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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club 150th, "Spaseniye", aka "Spas"

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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club - Blackstone years - performing "Spaseniye" at the 150th Reunion April 10, 2010 in Hill Auditorium. My daughter was having a busy moment at the beginning and I know that the video quality is not the best, sorry about that, I was more worried about capturing the sound. That beautiful sound. I love how, even after all this time, there is still a large moment of silence before the applause. The music is so moving, thank you UMMGC alumnae.
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oxfordblues18 (5 years ago)
I don't quite know how the dialogue got twisted, but Michigan is the finest university in the Big Ten and is one of the top universities in the world. I had never heard of the Big Ten or other Big Ten schools prior to attending Michigan.
franconese01 (5 years ago)
For some of you jealous losers from other Big Ten schools, not only is Michigan the lone American public university & the only B10 school consistently ranked among the top 20 best universities in the world by US News & WR, it's the richest school in the Big Ten & the 6th richest in the country. Michigan has 51 national titles in men's team sports, which is the 4th most in the nation, & most B10 championships. No other B10 school comes close. Michigan rules the B10 academically & athletically.
saturn278 (5 years ago)
What the hell are you talking about, idiot? You're jealous & extremely ignorant. You better check the US News & World Report ranking of the best universities in the world. Michigan is the only American public university and only Big Ten school consistently ranked among the top 20 universities in the world. Northwestern is the only Big Ten school that comes close to Michigan academically, and it's ranked 27th in the world. lol Michigan is also the wealthiest university in the Big 10.
iluvfirenze89 (5 years ago)
Your husband can debate all he wants. Illinois doesn't touch Michigan academically or otherwise. Michigan is consistently ranked as one of the very best universities in the world & consistently ranked among the top 20 by US News & World Report. Michigan is the only public university & only Big Ten school to be ranked in the top 20. Only Northwestern, which is ranked 27th in the world, comes close to Michigan.
tWheez (6 years ago)
@Baritone45 By no metric is Illinois better than Michigan. Undergrad: Michigan #28, Illinois #45 Medical: Michigan #10, Illinois #56 Law: Michigan #7, Illinois #23 Glad you enjoyed the piece, thanks for playin'.
AmyDespina (8 years ago)
@Baritone45 You are most certainly welcome to the music. It is amazing. :)
AmyDespina (8 years ago)
@Baritone45 My husband is not only an alumnus of Michigan, but also of Illinois, and he would dispute that Michigan is the better school both scholastically and athletically. As an alumna of Michigan (as a university and Women's Glee Club), and of a better Ivy League school (University of Chicago), thank you for pointing out the error in my description. Having lived in C-U, I continue to know that Michigan is better but respect your ability to love music created by the better Men's Glee Club.
Baritone45 (8 years ago)
I don't mean to be (that) rude. Thanks for the music. It is beautiful, especially for a bunch of old alumni.
Baritone45 (8 years ago)
Amy, as an alumnus of a competing, and I'd like to think better, Big Ten school, I think it is funny and telling that you called the Michigan Glee veterans women. Heehee. An alumnus is a male graduate, together they are alumni. An alumna is a female graduate. Together they are, as you put it, alumnae. I suppose that's what you get when you go to a sports college like Michigan, rather than an academic school like Illinois.
AmyDespina (8 years ago)
@Seth32n64, I'm very happy to have been there.. Everyone can have an opinion, and after listening to the South America CD again this weekend, I'm sticking to mine. The Blackstone boys were/are better than the current boys, even back in the day. :-)
Seth Aylesworth (8 years ago)
@AmyDespina and @jcovergaar I think your both wrong but thanks for coming out.
cln49098 (8 years ago)
As a singer in this chorus (center of back row), I have to say it was fantastic to sing this piece for Jerry Blackstone again. It and the Biebl are my two most favorite pieces - and we did both last Saturday. ...but it wasn't a competition with the current Club - they also did it beautifully - just differently.
AmyDespina (8 years ago)
@jcovergaar I honestly thought that the current Club is just light, as if R is trying to have an even number of men in each section, something that just does not work well for the age group, or male chorus' in general. I completely concur that this was the more amazing performance of the song betwixt the two and one of the best of the day/night!
JC Overgaard (8 years ago)
This was amazing. I was a bit surprised that the other alums didn't have the sort of precision Blackstone's boys did. And this rendition was much better than the current glee club's version in the evening concert... they seem to be lacking in Bass voices. With these guys, you could feel the room rumbling as a foundation while the tenors ascended. It's been my favorite men's choir piece ever since I heard some of these same guys do it in 1992. Not the best of the night, but probably #2 or 3.
AmyDespina (8 years ago)
You're welcome. It was even more spine-tingling in person. :-)
trojan77 (8 years ago)
This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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