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Luxury Spa Bath Time: Massage Music, Relaxing Songs, Tranquility Music Therapy

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Luxury Spa Bath Time: Massage Music, Relaxing Songs, Tranquility Music Therapy by @relax_river ► If you like this music, please subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=relaxriverofficial ...more great relaxing music to come! We could be proud and say this is the best massage music ever :D But instead we only invite you to try to reach your personal Nirvana with our pampering spa music playlist, ideal for meditation, sauna soundtrack, massage and relax. Relaxriver provides you music for relaxation, study and meditation. We are a collective of musicians who compose calming music for passion, everyday. We hope that what we like is exactly what you like: using music to free our minds, reach a state of peaceful joy and soothingness. With our relaxing music you can afford mental and physical relief, motivate yourself, sleep better, chill, free yourself from fears and anxiety, and restore selfconfidence. Relaxriver: your daily stream of wellness. Are you feeling comfy now? You can find us also on twitter: http://twitter.com/relax_river
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Hey everyone! Thank you for listening to this video, we hope you liked it! ❤ Want to hear more music like this? Subscribe to us by visiting our YouTube homepage! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCixFwZ8qA3R0QRnIzcIb-vw?sub_confirmation=1
Libraladybird (3 months ago)
Ads mid meditation....really!!
Martin Mcshane (5 months ago)
Relax River - Relaxation Flows in You adverts mid way through??? That's a dislike
Ronnie Neill (7 months ago)
Relax River - Relaxation Flows in You was great until ads came along 😣
Nirmal Rughani (7 months ago)
Relax River - Relaxation Flows in You have
Oscar Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Thid is so good i liked so much
spazzybangtan (12 days ago)
I’m listening to this while I’m trying to poop cause a bitch is constipated as fuck
Sean Cole (15 days ago)
thanks for the great music long bath has me feeling full of energy
Brianna Taylor (1 month ago)
I feel asleep😵💤👀
gemini2805 (1 month ago)
GREAT!... until the Ad started playing :( spoilt the whole experience!!!
Gregory May (1 month ago)
one chord through out, is not relaxing to me! Drive me nuts, and I'm already deep in hot water and I'm not gonna track water all over my floor!
Atta Anwar (1 month ago)
Beautiful relaxing
Alex Gallegos (1 month ago)
I hate this one. The quarter tones are annoying as hell. Infernal. Stressful, not relaxing
fredbear666 shyam (2 months ago)
I listen to this when I am pooping
Jennifer Sutton (2 months ago)
Ads in the middle of what is supposed to be relaxing music???
Debby Mendonca (2 months ago)
Ahmed Mohd (2 months ago)
I’ve got school tomorrow and I’ve been stressing about it all day, so I listened to this as I took a nice shower and it was the best
Kells bells Vlogs (2 months ago)
Soo soothing!! I listened to this in a bubble bath and got made when a ad came on
David Staiano (2 months ago)
This is so relaxing....I'm in the tub with candles....
adamlax27 (2 months ago)
I was nice and relaxed and got a fantastically loud and energetic 2 min betting advert
Martyn Ellis (2 months ago)
Sounds like someone is tuning in their instrument 😂
Londons Finest (3 months ago)
My girlfriend always gives me massages. To this she's the best I love you Sarah ❤️
Kassandra Lee (3 months ago)
Why on God’s green earth would you put an ad in the middle of what’s supposed to be a RELAXING video? Just ruined it. Smh
Pratik Shah (3 months ago)
Dislike just because annoying adds keep playing in the middle of the video
Billu Rajput (4 months ago)
Love you
Hyungminie (4 months ago)
Try putting this next to ur ear and not get goosebumps holy
Tommy Persson (4 months ago)
Thank you to night and day for yours music help me to relax night and day
Clayton Sasseville (4 months ago)
at some point i thought i was relaxing in a hospital because of the beeping
Um that ad for a scary movie in the middle of this took me out of it. Dang.
Moki (5 months ago)
I have just gotten out of the sauna. Been there like 45min and got back for another 45min (i am i finnish person)
Roger Jones (6 months ago)
I could relax with your music anytime, anywhere, with peace and blessings 😊😑
lupe Arroyo (6 months ago)
I love this. because it calms meeting with you.
lupe Arroyo (6 months ago)
I love this. because it calms me
lupe Arroyo (6 months ago)
I love this.
