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Love Sex Magic Ciara && JT Lyrics

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Fav , Rate , Comment, && Subscribe !! && Check out my channel ! Webshow ! Lyrics : (Verse 1) Your touch is so magic to me The strangest things can happen The way that you react to me I wanna do something you cant imagine Imagine if there was a million mes talking sexy to you like that You think you can handle, boy If I give you my squeeze and I need you to push it right back (Verse Break) Baby, show me, show me Whats your favorite trick that you wanna use on me And Ill volunteer And Ill be flowing and going Till clothing disappears, aint nothing but shoes on me Oh, baby (Chorus) All night, show it, just you and the crowd Doing tricks you never seen And I bet that I can make you believe In love and sex and magic So let me drive my body around you I bet you know what I mean Cause you know that I can make you believe In love and sex and magic (Verse 2) Everything aint what it seems I wave my hands and I got you And you feel so fly assisting me But now its my turn to watch you I aint gonna stop you if you wanna crowd my neck Talk sexy to me like that Just do what I taught you, girl When I give you my heat and I need you to push it right back (Verse Break) (Chorus) (Bridge) Oh, this is the part where we fall in love Oh, lets slow it down so we fall in love But dont stop what youre doing to me (Chorus [2x]) *Requested by withmyboo No Copyright Infringement Intended
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Text Comments (17)
Giorgia Sylvester (3 years ago)
This is my jam
Chris Cole (4 years ago)
Marialena Kafadari (5 years ago)
opios adexi
jade johnson (6 years ago)
Justin timberlake so fine
Nobette ForLyf (6 years ago)
Damn, its's been so long since the last time I listened to this.
bluebabe6 (8 years ago)
i like the song and the colerful backround
beautygirl13 (8 years ago)
@theresayu35 I cant understand that writing
beautygirl13 (8 years ago)
If nobody likes this video there asses!!
Alicia Marie (8 years ago)
great something i'd listen to every DAY!!!
Dalia Bonilla (8 years ago)
kooolio lolz
yuna yu (9 years ago)
luv this song!!
Herwan Shah (9 years ago)
Kourtney Mattaini (9 years ago)
i would like to request : love game : i hate this part : and if i were a boy :) thanks.
Ross Perham (9 years ago)
this song blows
tmdevittrox34 (9 years ago)
nice job
Michelle Mathews (9 years ago)
i really like this song!!! thanks!!!

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