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Victor's Trip to Contour Dermatology's Spa! Men Need Waxing Too!

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Victor gets the royal treatment as Contour Esthetician Adriana cleans up his nostril hair, eyebrows, and ears! You may be surprised, but men enjoy having a little waxing treatment too! Find us at: Website: https://ContourDerm.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/contourdermatology Twitter: https://twitter.com/contourderm Instagram: @contourderm Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/contourderm760
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Text Comments (86)
Mehedi Hasan Khan (16 days ago)
poor little man
Edward Breault (3 months ago)
Ditch the music ffs
gardenman3 (4 months ago)
I hope she uses a new stick each time she dips into the wax.
ebonyboye (6 months ago)
Good for the lady men
Heru- deshet (11 months ago)
He looked terrified, lol.
Ralph beans (1 year ago)
She is amazing
JoefromNJ1 (1 year ago)
u really shouldnt wax your nose hair like that. if it's getting long you can certainly trim it. but if you wax it completely out you're gonna start sneezing a lot.
RB1US (1 year ago)
NOBODY "needs" waxing!
Rebecca Pechon (1 year ago)
Victor is quite good looking haha he's got those strong features
PARESH TIWARI (1 year ago)
There is no reason that would make me go through this 4:54
Burbing Berries (1 year ago)
Why would a man need a little more of an eyelid?
Nitesh Singh (1 year ago)
Can anyone tell the name of the wax please
ContourDermatology (1 year ago)
The wax is Cirepil by Perron Rigot. Thanks for commenting and watching our videos.
Johan Marais (1 year ago)
nose waxing, wtf that's not ok. I'm shitting myself lol!!!
M8B1 9T (1 year ago)
It looks so painful when she pulled wax out of his nose.
Brandon Ryan (1 year ago)
"A lot of men enjoy having this done." HELL NAW
Jon Smith (1 year ago)
It can actually be dangerous to pull nose hairs out. The follicle can easily become infected and cause serious problems. It is best to use a nose hair trimmer or small manicure scissors and trim the nose hairs down.
Saleem Abdul (1 year ago)
andrana.. hii ..! my self saleem.I have a question? what is that you put the white color something. really I don't know. and please tell me what is that, where I buy that what is the name of the ..... ? you look so beautiful. thanks for showing. sorry to saying we'll you marry me? ?
Daniel Brewer (1 year ago)
This poor man.
Daniel Brewer (1 year ago)
He lies. 100% pain. He's trying not to cry. It's ok man
thetruthdotcom100 !!! (1 year ago)
Victor fine
光明會 (1 year ago)
what that song?
Haluk Kiran (1 year ago)
$150.00 US DOLLARS...
Eregen Terry (1 year ago)
He look cute ......
Lu (1 year ago)
Trimming excessive stuff can make sense. But a full waxing intervention... nope.
Carl Schwab (1 year ago)
That nose wax must hurt...auchh
MAD_GENIU S (1 year ago)
niger fagot (1 year ago)
Only 51 comments?1
Melaficenttt Z KinG (1 year ago)
are you hurt..??
ContourDermatology (1 year ago)
No, it really doesn't hurt that much! Thanks for commenting!
Jonger Vadder (1 year ago)
3:09 *his mind* "not only the wax"
Rodney J Vlogs (1 year ago)
@6:00 Victor looks like someone stole his puppy.
German Stizzle (1 year ago)
Those Hairs are there for a reason, as she said, I would not recommend Ears and Nose.
SAMURAI JACK (1 year ago)
German Stizzle And what are those reasons? Don't just say generic stuff to sound smart.
Joseph (1 year ago)
waxing for victor was unnecessary. He isnt very hairy
mark titai (1 year ago)
Victor he handsome lol
Sasha Lite (1 year ago)
awesome lips
AT-knish420 (1 year ago)
Everything seems cool except for when she stuck the stick and wax inside his ears. No f'n way!
Anabel Ruiz (1 year ago)
For real! I don't think you're suppose to put it in like that 0.0 well I had never seen it done like that atleast.
Hurts End (1 year ago)
whats the backround music?
