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TIMBERLAND GT Scramble Wintershoes review

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A solid pair of allround wintershoes from a reliable brand and at a soft pricepoint
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Soulasgard (11 months ago)
First of all, most Timberland shoes and boots are already waterproof and treated. Spraying unnecessary shit on them from day one is not needed. For christ sake it literally says "waterproof on the side of the shoe". Also you should have put more emphasis on how freaking comfortable they are, its crazy how smooth and soft the inside is, but guess that's a matter of opinion.
Oscar Wolff Mellado (11 months ago)
Is it true to size ?
Brooklyn Style
Edvin Maksuti (1 year ago)
great review buddy! where did you buy them?
ReviewsOnAnything (1 year ago)
Amazon actually :)
HelMut mit Pumpe (1 year ago)
Super Socken !
ReviewsOnAnything (1 year ago)
Great review and well done thanks for this video! Would these be too warm for spring summer temperatures?
Ok thanks for your help cheers!!
ReviewsOnAnything (1 year ago)
yeah for sure too warm. Even mid winter these will be fine, but as soon as the temperatures go up, youll def get very hot in these

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