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Kim Jong style (WITH LYRICS) - Kim Jong gangnam style parody

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I do not own this video! all thanks and amazing credit goes to "The key of awesome" - I am a huge fan of their work and love their parody's. Here is their version of gangnam style- Kim Jong gangnam style, hope you all enjoy and I threw the lyrics in... as best I could =D. "Kim Jong style"
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Text Comments (139)
Plusmin cares (23 days ago)
I'm surprised this parody only has 100k
adventure kaden (1 month ago)
Nonsense capitalist propaganda. The DPRK works for the people.
Zadai Goofball (4 months ago)
How is no one saying anything about the bath part??? Lol!!!
Elizabeth Victor (4 months ago)
so clever hahahah
joshua pro gamer (5 months ago)
the country who no 1 export is nuclear test
sub to pewdiepie (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Analog TV (5 months ago)
They should put this song on the radio
Marie BCFHS (7 months ago)
Poyraz Koç (8 months ago)
Abi türkçe konusun
WUMASTER (8 months ago)
North Korean national anthem.
Krzysztof Cyris (9 months ago)
True Story
Chuck Hall (10 months ago)
Very clever.
Blueman 15 (11 months ago)
Simran Ranjitkar (1 year ago)
best..walk walk walk walking kim jong style 😂😂😂😂
Ebola Hunter (1 year ago)
It’s checking out foursqurt but I’m not korean
ladyserena1989 (1 year ago)
This is seriously so good omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dimas_Gaming_Chanel (1 year ago)
1:47 his name is Kim ER Sung not "IL"
Bigboi Jigboi (9 months ago)
Dimas_Gaming_Chanel No it's not google it
Geminiestro (1 year ago)
Becuz like Thor the god of thunder was the lyrics for the first and check in on four square was the second
Blob Fish (1 year ago)
Jarlaxle Banre (1 year ago)
Kim jong un make fascist communism lots of fun
TheLordShinnok (1 year ago)
Funny video l'm for Equality if respected I support border wall to Keep out illegal immigration Whorist (Terrorist) IJIZZ (I.S.I.S ) Fail Queera (Al Qaeda) Dork Queera (North Korea).
Lu Evan (1 year ago)
love u Akari
Kofogt (1 year ago)
"No not Kim jong IL🙄 sorry for the confusion" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shinko py chl Johnson (1 year ago)
lol so cute I love Korea the boys are so gorgeous 😍😍😍
Nam SROVE (1 year ago)
slimme ryan (2 years ago)
half the lyrics is wrong
ZNEOPEC (2 years ago)
Where's Ambassador Rod-man when we need him the most?
yoRalph joejoe12 (2 years ago)
History teacher showed this in class...he giggled the entire time. Great way to start the day
Analog TV (5 months ago)
Temp Plaz (1 year ago)
yoRalph joejoe12 Same, except it was my reading language arts teacher
87654321j (2 years ago)
anyone else get a trump vibe with this lol
Stephany Hdz (1 year ago)
87654321j rocket man
James Lynn (2 years ago)
87654321j It looks like you wake up on the wrong side of the train. Trump is about saving the American people. Kim is about the exact opposite. Similar vibe? Not even close.
Stephany Hdz (2 years ago)
87654321j some things r coming to light. and since he's been president the truth has been out
Andi Hakim Hasibuan (2 years ago)
he is not kim jong he is viet bow
Andi Hakim Hasibuan (2 years ago)
cute kraken style
Andi Hakim Hasibuan (2 years ago)
shinjun castro (2 years ago)
This one's funny.
Jarno Datema (3 years ago)
"the peedos"?
Stephany Hdz (2 years ago)
Jarno Datema sounds like he's saying it that way but it supposed to be the beetles
Ari Nassiokas (4 years ago)
Awesome video!
Annie Zhao (4 years ago)
its actually beatles, not peedos
Kalt Warraith (9 months ago)
and its "I will never be deposed" not "I will never be opposed"
rocio diaz (4 years ago)
No esta espanolx
MrReader777 (4 years ago)
+rocio diaz  learn english !
FriendlyFire2830 (4 years ago)
"Because just like Thor (Wtf does he say here?)" Honestly the lyrics are the best thing here xD
greenberet496 (1 year ago)
Just like Thor god of thunder my father choose me
RoyalGiraffe (4 years ago)
'Just like Thor god of thunder'
Melissa Orange (5 years ago)
RiverRebel (5 years ago)
He said just like Thor god of thunder my father chose chose ch ch ch ch ch chose me
matthew toomey (5 years ago)
Torture :)
Nguyễn Hải Nam (5 years ago)
stupid translation =))))))
Nguyễn Hải Nam (5 years ago)
Nguyễn Hải Nam (5 years ago)
i think swimmin' not swim in
Nicholas Adam (5 years ago)
and i will never be deposed
Nicholas Adam (5 years ago)
im like the beatles
emily klein-luce (5 years ago)
"i'm the one my father chose" for 1:02
Hazel Santana (6 years ago)
He says; Becuase just like Thor god o f thunder
Pantoxis (6 years ago)
Polski, język youtube! :d
Dajhan Baines (6 years ago)
Asian you say what = checking out foursquare 2:00
Angelic Allure (6 years ago)
Throw them on the pile without trial?!??!!?