Michelle Boone (6 months ago)
Thank you so much! My dog gets very anxious when he gets in the bath so I tried playing this today and this is the calmest ive ever seen him in the tub!
Sonali Kaul (6 months ago)
It's very soothing and calming
caty-CATWOMAN (6 months ago)
It's perfect! Thank you. :)
TVrawks301 (6 months ago)
Was enjoying this until I got an ad in the middle of it... boo! 😡 Please move it to the start or to the end! Thanks!
Jessica Murgatroyd (7 months ago)
this would have been better if an ad didn't start while I was in Bath. other than that it was amazing.
Leah Shine (7 months ago)
Awesome....beautiful many thank. My best regards from Cyprus
Thank you so much for listening to our music! It means a lot! 😌
Roos Roos (7 months ago)
Super had net hele hele hele hele grootte ruzie dankjewel
yla vit (7 months ago)
Класна музика для сауни я була в сауні дуже класно
Yaladah Jones (7 months ago)
Ohhhhhh love 💟 it yes so cofroblle
We're glad you liked it 😉
Miley Lewis (7 months ago)
made me relaxed
Miley Lewis (7 months ago)
hah thx keep making vids
That was the plan all along 😁
IjahsChannel _YT (8 months ago)
This is so good i alomost fell alseep in my tub! Great music tho
Ffg ggg (8 months ago)
منو جاي من انس ؟
DefinitelyBlakee (8 months ago)
In the tub, peaceful music, inscense stick lit, lets meditate😊
Lisa von Sindelfingen (8 months ago)
Viper 1 moisturizer schutzengelein.de excellent !
saunazeit (8 months ago)
beautiful music for sauna and spa https://saunazeit.com/
Shalee Campbell (8 months ago)
Yakub Saiyed (8 months ago)
im relaxing good song
tuff gong (9 months ago)
Whenever i smoke a big kush blunt and listen to this music....i feel my soul leaving my body and go to a paradise island where no negativity existence no corruption no bad people theres just orchids flowers and a soft breeze that smell of summer under that palm tree and a very gentle ray of sun
I fell asleep while taking a bath and this was on so i replayed before getting out from the tub. I love this they make me think about love and sleep. I played this for my mom because she was stessed i saved her. Lol XD.
That's what we love to read 😁
Ruth Keohane (9 months ago)
Sooo peaceful and relaxing ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Alba MK (9 months ago)
I took a 20 minute bath with argan oil, lily of Amalfi soap and this music... Didn't feel so relaxed in months! Thanks for this music!
Thank you for choosing our music! 😊
Victoria Dolan (10 months ago)
I absolutely loved this, not just because it is obviously very relaxing and perfect to listen to while taking a bath, but because it reminds me of the PlayStation home screen music (lol!) which I’ve always loved and found very soothing! Thank you :D
Oh boy! Does this really remind you of that? We really can't see it 😂😂 Thanks for checking us out though!
Hannah Hyden (10 months ago)
i put a bath bomb and my warm tub. turned the lights off, and listened to this for a long time! soo relaxing!!!
This is exactly what we meant when we made this video! We're glad you enjoyed it 😉
Lily dog lover (10 months ago)
Omg.... It's so relaxing i love it ahh the song is so amazing 😍 😻
Madison Cluff (10 months ago)
Aaaahhhh lavender and Himalayan pink salt bath bomb combined with your music is perfect for me time! Loved it so much thank you!
