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Drunk Girls Joe Pesci Home Alone Gangster call payphone near the bar

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Peoples KarmaSquad (4 years ago)
The first guy sounded really creepy and desperate.
AlAqsa (5 years ago)
Depends on which one, some groups of us to tend not to practice safe sex, the stats are sad :(
z dnb (6 years ago)
i am whiter than you know
negrowithabrain (7 years ago)
there is nuthing wrong sleeping with dark people...in fact, i'm one of the dark people...lol
negrowithabrain (7 years ago)
@8DuncanConstruction8 payphones are his expertise...lol
nemt (7 years ago)
She doesn't even realize Lauren TRAYS for the barn.
CorruptedSeducer (7 years ago)
@8DuncanConstruction8 LOL!

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