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Fresh Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women 2018

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fresh short natural hairstyles for black women 2018 L I K E || C O M M E N T & SUBSCRIBE Culture Code - Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/vBGiFtb8Rpw
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Text Comments (26)
Portia Jamés (14 hours ago)
the music is annoying white music on a black hair presentation video nah
Foo Joy (2 months ago)
Love the style at 1:07...
Nadea Williams (4 months ago)
I rock my short natural hair like these sistahs!
SMD Lifestyle (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching ❤️ Stay cOnnected 👍
Lisa Toro (6 months ago)
We make everything Beautiful "Black Rocks "
SMD Lifestyle (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching ❤️ Stay cOnnected 👍
Olivia Njini (6 months ago)
I luv short hair simple smart and beautiful
Isaura Rijo (9 months ago)
Farrah Array (9 months ago)
I'm ready to #chopitoffforgraduation2018!
Diama Clarke (9 months ago)
Poor poor
Diama Clarke (9 months ago)
That cut was not good at all
Mylly Anderson (1 year ago)
I love the style on 0:32 how can I do that. Helppp
Kellie Kelz Way (1 year ago)
Nice selection
Witness4JesusChrist (1 year ago)
THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR! ARE YOU READY? Just remember to keep things in perspective. A nice hairdo will do you no good in Hell. We are living in the last days of this world and the Lord is bringing discipline upon His wayward people. For the women of Jerusalem, "The Lord will send a plague of scabs to ornament their heads. Yes, the Lord will make them bald for all to see!...Their beauty will be gone. Only shame will be left to them." (Isaiah 3:17-25 NLT) So repent, turn from your sins and turn your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ in faith and obedience and you will be saved from God's wrath and from Hell. Then you'll be blessed with eternal life in a glorious new body in the Kingdom of God.
Randomly Oni C (1 year ago)
Navil Flores (1 year ago)
So 😍😍😍😍 i like all
Fabulous Renade (1 year ago)
Beautiful hairstyles 💕💕💕👍👍👍
TOWANDA the STYLIST (1 year ago)
Awesome short styles! Black is Beautiful 💕
Excellent dear Friend Greetings to you Lara
Latina Bella By Nadia (1 year ago)
excelente video 📹 like 😘 besos 😘
Stephy JPilot (1 year ago)
All are equally beautiful. That melanin too. 😍I'm loving my short hair.
Food & Life (1 year ago)
Kev Gaming XP (1 year ago)
Awesome liked
Inspiredby (1 year ago)
Love It....tfs
Carry on Jeff n John (1 year ago)
Awesome first likeee darling always supporting your awesomeness channel support our channel and we will always support your awesomeness channel comment on our channel and we will always comment back 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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