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How to Create Private Label Products - How To Create Your Own Branded Products

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BEST CONVERTING SHOPIFY THEME https://bit.ly/2TbVsqV Guide to Private Labeling How To Create Your Own Branded Products Are you interested in creating your own brand to sell on Amazon, eBay, or your own website? In this video we give you a rundown of the process of private labeling. We will be discussing... 1. Finding A Product & Proving It Can Sell 2. Creating A Brand Name, Logo, and Branding 3. Finding A Supplier Who Will Customize Your Products For you 4. Negotiating Price, MOQ, and Shipping and Payment Terms 5. Ordering Samples 6. Promoting Your Brand 7. Growing the Product Catalog of Your Brand This video doesn't necessarily go in depth into every aspect of private labeling, however we give you a whole rundown of the process and talk about what is involved in every step. We'll also discuss the challenges, the mistakes that can happen, and how to avoid them. If you're interested in creating your own brand so that your not competing on Amazon listings with dozens of others and can own your own listing then private labeling is for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section below and if you have an idea for a video suggestion of something you would like for me to discuss in depth more feel free to ask. SIGNUP FOR A FREE ALIBABA ACCOUNT TODAY & CHECKOUT SOME PRODUCTS http://click.alibaba.com/rd/1semq84d Below are some resources which may help you in creating your own brand... Where To Get Logos Made Fiverr Upwork Elance Canva- Design Your Own Finding Suppliers Alibaba DH Gate Ali Express ChinaVision Taobao Where To Sell Your Products eBay Amazon Shopify Volusion Big Commerce Research Amazon Products Using Jungle Scout http://www.junglescout.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=618 Get A 14 Day FREE SHopify Trial http://1.shopifytrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=4171 Need UPC Codes For Amazon Products? http://cheap-upc-barcode.com/bc_clickthrough.php?affid=23039
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Princess J (15 days ago)
This video is almost 3 years old but I’m glad I stumbled upon it. I started with dropshipping and am now looking into private labeling, so thank you for this video
Nikki23tx (28 days ago)
Do you get a L.L.C. and/or business license for this as well?
Rules For Rebels (27 days ago)
You can be a sole prop and use your social you don't need to form a business entity. I would actually suggest not doing so initially and make sure this is something your going to stick with before doing so. I'd also keep the name vague so you can branch into othr areas so make it something like Nikki Logistics as opposed to Nikki Kitchen Wares, that way if you want to branch out into other products you can do so without having to create multiple LLC's
Mary Heinlen (29 days ago)
Thank you! Many great source of info.
esteban morales (1 month ago)
Hi there. I have a question. When I asked a supplier on Alibaba about OEM, they usually told me that they need a copyright or an authorisation. So, is there legal paperwork also involved when labelling your brand in a product?
Jakov Matijašević (3 months ago)
Hello everybody.First of all thank you for your videos, I just started to do my researches about dropshipping and selling items on internet.I really like your content, Im trying to absorb as much info as I can. Can someone please tell me if AliExpres can do your logo printing so you can create your own brand and why @RulesForRebels is not using it? What is the main difference? Thank you and looking forward for your reply. Peace
Emanuel Johnson (1 month ago)
I found AliExpress suppliers who do do private labeling
Rules For Rebels (3 months ago)
Hey Jakov, you'd have to message an individual seller you plan on buying from and ask them. More than likely however ali express selllers will not. reason being ali express is more resellers, ali express is essentially an ebay where people buy items from factories and resell them for a higher price. on alibaba your typically dealing with the actual manufacturer and typically the product hasn't even been made, they havethe raw materials and will make it for you which is why your allowed to customize the product, add a brand etc. Typically if you want to private lable you can't also dropship as most sellers aren't going to be willing to customize one off products, they'd rather have you buy 500 and they can make them all at once with your logo and then ship them to you and then its on you how you want to ship it whether you want to ship them yourself, send to amazon fba, use a fulfillment service like shipwire or redstagg, etc.
Tirath Mudher (3 months ago)
Thank you for your knowledge
rayva1 (3 months ago)
I typed in my brand name. It brought it up on nearly every site. I clicked on Facebook and it brought up my account.
Mike O (4 months ago)
Great & educative 5* video. For me, I needed what I can build ''my own brand & business'' for long term brand equity, which I found here...https://www.completebizopportunity.com/white-label-opportunities/
Miriana Troobnikoff (4 months ago)
Thanking You for great video......if I only sell my product on Amazon cam I apply for UPC exemption? If so, how would I list without a UPC .....I herd that I do not need a Trademark for my logo/brand? Any help[ would be appreciated Would it be wise to get brand/logo trademark and graphic design for private label FIRST before ordering my product from supplier please?
Paranormal Busters (4 months ago)
Miriana Troobnikoff (5 months ago)
Is "white label"when I use no label at all on a generic product or my own brand logo on a generic product ??and then is "private label"(OEM)when I have differentiated /improved/changed a generic product ...Thanking you
Mohammad Abdallah (7 months ago)
Some good tips, thx
Terry Albery (8 months ago)
If you post a letter with Royal Mail: ( 17:55) when it leaves your hand and drops in the postbox, it is legally “Delivered” as per Bills of Exchange act 1882...ie Constructive Delivery.
