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Interior Design – This Warm & Bright Family Home Will Make You Rethink Modern Design

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Joe and Sarah Knight of blackLAB architects inc. open up their cool, contemporary family home. See how they converted a 1940s house into a sleek and modern space thats cozy, inviting and kid-friendly. The original layout consisted of small, dark rooms, so an open floor plan was the first step to modernize the interior. Adding a courtyard with floor-to-ceiling windows to the back of the home helped bring in natural light. They also warmed up the black and white palette with walnut flooring and millwork, as well pops of playful color for the kids. These accents create a space that has all the elements of modern design – an open floor plan, a monochromatic palette – yet is beautifully livable.
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Text Comments (60)
Anna Wnuk (1 month ago)
Warm: NOT! Living in this environment would make me somewhat suicidal.
Doc Dreamer (2 months ago)
Reminds me of hospital.
Yu Liu (2 months ago)
Any house starts to use Black and White and Wooden suddenly becomes “modern”,” Magazine style”. Come on guys, stop copying start to have your own characters.
Aki Kolehmainen (5 months ago)
Not a fan of buying an old property and then destroying the original interior completely.
monkey brains (7 months ago)
All these modern designs and new builds always go for the open plan living dining arrangement and it looks amazing true but I can't help but think how impractical it is compared to the way my family and most families I know live.
ngwen1 (8 months ago)
Cold and bright
D Ishappywithlife (10 months ago)
Ahhhhhh another freakin' modern house 🏡. I will give them points for using some colours, however this trend is comparable to the 80's and over the top glam that lasted about 10 years. This aesthetic like the 80's will DIE as well, except this look is sterile and without personality!!! BORING!!!
Juliet Marie (11 months ago)
Very Cool! I love it when people throw a dash of color here and there.
hassan khokhar (11 months ago)
The only thing I actually like is the dining room, flooring, stairs, bathroom, and all the office chairs. Everything else is just way to stark
PinkTiara ToyFairy (1 year ago)
I like this house. It has color but not too much color and it doesn't have too much clutter. Some people find too much color and too many objects annoying, so this is a good home if you are that type of person. I think this house looks relaxing. Thumbs up H&H!
Jekku (1 year ago)
Putting chairs--when you have children--in front of a GLASS PANEL is one of the most stupid design ideas I think I've seen yet. One kick and BAM! Shattered glass, broken crockery and blood everywhere. I can only hope that's plexiglass.
PinkTiara ToyFairy (1 year ago)
It depends on the age of the children. It could also be a danger to drunk adults so I agree this is not a good design for everyone but I think if you don't have babies or toddlers this is probably okay.
Rumi Goel (1 year ago)
really loved d design......i think white doesnt make it drab....d use of colors here n there add life to d interiors..
Chelsea Clark-Martin (1 year ago)
I really like the idea and the design. I actually like how the exterior and the interior are completely different. It would be really fun to see people's faces when walk in. What I'm not so into is all of the pillows, the primary coloured plates/china under the island and that blue occasional chair. I get that it is a family home but I feel like they bring the look down a few notches and give it a fisher price/ IKEA dinning hall / nursery school sort of a feel. That being said, the second floor is stunning! And those stairs!! Beautiful!
artsy 33 (1 year ago)
GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE what they've done to this house. stunning!!
Saina Silverspoon (1 year ago)
People need to understand that you can't have stuff like tiles and flooring and backsplash and appliances in all the colors of the rainbow. Colors can always be added with upholstery and pillows and nick nacks. It's easy to bring in change of themes if your backdrop is white
Adam Energy (1 year ago)
i want this house 8O
Noelle Candice (2 years ago)
Love the colors!
Gurleen Bajwa (2 years ago)
I love the couch! Where is it from?
Dalia Ghonaim (2 years ago)
Shompa Saha (2 years ago)
I normally like modern,but this was a bit too stark cold...warmth was missing...they needed more pop colors and greeery ..to cosy it up.
the1975grimes (2 years ago)
Looks great...wish I had the cash and ambition to take on a project like that lol
cheesecake (2 years ago)
I think they need green plants to complete the design..
Nancy Mathews (1 year ago)
Mary Edenissa Arnoco also a Little walnut in the furniture to get that patterns of wood for warmth... n it's in dire need of curtains
Jim Hughes (2 years ago)
What's an idear anyway?
artsy 33 (1 year ago)
Jim Hughes omg guys stop. seriously. ...the level of maturity on the internet never ceases to amaze me.
karaqi4 (2 years ago)
I never got that either :D
Kristy Hardin (2 years ago)
Where is this couch from? Love it.
ladyvee7110 (2 years ago)
Too sterile looking.
Asteri ETERNAL (2 years ago)
Kaitlyn Marsh (2 years ago)
I love this YouTube channel because I want to become an interior designer when I grow up!
PinkTiara ToyFairy (1 year ago)
Me too! OMG! Thumbs up Kaitlyn!
kevin parker (2 years ago)
idear ?
dorfone (2 years ago)
That house is just way too cold now. It is not warm or inviting, Ugly comes to mind, The pictures of the house before the renovation look quite nice. I'd much sooner live there than in that white spaces.
Maria B. (2 years ago)
dream house!!!!!
Pauline François (2 years ago)
Huh I want! 😍
Faye Evans (2 years ago)
Gorgeous Home ❤️❤️❤️❤️
mistertee (2 years ago)
Always wondered what it would look like to have a traditional front and modern interior and back for my own home. Seeing yours, I think it works perfectly!
Eric Ibrahim (2 years ago)
lirianoc (2 years ago)
Don't understand why people keep putting that r where it doesn't belong.
boom shiro (2 years ago)
the architecture of this house is beautiful, but not liking interior design. urmm need to polish more. I pass this.
Alper Seber (2 years ago)
the cushion and her dress mixes well
Nadine (2 years ago)
Why does this channel always use the term 'Warm' for designs that are anything but?
Aki Kolehmainen (5 months ago)
When you are shown something and then someone else needs to tell you that it's "gorgeous" or "perfect" or "warm", then it probably is not.
Meytal navon (2 years ago)
love it
Go Getter-Girl (2 years ago)
Joe & Sarah, Thanks for sharing your home renovations with us!!!  This is "Streamlined Beauty" at its Best!!!  Cheers!!!  GGG
persianelle (2 years ago)
I love everything about that house!!
idontlikegoats (2 years ago)
I love it, I wouldn't change anything and I'm ready to move in :D
PinkTiara ToyFairy (1 year ago)
I agree! I think this house is really pretty and clean looking and relaxing!
rosensindrot (2 years ago)
It's to unpersonal and sterile for my taste..but maybe in day to day life it looks a bit more lived-in
Mateja B (2 years ago)
perfect home
Blue Frangi (2 years ago)
Does modern always mean stark white?
hassan khokhar (11 months ago)
blue0frangi not really, this house might make it so stark but I’ve seen many wonderful modern houses which look great and have barely any stark colours in it
Lyon Still (1 year ago)
I find white to be too stark. I'm not a fan of white walls but I think a warmer white would have been better. I still find this home to feel very cold.
Sandy G 323 (2 years ago)
I think white is used a lot because it's calming to the eye. It's also easy to change out accessories with white that's why I think it's pretty trendy right now.
Ryanne Gibson (2 years ago)
modern is usually monotone colours or mute tones. It's usually clean and sleek and open. It's about lightness and how your eye moves throughout the room. White does play a big part but it's not due to lack of creativity
nadiainthesky (2 years ago)
+blue0frangi To too many people without better creativity... sadly yes
Ysb Bzd (2 years ago)
super cool

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