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2nd visit to Sky River, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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After not choosing anybody the other night, today I return in the afternoon. I was the first customer of the day. 2nd visit to Sky River, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Men's Health Spa
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Jordie Lijadi (10 days ago)
Berapa kali tu main ??
amir shake (2 months ago)
😥 now i know why thanos wanted all d stones.
Desmond Ng (2 months ago)
How much does it cost for mainland
how much for this hookers (night)
Md Kanak Hassan Uzzal (2 months ago)
Nice choice
ashkot (2 months ago)
is she friendly ?
Haleef Ahmad Khan (2 months ago)
I have been there once. But If you reject to choose and say next time I will come. Then the pimp who bring you there will be asking you 50 ringgit for police. Even if you don't fuck girl and go back without paying money the pimp will ask you 50 ringgit. And you need to give him to get rid of him. What the fuck is that.
Meme Deathlord (3 months ago)
Bapok ah
好古 (3 months ago)
You should go to China and try
Mr Q (3 months ago)
I have in Shenzhen and Wuxi, but I have no video
กะหรี่ไทย ชัดๆ
Anggit Kurniawan (3 months ago)
They are malaysian lonte?? Of course Malayshit is lonte
Peace Men (3 months ago)
You fucking awesome men!
Peace Men (3 months ago)
you should share the fun videos on some other sites.
Crypto Xaos (3 months ago)
They 5/10
pavankumar dhanve (4 months ago)
Exactly I’m not getting what music is this “ding dong”, can anyone help which song is this?
pavankumar dhanve (4 months ago)
Mr Q thanks a lot but which music is this playing for this video on background ?
Mr Q (4 months ago)
The "ding dong" is the subtitle for the sound of the doorbell. When you press on it, it literally goes "ding ding", they look at you through their monitor, and they hit a button and unlocks the door for you to enter
Boom Boom (4 months ago)
hey...come visit Bangladesh
Tahir Creation (4 months ago)
u r going to hell
He is the Sex traveler
Chairul Maulana (4 months ago)
Pfftt bad chilli, not even sweating
Subash Gurung (4 months ago)
Hiw to get the real footage?
17teacmrocks (4 months ago)
what do they do? massage?
Saifo Osama (15 days ago)
They are studying together
Comrade Dolman (4 months ago)
17teacmrocks I think they do a lot more than a massage
shaezee (4 months ago)
I don't know why this video showed up as recommended for you 😂 but I subscribed and liked it anyways 😂 now to check out all your other videos lmao 😂😂
Badal Pal (4 months ago)
These girls gives rimjob also? Please answer
Jan Can Plan (4 months ago)
wat kind of camera do you use?
Yugen 4K (4 months ago)
Is that place safe?im 19 and little nervous to go
andrew T (4 months ago)
no kidding, DO NOT CARRY too much cash in your wallet. YOu may be able to get your wallet and phone in time but she could easily grab some money out and theres no way you can count all of that by the time she leaves.
Danny Acosta (4 months ago)
Yugen 4K I went there when I was 17 lol. Went to Malaysia for a vacation and googled some places and this place showed up. But they didn't question about my age because I'm tall and have a full beard. The police do some raids sometimes but other than that I think it's safe. Keep your wallet and mobile phone safe. Some girls steal from you when you are not looking
TheProtocol48 (4 months ago)
Monotonous music
Davi Doff (5 months ago)
I wanna travel and have the same fun dudeee
William Ngo (5 months ago)
how much how long
hallyu 88 (5 months ago)
she saw the camera and didnt say anything about it???
Chi (5 months ago)
Youre my hero Mr. Q
WCW WKH (5 months ago)
bayaran ada termasuk gst ka?
宝宝Moy小 (6 months ago)
Asian good girl em
宝宝Moy小 (6 months ago)
Shamsul Bahri (6 months ago)
Genesis I like..
Lukman Hakim (4 months ago)
Shamsul Bahri genesis ramai ayam x kt sana bruh?
MrHakim (6 months ago)
Someone msg me andress pleasee
Ishpreet Singh (6 months ago)
How much they charge for massage and one shot??
Toua Xiong (6 months ago)
Beautiful girls And SEXY Good Tooo Fuck!!!! 👍👍👍👍👅👅👅👅
Gabee gbyr (7 months ago)
Are these the so called “Volcano massage “ you see advertise on streets of KL 😂😂
shady slim (7 months ago)
the price for 1 shot or 2 shots?
Imma Rahma (7 months ago)
Your taste was out of date man hahaha.
Dj Gnu (7 months ago)
Hope you get caught, you ugly beta.
lu chang (7 months ago)
Got herpes yet?😬
Yau Raymond (7 months ago)
Amazed by clarity of video instead of the girls. Has been looking for such cam for long time.
Cubaan Pertama (4 months ago)
Yau Raymond me too
SboonaY (8 months ago)
Well shes cute
eko A (8 months ago)
mantap subek balik dan tonton minimal 1vidio saya sampai habis kayak aq tonton vidio kamu supaya ga spam kawan ku makasih..
Kenneth Davis (8 months ago)
Great conversation I bet!
roman febri (8 months ago)
I been there hahaha Don’t take viet girl. That my opinion hahaha Happy hunting
Aiman Zakaria (7 months ago)
roman febri wherr is this n how much?
Isaac Chay (7 months ago)
roman febri any recommended places?
Joe lovesturtles (8 months ago)
😍😍ill love too,ugh 😋😋😋
kevin rosas (8 months ago)
hey I'm new to your channel but I love your vids. one question for this one, since you paid over $80 USD for this what can you do with the girls?
Saifo Osama (15 days ago)
kevin rosas study with them
Meleso Nero (8 months ago)
damn u are a legend for doing this gonna hand it to you
warrax111 (4 months ago)
legend? This slutty man? It's more like poor man, not legend.