Raul Menendez (6 years ago)
he said god of thunder
Jacob B (6 years ago)
He said "Check it on Fun square" in one part but I don't think anyone will ever know what he said about Thor and how his father chose him...
Christian Amoroso (6 years ago)
Lol this was actually funny
Kirkland Duitsman (6 years ago)
It is because just like thor god of thunder my father chose me
TheSilentStorm (6 years ago)
1:00 that was the only reason I came here and you don't got it.
Michael Sagar (6 years ago)
Kuuki Ouma (6 years ago)
I think the part after "food is scarce. It should say "check on foursquare...
Thomas Bouric (6 years ago)
I wonder how much truth there is in this...
kleinkevindd (6 years ago)
i mean the king of thunder
kleinkevindd (6 years ago)
its because just like thor the kind of thunder my father chose me...
MorsAlbum (6 years ago)
And at 2:13 It is supposed to be: (I go swimming. I pick-up women)....and the rest is fine
Yuki ochiru (6 years ago)
Michael Ho (6 years ago)
Next time can you make the lyrics appear before he says it?Cuz the lyrics appeared after he said it so i can't sing it :(
Angel Gutierrez (6 years ago)
Its funny how people consider this funny while they know that north korea actaully has nuclear bombs pointing US
chris (6 years ago)
He say becus im just like thor the lord of thunder my father chose me and checking on forsquare and when i go swimming i pick on women not i will go swim in a pit of women but xept for that mice lyrics.
CopperTitanium (6 years ago)
Suck on my toes
rj pierce (6 years ago)
My friend knows someone who's family ran away from north Korea
Reid Flaumenbaum (6 years ago)
I'm at thanksgiving parade
Reid Flaumenbaum (6 years ago)
He doesn't swim in a pit of women. He picks up women when he is swimming
rj pierce (6 years ago)
You should make TOJO STYLE
M10 (6 years ago)
i was laughing my head off since it was hilarious.
i_Am_bEaR_H! (6 years ago)
yh nice joke :D but btw it's i'll go swimming "i'll pick up women" not "a pit of women"
maltipooRosie (6 years ago)
My big bro looks like Kim Jong and my heritage comes from North Korea and South Korea I am Both koreas
Kratter102 (6 years ago)
1:29 Is he holding a sniper or a fishing pole?????? anyone
Sasino97 (6 years ago)
This song is awesome :D
muhahahamuhamuhahaha (6 years ago)
Anyways, excellent video! And for if it's meaning, I say it's better then the original, since it conveys a political message.
Richileu.A Bailey (6 years ago)
1:01 its now if im not my fathers cho
Richileu.A Bailey (6 years ago)
Its beetles not peedos
FuriaX13 (6 years ago)
Brett Selby (6 years ago)
Because food is scarce. Check it on foursquare. (What I think anyways)
Matouš Hasoň (6 years ago)
@samajamadomifuc fucking ipad
Matouš Hasoň (6 years ago)
@samajamadomifuc not peedos but beatles
Matouš Hasoň (6 years ago)
@samajamadomifuc sorry , ,, not peedos, bit beatles"
Matouš Hasoň (6 years ago)
Not přednost bit beatles
Amin Mekki (6 years ago)
I said I was jk and are you sure?
Noormis (6 years ago)
Itn not asian day what But its checking out foursquare
Sazyua (6 years ago)
Awesome video but seriously, North Korea shouldn't be mess with cause they crazy.
Amin Mekki (6 years ago)
Just kidding nice try
Amin Mekki (6 years ago)
I hate to leave bad comments but you suck you got most of the lyrics wrong and you didn't even know what said "cause food is scarce, chicken, or foursquare" you could've at least tried to listen THUMBS DOWN
Jake Brown (6 years ago)
it says that in the annotations.. it was a joke.. but nice try
ferrariteddy (6 years ago)
It's "I'm like the beetles..." Not " I'm like the peedos." But nice try
KibbieK (6 years ago)
The part you didn't know was the god of thunder.
scott treloar (6 years ago)
and not a single fuck was given that day
Synchroswimmer19 (6 years ago)
When he's eating he says checking out foursquare I think cuz then it shows the guy checking foursquare
mopthermopther (6 years ago)
Excellent Video. Very well Done !!!
Dylan Burris (6 years ago)
SuperScrafty099 (6 years ago)
Not the peedos either....
SuperScrafty099 (6 years ago)
Cause food is scarce, Check in on Foursquare
SuperScrafty099 (6 years ago)
A few of the lyrics are wrong

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