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SECRET REVEALED: What girls do in the bathroom of a bar when drunk? I'm in Southampton to see Zoë (@ZoeFellows, @Zoevlogs) and we're on to discover Southampton! We see something shocking, something funny about Teen Moms, and we do fun stuff and eat at nice places! I hope you enjoyed my stay in Southampton as much as I did! Give it a thumbs up, comment down below and definitely click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqWvYDDg1ssE-ZQqK0Lw3sQ?sub_confirmation=1 as you will get stuck with me by subscribing to my channel. // S o c i a l M e d i a // B l o g : http://www.sarahkafif.be E - m a i l : [email protected] I n s t a g r a m : @SarahKafif T w i t t e r : @SarahKafif F a c e b o o k : http://www.facebook.com/SarahKafifTV S n a p c h a t : SarahKafif // A b o u t M e // I'm Sarah and I like to call myself a Food Traveler as I’m the living version of Yelp and TripAdvisor. I like to travel and eat, but of course, absorb new cultures and languages through my meals and travels. Traveling, eating and cooking, are my way to enjoy and learn about multiculturalism. My way to appreciate other cultures and learn about the big world we live in. That's why I started this b, to be an accessory for my YouTube channel. I vlog when abroad, like to try the best, affordable and typical food and share it with the world. I'm also a Tel Avivit, New Yorker and Marseillaise by heart but I'm an Antwerpian French with Kabyle roots by birth. I'm a soon Communications graduate with a true passion for anything media. I work as a reporter for ATV (Antwerp regional TV) and the city of Antwerp. My dream is to become a food, travel and culture reporter, this way I would be able to work and develop my passion at the same time. You want to know more? Visit my blog (www.sarahkafif.be), subscribe to my channel, and enjoy my videos! Love | Sarah K. // T R A V E L S 2017 // 1. TEL AVIV/MASADA/DEAD SEA, ISRAEL ✔︎ 2. PARIS, FRANCE ✔︎ 3. ATHENS, GREECE ✔︎ 4. CALAIS, FRANCE x2 ✔︎ 5. BERLIN, GERMANY ✔︎ 6. MADRID, SPAIN ✔︎ 7. BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA ✔︎ 8. VIENNA, AUSTRIA ✔︎ 9. AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS ✔︎ 10. CALAIS, FRANCE x3 ✔︎ 11. LONDON/SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND ✔︎ 12. NEW YORK, USA 13. VALENCIA, SPAIN 14. PALERMO, ITALY
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JD Casey (1 year ago)
Haha great video!! What's your favorite part about vlogging?
Zoë Fellows (1 year ago)
HAHHAHAHAHA I'm dying 😂 da stuk van die balls is echt hilarisch!! Love it guuurl
Sarah Kafif (1 year ago)
Ik kon ook niet meer! xd

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