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Interior Design – Tour A Warm And Luxurious Condo

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Montreal designer Scott Yetman designed a modern condo with clean lines and warm, luxurious finishes. See how his new layout maximizes space in the main living and dining area, and showcases the view from the Mies Van Der Rohe building. Homeowner Marie Sicotte’s main request was function and storage, so Scott transformed one of the three bedrooms into an office, and added smart storage solutions throughout the home. The open-concept kitchen features sleek, white cabinets, open shelves and a cube with space for laundry appliances and a pantry. While the home is predominately black and white, hits of Italian oak on the floor and in the kitchen add warmth to the space.
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Text Comments (84)
but softy (15 days ago)
To create an entryway makes great sense!
Phyllis Foster (2 months ago)
Absolutely GORGEOUS!!
janey2562 (2 months ago)
Not my choice of design,arrangement, color. It is elegant though.
myster8086 (2 months ago)
"warm" is not a word I would use to describe the place.
syeda shah (2 months ago)
I ve a Q whateverbi do to decorate mynliving room butbit never looks like a designer room .plz help and guide .thsnks
basejump (4 months ago)
looks junked up and cluttered...not meis at all.
Maxine A.G. Guess (5 months ago)
Montreal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
motowninvestor (6 months ago)
It needs warmth.
Raquel (6 months ago)
I love this space....
TA Achieve (7 months ago)
The white kitchen with black chair is awful
Karina Baiz (10 months ago)
Guaooo siempre lo mismo. Ninguna propuesta verdaderamente creativa, nada que sorprenda. Aburre que siempre muestren una colección de muebles y materiales costosos, que a mi no me dicen nada. Es una simple exhibición de objetos lujosos y pretenciosos que hacen alarde del alto poder adquisitivo de sus dueños. Pura vanidad, no es diseño verdadero.
Dimitri Merritt (10 months ago)
Tooooo open, for my taste!
Renate DeBruyn (10 months ago)
All those candles. Perhaps books would be a better idea. It would look like someone lives there.
Azurie One (11 months ago)
yanu prayuthasani (1 year ago)
cold, no accent , no harmony, no warm, no balance between heavy and light, just flat...boring
Shades By Design (1 year ago)
This is a great video. We enjoy working with amazing designers such as yourself. If you ever have a project (commercial, residential or marine) and your clients are in search of window treatment services, we would love to be your company of choice. Please check out our channel ( we are working on being more active on youtube) or check out our site www.shadesbydesign.com.
Blackpeople Suck (1 year ago)
very gay
D Ishappywithlife (1 year ago)
Feels -35 in that apartment, like all the other comments COLD!!! Somebody needs to ban/burn the term "modern" from the dictionary.
Janay White (1 year ago)
i want the 2 chairs in the living 😍.
Ever Evolving with EC (1 year ago)
At first I thought, “it needs more color, it’s too clean/rigid” but listening to him explain, why he designed it this way, made me appreciate his eye for the design...... I still would prefer more color, but I now understand why he designed it this way
Linda Polk (1 year ago)
i wanna live here i love it. white and black will always be classic colors.
dhara jino (1 year ago)
Petra Nwosu (1 year ago)
I love what he did with the candles. That's thinking outside the box
Mehul Patel (1 year ago)
Literally EVERYTHING is white. Wtf
Marie Katey (1 year ago)
Varys is that you?
Mide Songz (1 year ago)
You need colour to break up the black and white theme. And put a big ass mirror in that bedroom wall damn it.
Carol (1 year ago)
If only home owner can keep the place this clean(model house look).
Ruh roh Whiskers (1 year ago)
Is the pronunciation of 'project' as "pro-ject" an H&H thing, or do Canadians prnounce it that way generally?. I've noticed these designers sometimes use one then the other pronunciation...
Nouvellecosse (1 year ago)
I'm not sure I understand the question... Is there some other way it would be pronounced?
RUSSIAN ROBOT (1 year ago)
Normally the designers genius and creativity are deeply subdued by the owners lack of inspiration and taste. Low, white and modern are terrific but the total of this is an injustice to all of the view and glass. The most inspiring piece here is the yellow painting (that should have white frame) in entrance. Painting or using white overlay to the black window frames removes the "prison look". Hopefully, I AM not the only designer who can WOW using mostly white modern with antique and color spots.
Arzoo Yadav (1 year ago)
Clean, contemporary and so beautiful!
Maude Normand (1 year ago)
house and home est l un des magazines que je préfere en décoration.
RealJudyi (1 year ago)
Just painting the walls an cream orange or even a pale salmon color brightens up a room and the colors make you feel warm at night, but bright and energetic in the day time.
Thokozile Tapambwa (1 year ago)
l love the clinical look its fresh and crispy
Montreal Guide Condo (1 year ago)
That is for sure an amazing unit! Would love to talk about it.
Love it, but not cold enough. I like black and white, chrome and glass and accents of gold. I don't want one leafy green anything. Keep everything to a minimum. The oak floor paint that black, please and as much glass as possible in the furniture. 🙂
sueldrsyluvsutube (2 years ago)
Wow, what a talented man Scott Yetman is. I always think of modern as cold but this is a fantastic "modern".
rneustel (2 years ago)
What time do the surgical procedures start? The view is really the only thing I love.