Shefali Bhandari (10 months ago)
So relaxing .....oooh ...🤣🤣🤣
Eric Vauwee (10 months ago)
Just took a gigantic mornin' dump to this chilled music
Lady Katerina #IAmKat (10 months ago)
Was enjoying it until an ad came on and ruined the mood around 7 minute mark. Just fell into a beautiful meditative state in my bath, and ad came one and was unable to reclaim my headspace
Winter Duck (10 months ago)
Drinking tea, hot bath, this music, and some lavender oil... PERFECT
unicornsloveme (11 months ago)
I want to feel bliss so bad, I’m trying
Mic Miller (11 months ago)
You got me a bath tub
Jamie Corson-Foster (11 months ago)
This music made me feel like I was in the hospital hooked up.to a heart monitor. Twangy too. Not my favorite
Mario Moser (1 year ago)
Danute Slapšinskiene (1 year ago)
Good :-)
Rachael Carthy (1 year ago)
Full of a cold. Feeling really shit. This combined with a bubble bath did the trick. Until my partner came in to have a piss -.-
Lily dog lover (10 months ago)
T-T 😼
Edyta Szymczak (1 year ago)
Briana Donahoo (1 year ago)
Just cleaned my 🛀 tub and lit some candles now to relax and unwind :)
Ricky (1 year ago)
I'm in the bathtub now.. And I'm so relaxed and I can't even hold the phone anymore... Thanks for sharing!! *HAPPY RELAXING TIME FOR THE LISTENERS*
j m (1 year ago)
Relaxing and soothing. those tealight candles should be in glass jars tho.
Flower Queen (1 year ago)
This was amazing I really needed that
Samantha Lynne (1 year ago)
Absolutely the best playlist to take a bath too definitely recommended
Ashfaq Siddiqui (1 year ago)
I very to the great
Kenzie Challange (1 year ago)
I fell asleep in the bath I woke up with wrinkley skin lol
LikeSunset990 (1 year ago)
Im in paradise ☺️
BabyGurl G (1 year ago)
LikeSunset990 yess me 2
fle moncake (1 year ago)
Thank you! Feeling so relaxed now!
Natalia Lopez Lopez (1 year ago)
I am very relax
nnbb FF (1 year ago)
I like too it
It's Me Kittu! Again (1 year ago)
Stop reading comments and go back to the bath and enjoy😆😆
Lily dog lover (10 months ago)
Wendy Nichols (1 year ago)
So lovely. Thank You ♡
Madison Vaughn (1 year ago)
I am so relaxed after this in the tub. I love this music and would recommend it to anyone who has stress.
Lily dog lover (10 months ago)
Ur right😺
Shola Holmes (1 year ago)
Madison Vaughn I recommend it for people who have been through stress
jjezi m (1 year ago)
Love this
Réka Kiss (1 year ago)
Nagyon nyugis
Gen Racer88 (1 year ago)
beautiful music I love it 😏😎👍✌💖💗
Awakening Soul (1 year ago)
time to pluck these Rapunzel like nose hairs and put on a soothing face mask ^_^
Bobby Hatch (1 year ago)
very beautiful and relaxing !!
Sierra Floyd (1 year ago)
i have tried all these relaxing musics and i love taking long hot soothing baths but for some reason i cant relax to this kinda music dont get me wrong this is beautiful music for spas and baths.... something must he wrong with me. i am looking fir that country relazation with music and i cant find it anywhere... help me i so need a good relaxing moment to just me its been a long week i need it desserptly..😢😢😢
Sophie Ault. (1 year ago)
*This works so well*
Xavier Zumba (1 year ago)
good :)
charlotte (1 year ago)
What are you doing putting your device near the water? Put it away!
gordon gekko (1 year ago)
ronf ronf
racerlionTV (1 year ago)
Calm to listen to although I wasn't a fan of the chimes overlapping in the echo.
Ahmayah Crofton (1 year ago)
this is so awesome
Crackerjack Films (1 year ago)
This is so calming with s bath and so relaxing thanks a lot! :D
uppercut nation (1 year ago)
imagine sleeping and waking up in sunshine🌞 and a light breeze hits your face with the smell of flowers🌷 and this music is heard mildly in the background it would be amazing
Chanyah Sherrod (1 year ago)
i went on a spa date with my mother we were talking about how our days were we went in our spa rooms to have our spa treatment i was so calm like a butterfly and my mother speard her wings like a dove we were in a peaceful place after our spa date we had dinner at a italian restaurant.
Cody Woods (1 year ago)
so so relaxing
Emily Mead (1 year ago)
I was sick today so I just made myself a nice hot bubble bath and played this really nice👌👌
christina killam (1 year ago)
this music is fucking good
makes want to sleep in a bathtub while doing my facial

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