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What goes on inside a men's sauna?

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SUBSCRIBE for more Naked Stories: http://bit.ly/2ol5mam NSFW! WARNING: ADULT CONTENT We’ve all seen them. Random saunas in urban side streets. Neon-signed late night spas. Ever wondered what exactly goes on inside your local men’s sauna? With exclusive access to one business, this video enters the notorious, secretive world of the gay sauna. We meet the people who go there for sexual pleasures – from teacher to plumbers to city councillors - and the staff who clean up after them… There is thought to be a gay sauna in almost every city in the UK. This revealing insight into a hidden world will give you a surprising, sideways look at modern gay relationships. Clip from Secrets of a Gay Sauna, 2015. Content licensed from Firecracker Films. Any queries, please contact us at [email protected]bution.com
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slkkss (15 hours ago)
San Francisco U S A (5 days ago)
Very very nice 👍 I am in Manchester. in December for 5 Days what is the address ??
kevin (21 days ago)
bitch it's not secret
Mark (25 days ago)
Bill Hawes (1 month ago)
Who is Kelly Davis in macon georgia?
Andrew Maximus (1 month ago)
Entourage in Las Vegas, Nevada. You start by showing your ID and paying the 10 dollars for a locker ot 20 for a room. After paying you walk to the window and the guy behind the counter will give you a color coded towel. I left my stuff in my room which I had a key to. Then I took a quick shower and enjoyed the hot tub and pool. Didn't meet anyone my first time.
Andrew Maximus (21 days ago)
Color coded to let other men know what you're looking for. It was green/blue for someone who is a top. Red/pink for a bottom. And Purple for someone who was looking for Oral only.
kevin (21 days ago)
what do you mean by color coded? what's the purpose?
TJ Devereaux (2 months ago)
I’m in openly gay man here in Toronto. I lived here all of my 49 years, and I’ve never once been to a bathhouse, for one very good reason. It’s like catching fish in a barrel, there’s no challenge, and therefore no excitement. I love public gay cruising, thrill of being caught, and the thrill of finding someone to play with. There are many unspoken rules that you need to learn first. Most of them are learn by experience, let’s just say I could probably write an entire book, because I’ve had a lot of fun in almost every public area of the city. That’s the joy of being a gay man, you can find sex anywhere you want, from a library, to pretty much every single public bathroom in the city, to the underground path network of shopping malls, the biggest in the world, with the most interesting bathrooms you can imagine. Even had a lot of fun in the public washroom at the top of the CN Tower, talk about flying high without drugs! While engaging in a sexual act in public is technically illegal, my number one rule is, never ever do it in a place that can be seen from the street/bicycle path/sidewalk. You can have all the fun you want, yet at the same time, I do respect the law and the public. I would die if ever a child happened to walk in to an area where men were having sex. You just have to know how and where to play the game safely, with emphasis on the word safe, in all regards! But that aside, between respect and common sense, you can have an off a lot of fun in the city, without ever breaking any laws, well, it’s a slippery slope, but let’s just say I don’t break any laws blatantly, I always make sure that I am well hidden, as is the person I’m with, but I can’t help it. There’s just something about the thrill of the chase that gets me so turned on, I’m a walking erection! Bathhouses/saunas always turned me off, because it takes no effort at all to find someone to play with, I just get this rush of adrenaline, almost like I’m hunting for game, which I am in a way, but I don’t shoot with a gun, but with another type of loaded weapon, wink wink! LOL! If you’ve never been to Toronto, then come on over, I guarantee you, you’ll have such a great time y’all want to come back again and again, dare I say we are probably one of the gay Mecca’s of not just Canada, not just the Americas, but of the entire world. This is a city where you can walk down the street holding your husbands or wife’s hand, of course im referring to same-sex couples, Proudly and openly without anybody saying anything. The odd person may look, but especially in the downtown core it’s so common place, I literally see more gay couples holding hands then I do straight couples, it’s just that gay friendly here!
kevin (21 days ago)
same in montreal ;)
Club Pittsburgh (5 months ago)
Great video!
Kelly Davis (9 months ago)
Kelly Davis in Macon GA 🦅
Chris Canale (10 months ago)
gay sex..........
KOH Joo Hua (1 year ago)
Koh +65 9433 3363
KOH Joo Hua (1 year ago)
Where is it located and the nameOf the Sauna ???www.facebook.com/lawrencekoh66
KOH Joo Hua (1 year ago)
Whats Apple Koh +65 9433 3363
Fidei Defensor (1 year ago)
"And they come here for one reason, to have sex... with strangers" Not true could always just bring a friend to do it with 😂 But in all seriousness you can do as little as you want, don't need to have sex
Aussie Pom (1 year ago)
I used to visit a sauna in Sydney. I'm from the country where such places just don't exist. It had a normal street entrance then a flight of stairs up to the counter where you paid your money and received a towel and locker key. Once inside you found your locker, stripped off placed all your belongings including your wallet in your locker and then put the key around either your ankle of wrist. The key had a piece of elastic for that purpose. You then went out into the main lounge where a cup of tea of coffee was free but any other beverages had to be bought. There was a gym and toilets plus a TV room where ordinary TV shows were shown. Beyond that was a smoking area but that was outside on a tiny balcony. Down stairs was the showers, hot tub, more toilets complete with enema hoses and heated swimming pool. Everyone had a shower before indulging with other guys. You could sit or lay in one room and watch porn with other guys or there was a standing area at the rear where you could watch from whilst you fondled others or they fondled you. There was a dry sauna and there was also a steam room which was usually full of guys. There were private cubicles, rooms and some had slings and a dark area with partitions and glory holes where you could give or receive a blowjob. All cubicles and rooms had condoms in packets but the lube was in a soap like dispenser that you'd find in a public toilet. The staff were always very helpful and if anyone was trouble like constantly annoying you they got one warning and if they refused to stop annoying you they were told in no uncertain terms to leave the premises. Gay saunas are a place where gay, bi, so called straight guys, single and married men can go and just be themselves without anyone telling them otherwise. All types of guys were welcome from twinks, muscle men, boy next door types, fem guys, thin guys, fat guys and old guys. I liked the old guys as no one wanted to get off with them as gay culture is very centered on youthful twink boys. The old guys like to take their time and they really know how to fuck a guy. You just can't beat experience. After the sex they'd love to have a coffee and a chat whereas the young ones just move onto the next guy. I met many lawyers and top professional men who have helped me at different times with advice especially on legal matters. Sure they've fucked me a few times and they're more than happy for me to fuck them as due to the aforementioned gay culture many gays just right old guys off. They really don't know what they're missing. I think of old guys as young guys in old bodies. The urges are the same.
Rodi Mousa (3 months ago)
Where the location please
VS DT (7 months ago)
Aussie Pom throughly enjoyed the read and your close up perspective 💗
M.A. Buendía HD (10 months ago)
It's perfect. Same market. Daddies are the best! :)
Chris Canale (10 months ago)
Naked Stories (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing Roy : D
Gary R Beck (1 year ago)
Some nice butts.

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