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Christmas Tree made from catalog boxes - University Library in Olsztyn

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Christmas Tree made from old catalog boxes in University Library in Olsztyn. It took more than 400 unused catalog boxes, week of hard work, and few hours to assemble this extraordinary structure. For the second year in row we present something to encourage Your Christmas spirit. ... ... ... ... Have You seen last year Christmas Tree made from books?
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Kisco Chan (2 days ago)
We also want to make a very tall Christmas tree with nearly 1000 paper boxes. Is there anything that we need to consider? or do we need to attach each box with glue? Will it fall down easily wit on glue?
Maciej Rynarzewski (2 days ago)
Hi, it depends how big is your construction, what is the weight of one element and where it's build. We never use glue in our constructions because it needs to be assembled and disassembled. Objects layered one on another support each other with their own weight and stabilize whole construction... but every tree design is different. Best advice: build prototypes and learn from mistakes :) Good luck and Merry Christmas!
Stephen Snyder (5 years ago)
Libraries are so cool.
kitt87 (5 years ago)
What an amazing idea!

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