (1 year ago)
who finds everything Shane says hilarious?
BFF (1 year ago)
Just because I'm bleach doesnt mean I only watch bad things
Chiara Martignetti (1 year ago)
Daysha's laugh 😍
summer sargent (1 year ago)
summer sargent (1 year ago)
Tracey Plaza (1 year ago)
I am in my 40`s and just started with adult acne. It didn’t get any better. I have never experienced acne in my life!! After using this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) for 2 weeks, I see obvious results. It has been 2 months now and I have my self-confidence again.
Stef Hijzelendoorn (1 year ago)
facials 8---D💦😝
cclairef (1 year ago)
i miss the daysha ryan banter :)
Larmisitor Charmis (1 year ago)
I thought that squeezing pimples were bad
Emilia S (1 year ago)
Shane is the reason I watch buzzfeed
Meidiana Salsabilla (1 year ago)
Why she sounds like miranda sings? ;/
Sage (1 year ago)
not the kind of facials i was hoping to see...
Mila (1 year ago)
Go to porn hub then
yanolopuedo (1 year ago)
Weird places I have had pimples: scalp, lip, ear, nostril, chest, stomach
my chemical romance (1 year ago)
soft and neat
Rasheed H (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who got a cold sensation when the lady talked about the cool globes?
Hanis Athirah (1 year ago)
what is with shane's obsession with seacrest
Mila (1 year ago)
He said it once.. hardly an obsession
Alekx (1 year ago)
Haha. I like how Ryan was just like 😮 in awe the whole time, and Shane was completely in love and descriptive with the process. 😂
smilingzombiess (1 year ago)
This was so soothing just to watch.
Vanessa Reyes (1 year ago)
the lady with glasses should do an asmr (hope i got that correct sorry 😂😅)
Elk (1 year ago)
I swear I would love extractions. So much time would be spent on it too.
sara (1 year ago)
Eminence! we have it at my spa, so amazing
ThatYellowGamer (1 year ago)
I just watched a video with the same name on Pornhub.
FuryFinesse (1 year ago)
Dude I relate with the Guy that looks like Ed Nortan. I got one of these and I know what he meant when he said "this is all that I want forever" it's something out of this world
Frances Campbell (1 year ago)
I am so sorry but I have no money I'm 9
jerkygirlx (1 year ago)
I wish test friend was back they were fun. l

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