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How to Read Nutrition Labels

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Welcome to the WIC Show! The show about WIC, for WIC and by WIC! On our channel you'll find five half-hour episodes made up of different segments that will interest everyone, especially parents of young children and pregnant women. The shows are designed to reinforce California's Women, Infants and Children (WIC) education programs, highlight WIC service while at the same time entertain WIC clients. Watch a whole show, or check out a single segment. Chances are you'll like what you see! www.youtube.com/thewicshow www.youtube.com/elprogramadewic
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Rick Martin (4 months ago)
outstanding information ---Americans don't pay attention to their nutrition like they should
Manal YM (9 months ago)
thanks it helped me for my PE class
Thanks 😘
Beats by Clover (1 year ago)
Great video
shenell smith (1 year ago)
thank u !!!
great video :)

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