Emilia Podstawka (1 year ago)
He looks a little bit like Mitch from Pentatonix
HUD OWNING (1 year ago)
Emilia Podstawka
Caleb Vukovic (1 year ago)
isn't plucking nostril hair bad because you can get a serious infection close to the brain and upper spinal cord?
AT-knish420 (1 year ago)
Jesus i hope not. That's how i do mine
battlebob (1 year ago)
I need my nostrils waxed but Id cry haha
buddy77587 (1 year ago)
Wow! That is awesome
lil Boss (2 years ago)
How much time hairs grow again after using hard wax ?
Francisco De Medeiros (2 years ago)
Nice work, Victor is beautiful
Jacky Ryan (2 years ago)
This guy is a trooper for not freaking out!
woow nice
Harshal Joshi (2 years ago)
thanks! no pain thats what i like or may be he was controlling the pain?😨
Jamelle Smith (2 years ago)
What is that song?
Roman Chekmonik (2 years ago)
otis mcdonald - fingers
MarioRomero89 (2 years ago)
Victor is so cute:)
rmdebora (2 years ago)
the music is too loud!
jacob bourg (2 years ago)
how many came just to see the pain?
PARESH TIWARI (1 year ago)
Had he screamed, my purpose of coming here would have been complete.
Denver Naicker (2 years ago)
the music was wtf
Boodieman72 (2 years ago)
Men don't need waxing just as women don't need it. Its purely cosmetic.
g0dbel0w (1 year ago)
You must be a rocket surgeon. It's not a "need" in the literal sense. Use your head.
Boodieman72 exactly
skincarewiththanos (2 years ago)
nice man victor :)
edward vargo (2 years ago)
Very Cool.!!
Nashoba (2 years ago)
"men need that too" no, nobody NEEDS waxing...
Nashoba (1 year ago)
Well I am not planning on getting a waxing on any part of my body and I live just fine, so it is not a primal need such as food / water / sleep but it still isn't a social need or a need by any mean, so no, i don't need that
g0dbel0w (1 year ago)
You must be a rocket surgeon. It's not a "need" in the literal sense. Use your head.
Merel Verhulst (1 year ago)
ANtoine Nat agreed
Nashoba (1 year ago)
+Cam Mac can you live without waxing? I think so. And makeup goes in the same category as waxing to me
Cam Mac (1 year ago)
ANtoine Nat what? No one mentioned make up of being a teenager. I said they need waxing, and they do. Maybe not as a bodily function, but if they are hairy no man will go near them, and that creates a NEED for it.
Atanas Tripzter (2 years ago)
The only one i wont do is the in ear one. My hearing is more important than a hairless ear canal.
Steph Potts (1 year ago)
Atanas Tripzter exactly what I was thinking! ear hairs are far too important!
Steve- in-Cornwall (2 years ago)
I admire you victor.  What a star!
InterestingName (2 years ago)
The two different songs being played dont match, it goes from hip hop vibe to relaxing
Ronald Wayland (2 years ago)
No way would I try that
aurora tico (2 years ago)
why, why, en el apart audiitive??? Los pelos, bellos son para algo, para protegernos de polvos, hacen barrera a ciertos microorganisms.... el hombre tiene que tener pelos. !!!!, Hay Victor! quedas mas lindo peludito...pero en fin, gustos son gustos. El hombre cada vez esta mas retrosex..
mark cauwell (2 years ago)
How much would something like this cost
Delage Eric You a damn liar. Around $30-$40 for everything
Delage Eric (2 years ago)
Sammy NunyaBiznes (2 years ago)
Victor is such a trooper. I winced in pain when the nostrils were waxed and the ear lobes. Lol.
Hannah Wommack
Zhalfstriderj (1 year ago)
Just jumping in on this--not to say this guy isn't a trooper of course--but I've had my nostrils waxed and no lie, didn't hurt at all. I have no idea why, you think it would, but it really didn't...
Hannah Wommack (2 years ago)
NoBullFitness I actually watched a video of 2 women getting this done to their nose and it apparently doesn't hurt!
ContourDermatology (2 years ago)
We love Victor and his courage too! Thank you for commenting!

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