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Black Magic SS - My Love

160 ratings | 7865 views
From their album "Spectral Ecstasy". More of their music at https://blackmagickss.bandcamp.com/.
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ZTELA EVIL WARRIOR (12 days ago)
White Baron (2 months ago)
I like the vibe with this song, it's like a well-meaning warrior bard of old remembering his love, before fighting in the total krieg has made hims a bit grim and brutal. Or something like that.
White Baron (1 month ago)
Thanks for taking the time to respond in so eloquent a fashion. *rolls eyes*+Chode Master
Chode Master (1 month ago)
Ok lol
cylmareall (2 months ago)
cool song. by the way, that synth bass line reminds me SO MUCH of "Love is a shield" that I have to play it right when this song ends :)
Roman Wacław (3 months ago)
as i gaze at the stars i hear you calling out to me (call to me) her hair felt like fire making weapon with desire (with desire) where have you gone and where did you go i need you right now 'cause I'm all alone I lay down my sword and my armor by my side I no longer remember your eyes You took all that used to be in my life my love.... my love i take the covers down and ashes fall to the ground (to the ground) the time that we once shared our feeling of despair (of despair)
White Baron (2 months ago)
Well said man of Romans!
Emma RB (3 months ago)
Listening this on ecstasy 🤞🏻
Mörbid Insultër (3 months ago)
Maxim Bulanov (3 months ago)
I'm in love with "my love"
jari holmstrom (3 months ago)
Love it😍
Question ques (3 months ago)
Exelente banda
Enmanuel Diaz (4 months ago)
esto debió estar en el recuento de este año
Blacktooth Fox (4 months ago)
Awesome I fucking love this. Thanks for uploading, regards from the UK

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