Guri Singh (8 months ago)
send me whatspp msg only girl i am malayisa +15064990650
Sallan Preet (8 months ago)
I'am Malaysia my watsap nober+173291882 pls msg vi only grill
bi din (8 months ago)
Next time you come to malaysia contact me I will bring you to the place that you will experience true Malaysian girl
adham 07 (4 months ago)
bi din where is the place? Asyik lyn thai, vietnam & indon je. Nk jgk rasa malay girl.
Lukman Hakim (4 months ago)
Bagilah lokasi bruhhh
shahidan idanz (4 months ago)
just send a location bro, im gonna come
Tuấn Nguyễn (7 months ago)
Can you pass for me, please ?
Aiman Zakaria (7 months ago)
bi din nak join gak blh?
B V (9 months ago)
Take2 and make them happy
Nvys (9 months ago)
Do you have the uncensored one ? Lol
Suny 886 (9 months ago)
What about on the spot their room or take out to own place ?
Suny 886 (9 months ago)
Mr Q so. Meaning take out b double price. So better don't waste time on the travel. Right?
Mr Q (9 months ago)
The captain explained that takeout is the same price but it's two hour minimum. So instead of MYR 238, it would be MYR 476 for two hours. I just didn't put any of the Captain's dialogue into this video.
OokTiaopi (9 months ago)
About 200RM (liangpai) for one game...
Kazeshini Yugi (9 months ago)
chose black one :D
Robert Oetojo (9 months ago)
The girls are voluptuos great
Robert Oetojo (9 months ago)
Didnt tell us how much the damage?
Manahati Zamorano (9 months ago)
Can we bang the girls in the asshole?
Justin Ciruice (9 months ago)
What is your Instagram name
AJAKAJAK MAN (9 months ago)
you use condom?
Yeezy (4 months ago)
no shit
Naz Raul (5 months ago)
AJAKAJAK MAN ofcoures dude who the fuck wouldn't use condoms with a hooker
azidi haqeem (9 months ago)
I love Chinese girls from China
好古 (3 months ago)
You not afrait that al-Ala will punish u?
azidi haqeem (9 months ago)
Mr q...i want website please...i want to see and booking the girls
Aiman Anderson (9 months ago)
where is this
Graham Allen (9 months ago)
Asian fever..👍
sc5252 (9 months ago)
whereabouts in KL?
calvin neoh (10 months ago)
Wow,omg,wth, wtf. ......show me more. ..PLEASE
_____ (10 months ago)
Ben Dev (10 months ago)
I heard Genesis at Bukit Bintang recently got raided by immigration and MACC not police. There are rumors that other places including Sky River are on the list before Chinese New Year. Seems Malaysia new immigration director is a no nonsense guy. Plus election is coming so they need to do more raids, invite journalists to show Malaysian people that they're serious about cleaning KL. So to those wanting to visit these kind of places, I suggest to forgo and instead visit Thailand for this year.
Cazulon Gaming (3 months ago)
Videocre Malaysia is not trash go to hell slave
Screaming Wind (6 months ago)
Videocre you really love ladyboys.. why go to thai when you can do it in any catholic countries like philippines or in the west.. spread your love(AIDS)
Videocre (6 months ago)
Malaysia is trash anyway. The girls who don't succeed in Vietnam or Thailand come to Malaysia to work. Why should you go into the fuss of hiding and dealing with the corrupted police to make you pay twice the fun when you can have it better in Thailand which is 2 hours away by plane? Keep Malaysia for the Muslim tourists with men walking with their saggy bellies in front of their women covered in trash bags.
sebbi3 (10 months ago)
whats the damage?
Kenlif Kuesnady (10 months ago)
Please make video with indo girls
Mr Q (10 months ago)
I have 1 vid with an Indo girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HcN6lKHPyA I have 1 more vid coming
g4me_ov3r (10 months ago)
What do you use for the spy cam? A watch?
Cubaan Pertama (4 months ago)
g4me_ov3r i want to know too
Chuckie Berry (10 months ago)
hello sir when you entered there.. were they lining up the girl or you need to ask first?
Mr Q (9 months ago)
I was actually the first customer of the day. They weren't quite ready yet when I arrived but when they we're ready they lined up for me. The other night, the captain brought them over when I arrived but I passed as I wasn't quite ready. When I was ready I asked him to bring them around for me the second time
ASIa.NETWORK (10 months ago)
Wak Lu (10 months ago)
MrVoice42moro no function . They get bribed
Tommy (10 months ago)
You need to upload the uncensored versions somewhere else
Tommy pfp checks out
SCHOOL SHOOTER (10 months ago)
Rooster sam (10 months ago)
Yeah...I guest correctly..yr taste n mined is the same...
afnan nan (10 months ago)
more please
sliver soo (10 months ago)
any points?
I am not dead (10 months ago)
you need to show me the way!
John Cena (10 months ago)
How much the price bro? Ur video make me horny always!!!
reza pahlevi (7 days ago)
That is the price for how long? Thats surprisingly cheap
channel f (12 days ago)
Who are you guys talking to? I can't see anyone there man..
John Cena (23 days ago)
Me too my twin
Omar Lopez (2 months ago)
Does it matter? No one is going to be able to see you, John.
Udayappan Singaram (3 months ago)
Is your maths good,? USD 60 = MYR 338 USD 85 = MYR 238 How you got this figure ,oh my God help me.
Thomast Tham (10 months ago)
With protection from the xxx, must be more expensive to cover the safety from raiding co$t!!
LeeTravius Mckay (10 months ago)
What is the background music?
Aishwary Awasthi (10 months ago)
So finally you dropped a video

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