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RIDGID - How To Bend Stainless Steel Pipe

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jorge cortes (5 days ago)
the tube is not 5/8 at minute 0:51 it can be seen that it is 3/8 and the radius of curvature is 5/16.....greetings.
David Ishmael (1 month ago)
will it bend 1 inch?
Dujram Banjare (7 months ago)
Contact me 9098991986 Ganesh still
Sean Tivenan (8 months ago)
is the tube used in this video annealed ?
C D (11 months ago)
nice watch!
Tom Allen (1 year ago)
How a salesman thinks tubing is bent. Lol.
alfa alfa (1 year ago)
good job. can it be use to bend 16mm, 19mm, 25mm*1mm&1.2mm thickness pipe respectively
Adam Kwiatkowski (1 year ago)
1:29 5/8 ? I though they only go up to 1/2" ? At 0:50 he says the benders only go up to 1/2".
DemonsRiver (1 year ago)
That's the basic function but that is not how you bend tube, dealing with the spring back, aiming or angling your bend and leaving your remaining length are a little trickier
vera713 (1 year ago)
will it bend 1/2" copper pipe? I hope it does
AdventureBuilt (2 years ago)
Can I get these tube benders in Vietnam?
Mr Bob (2 years ago)
What wall thickness is the tube bent in the video?
rose matt (2 years ago)
looking for a 5/8 bender with rollers . dose Ridgid make one?
Majid Afzal (10 months ago)
Please contact number
Tom Allen (2 years ago)
It's tubing, not pipe.
Tom Allen sir price may send machne
Calletano Pina (8 months ago)
Tom Allen watt is the tool #
Handtuber (2 years ago)
If you are interested, then perhaps you might take a peek at the Handtuber Offset Calculator which can be used to quickly work out offset measurements for instrument and copper tubing in both inches and millimeters.
1990 Sweety (2 years ago)
Wow,that is cool way to make a stainless steel pipe bend!and it looks very beauctiful
Some Bloke (2 years ago)
If I we go one more push, instead of 80 degs, can we make a 360 deg stress loop.
Some Bloke (2 years ago)
+Some Bloke Sorry typo... 180 to the full 360
Rob Derrick (2 years ago)
How do I bend 5/8" OD type 304L, 0.049" wall stainless tubing?
Erik Van Vechten (2 years ago)
I'm very interested in the .750" ratchet bender you offer. Would I be able to bend .049" wall thickness 4130 steel tubing? Thanks in advance!
Dinesh Opinion (3 years ago)
hi can you tell me how to bend hard stainless stell rod
Rick Santos (3 years ago)
Don't expect to bend it like in the video if you use it in 12mm or 1/2" hard drawn stainless steel tube. I just had my 612M and struggling to bend 1.2mm thick ss tube. Have not tried it yet on thinner ss tube like 1mm. Bit dissapointed.
luca Bianchi (3 years ago)
If I buy the larger size I can only bend 12 mm pipes? Or even smaller ones?
azbikerider49 (4 years ago)
Love how there are subtitles, like people are gonna be like dude what the f are you saying? Just bought and older version of this tool hoping it does the 180 like this one does.
Babu Mistry (4 years ago)
please send your contact address i need some of your products.Thanks
Dan Allured (4 years ago)
hi there, fabulous bit of kit, whats the cost of one of these? 12mm, checked the website but just has the pdf downloads,no prices.thanks in advance. Dan.

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