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Kim Jong Un - Gangnam Style

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If the UK or Europe gets into a war because of this.. haha
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Text Comments (29)
Cherry Mobile (4 months ago)
Kill this fat bastard
darklegended gaming (1 year ago)
We all know that kim jong un is psy lol
fat show dance
Zhen o (1 year ago)
Michael Vecchione (2 years ago)
All that walking must have made that hefty guy hungry
Mark Wu (3 years ago)
Zeus Mercury (3 years ago)
i bet if kim jong un saw this he is going to turn the world into a burger lol
EveryDay YouTuber (3 years ago)
Is gangnum style banned in North Korea?
Jeffy Paul Was TaKEN (9 months ago)
EveryDay YouTuber Every video is.
Cheeko (3 years ago)
+Walker Films I think so well yes because it's from South Korea
RiggsBF (3 years ago)
Hey Kim Jong Un how does it feel to be the fattest man in all of North Korea.
Jae (4 years ago)
i hope he dies
darklegended gaming (1 year ago)
EveryDay YouTuber kim jong un
Nyan cat (1 year ago)
EveryDay YouTuber *facepalm*
EveryDay YouTuber (3 years ago)
TunedCavityLasers (4 years ago)
Shit just went from Kim Jong Un to Kim Jong Fun xD
Trevor Phillips (4 years ago)
Kim Jong Un is so amazing!
Californiachik85 (1 year ago)
Yeah, amazingly fat 😂 lmao
EveryDay YouTuber (3 years ago)
No he's not dumbass
xXChAmOyXxz (5 years ago)
Every view, a NK gets executed.
David Urizar (5 years ago)
jajajaj q calidad
tardistardis8 (5 years ago)
김정은의 많은 곧 죽는다.
reptomicus (6 years ago)
0:51 "I can see Hollywood from here!"
TNP'R sheepodog (6 years ago)
i want to see kim jung un dance like psy!
darklegended gaming (11 months ago)
TNP'R sheepodog same
Andrew Vm (6 years ago)
0:27 He didnt kiss the baby OH NO!
halorunescaper (6 years ago)
Psy will nuke him
darklegended gaming (11 months ago)
halorunescaper psy isnt going to becuz psy is kim jong un
spunkflunk (6 years ago)
0:51 look he thinks america is going to invade!

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