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Swagelok® Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple

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In this webinar, Eric Kayla, pressure regulator expert and field engineer with Swagelok Company, discusses Back Pressure Regulators. He focuses on how they work and how to use them, covering topics including back pressure regulator theory of operation (how they work), different types of back pressure regulators, the difference between a back pressure regulator and a relief valve, how to read a back pressure regulator flow curve, and a few common, real world applications of back pressure regulators.
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Gabriel Ruvalcaba (2 months ago)
Bragging on the beginning does not help any
Prashant Mutyala (2 years ago)
A question on back pressure regulator. If I have a gas source at 800 PSI and I wanted to let it into a machine at say 3000 PSI, I will use a back pressure regulator. THE BPR will open when the back pressure is above 3000 PSI but what decides the amount of flow through the valve? Can I control the flowrate as well using a BPR? Would using a BPR lead to intermittent flow?

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