Noelle Candice (2 years ago)
I love this! Really one of my favorite designers
Mr. Ace (2 years ago)
Love it
eToreum (2 years ago)
AnArchaicSoul (2 years ago)
eh! Looks basic to me.
ladyvee7110 (2 years ago)
Looks like an office space not a home.
B Ban (2 years ago)
garbage design. not feeling warm at all.....
SALAT SHAHID (2 years ago)
ooooh .... sorry modernism in your eyes is too cold :( oooh
TA Achieve (7 months ago)
They got paid to make everything a hospital. Little kids could do that for free
B Ban (2 years ago)
Gonegirl (2 years ago)
For those of you who keep being negative about there being "no warmth" any colour other than white that has been introduced in to the room/design/scheme is considered "warmth". Obviously, your idea of warmth is vulgar colours like purple, green etc, which no doubt you would get wrong anyway!!
Gonegirl (2 years ago)
Because I felt like it!
buutifuleyes (2 years ago)
vulgar, why opt for that word...
Gonegirl (2 years ago)
furniture half on and half off a rug is a big no no and don't understand while my fellow designers still do this!
Ops Endless (2 years ago)
Why is a rug a no no?
Gonegirl (2 years ago)
I say so....I didn't say it was set in stone and I am most certainly not "'Set" in a certain mold; as you put it.....you don't know anything about me or my design ethos!!!
ramona2400 ricky (2 years ago)
who says so nothing is set in stone it shows that you are "SET" into a certain mold and not willing to do something different and interesting - you have ONE NOTE
Gregory Thomas (2 years ago)
Look likes a sterile laboratory. Who wants to live in a hospital? Since when is white without form or structure considered design?
Stackondat (2 years ago)
you can thank Apple for that
Le123456 B (2 years ago)
hes great
Zeeangelofdeath (2 years ago)
So where is the warm part?
Alper Seber (3 years ago)
the candles under the tv pretending they are a fireplace is a comedy
Bunny Mad (3 years ago)
OMGoodness, I want to buy this man. Well, buy his design services. lol I'd add some other features and colour, but the candles, the entry, his thoughts on storage, the way he does a kitchen.....*swoon*....the whole functionality and overall freedom, space and cohesiveness - fabulous.
Sarah Fortin (3 years ago)
Pretty, but nothing original.
Matthew McCrory (3 years ago)
are colour and pattern illegal in Canada? so many of the H&H home tours I've watched lately are just pretentious designers discussing cold, clinical, white boxes in affected voices. it's starting to feel repetitive. give us homeowners sharing their self-designed spaces with real passion. give us colour! give us pattern! give us joy!
Camille Moran (7 months ago)
Matthew McCrory I think it’s also against the law to not own an Avalon blanket
Sandy Kleber (1 year ago)
Lol @ affected voices
Le123456 B (2 years ago)
Ciel Oz (3 years ago)
I like your suit
Rose Redd (3 years ago)
This guy seems like a genius in his field & she wanted white. But it's so overwhelmingly white to me, I'd be squinting. Love the bathroom though.
Hope Noneya (3 years ago)
There wasn't one warm thing about this condo. Modern yes but flat design. If I had to describe it with one word....yawn.
#switchfootforever (3 years ago)
Inansolutly LOVE this home! I also like the way the designer described everything so elegantly but in a detailed and informative way! Amazing work
Faye Evans (3 years ago)
Lovely ❤️perfect,I would love to live in this home.Stunning ❤️❤️❤️
Koreenth (3 years ago)
Brrrrr... looks so cold
nadiainthesky (3 years ago)
Any time someone says "I didn't want it to be too cold" the design ends up being... cold. Also, I hate it when a designer confuses modernism (which I love) for blandness. This design is just so flat and unlivable... too much endless white furniture and there aren't any subtly tasteful layers of color, texture, pattern, etc. to make things interesting.
D Ishappywithlife (1 year ago)
nadiainthesky double agree
nissab (3 years ago)
Excellent work!
Lydia Bocage (3 years ago)
Pretty but too cold.
Tabitha Rudd (3 years ago)
Love, Love, Love
CreateOneDay (3 years ago)
I think this space is beautiful and modern, but it is certainly not warm.
tmz85 (3 years ago)
Perfect balance of style, modernity and luxury. I especially like that the design doesn't fight the mid-century architecture, but pulls it forward comfortably. Congratulations, well done.
Varun Baweja (3 years ago)
its so cold nd not warm at all
oDuygu (3 years ago)
So beautiful! I love the the colors and clearness. Feels super calming to me. I could totally live there <3
sarah hassan (3 years ago)
simple luxury but not warm...I like the closet in the bed room
nav3sux (3 years ago)
mmmm this is too blank for me I guess but the client happy so that's it hehhe but I like that office area
persianelle (3 years ago)
The house is not warm
ME-Tube Your Space! (3 years ago)
As always, too much white in a living space. Thing only thing I like is the bedroom which it hide storage space and only show the tv. Otherwise, these homeowners need to get a little more creative with colors. Sorry, but I don't see anything warm about that house.

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