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The Magic numbers- Love is just a game with lyrics

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Dont own nothing Enjoy :D
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Lennaert vk (1 year ago)
melissa goudappel i miss you 4ever
Sebastian Arboleda (2 years ago)
heyy, enter to my channel and check out my reggae percussion version, in this video i'm playing a peruvian cajon, if you see it and you like it, thumbs up for The Magic Numbers!!!:D
Leroy John (2 years ago)
love this
Angel Santos (4 years ago)
Love is just a lie. Happens all the time..
LocalTourist (3 months ago)
Dragonhorn Warpten (4 years ago)
Great song :))
88brankica (4 years ago)
I agree with you :D
Bailey Plantenberg (5 years ago)
Bailey Plantenberg (5 years ago)
Haha, I was just pooking up random stuff, I didnt even know this was a real song though! Lol
88brankica (5 years ago)
Gracias :D
:D es hermosa :3 me encanta
PILLETT (6 years ago)
me encanta esta cancion q es facil de aprender!!!
88brankica (6 years ago)
@MesKudo I know :)
88brankica (7 years ago)
@karoljaymes Tnx :)
Karol Vargas (7 years ago)
I love it!!

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