GeorgiaBound (8 months ago)
Very helpful video...now if I could just come up with an idea for a product! :D
Andrew Diaz (8 months ago)
This video is absolutely useless. This video does not explain how to get a private label. Where do you go to get one? How can it be confirmed someone won’t take your name? Do you need a trademark? How much money does it cost? I can come up with a list of questions you don’t answer and how hypocritical this video is. He types in something new into a website and everytime he is like well that’s a bad example. You think? Just like every other video this doesn’t show you that you need upcs, trademark to protect you logo and brand, money upfront to get a sample, logo and product research. Your video is useless.
Ë (8 months ago)
Nobody cares about MySpace 😂😂
Ë (8 months ago)
Rules For Rebels Facebook sucks I literally typed in chef knives on,Facebook and I haven't stop seeing ads about knives since
Rules For Rebels (8 months ago)
Man I loved myspace, I wish they would bring it back. I hate Facebook, havn't used it in years
Darren Mason (9 months ago)
You want to know how to make serious money online? Buy cheap unbranded products from china then brand them yourself and repackage it. i do over 30k profit per month on ebay doing that.
Rules For Rebels (9 months ago)
Exactly, obviously there's a lot of small details like what products, what type of packaging, price point, niches, marketing but yeah that's basically it in a nuthsell.
Lisa Amaro (10 months ago)
This video is awesome!
Rules For Rebels (10 months ago)
Hey LIsa, thanks apprecaite it
Audrey Brackley (10 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to put this video together and sharing your knowledge.
curt31tom (10 months ago)
Hello how do you handle suppliers that request a large moq how do negotiate them down to a more reasonable order quantity.
Merlisa M (11 months ago)
Very Informative, thanks. Can one create their own brand & private label when drop shipping ?
Epartners Marketing (11 months ago)
I was following along until you said you get a logo made on fiver and then get someone else to tweak. I'm a designer and HATE when I'm asked to fix other designer's work 😒
Rules For Rebels (11 months ago)
i dont use fiverr much anymore these days. i just gave pinji a try, they charge $350 a month for unlimited designs but everything is done in house. only a few design in but so far pretty happy. when i would use fiverr i wouldn't necessarily have someone else fix a design so much as use fiverr for ideas and inspiration and then have another designer kind of jump off from that and create an origional work. im looking to get some logo work done and some tee shirt designs for rulesforrebels. if you have any interest hit me up at [email protected]
Alex Maier (11 months ago)
Thanks a bunch. Took some notes, learned a lot; on to the next video. Subscribed.
John wegner (1 year ago)
Do you trademark the logo or patten the name?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
also try to lock down your domain and social media handles as well
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
nisigate (1 year ago)
Thus is very informative can't believe I almost skip your video thanks for sharing
Pernection (1 year ago)
More difficult to build a brand on eBay. I have a name and logo
Chelle Padriga (1 year ago)
Do I need a UPC or Amazon bar code placed on private label products if doing self fufillment?
Nathan Senat (1 year ago)
+Rules for Rebels can you make a video about private labeling process cro the dude of Amazon since they have to approve your private label. Thnx
Alexander Tai (1 year ago)
Hello, if i ship my hoodies from home would I need a license in the UK. Do I also have to pay Tax? Do I also need a barcode tag for my hoodies?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
Hey alexander, I'm not in the UK so not really familiar with your laws. Here in the USA you could do that as a sole prop and use your SSN instead of an EIN, however I'm not really familiar with the UK. Maybe someone else can chime in and answer this???
fehr2005 (1 year ago)
where and how do you store the product you ordered
Jaydyte (1 year ago)
Best video on Private labeling! Thank you.
Tanvir Hossain (1 year ago)
U said FOB means Air Freight but I find this - FOB is the short form term for Free On Board (or Freight on Board) and roughly translates to mean that the cost of product being delivered to the nearest port is included in the purchase price, but the purchaser is liable to pay the shipping costs from that port. FOB means Free on Board that supplier will afford " product cost + inland delivery cost", not include the shipping fee
Tanvir Hossain (1 year ago)
can u plz explain a bit about shipping in another video ? I dont live in USA, can I have my products shipped directly to Amazon FBA Warehouse from China supplier? ( I want to avoid customs / freight forwarder )
Yoga Enthusiast (1 year ago)
How can I dropship with this method is it even possible? And how would I ask the supplier if this is possible with the language barriers?
Vlog Squaaa Smith (1 year ago)
Jalen Epps most of the suppliers can speak English. They get half there jobs from the USA so its actually not that difficult to find Chinese that speak English.
jonathanrisen (1 year ago)
Do you copyright the name?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
im not an expert on this legal stuff but copyrights are for utility ie you invent something, trademarks are what you use to protect brands and names. personally i would wait until something has proven to sell and have some level of success before trademarking it. i roll out a lot of products that fail and if i paid a few hundred bucks to trademark every one it would cost me a fortune. get your business off the ground see if your product is going to sell and if it shows some promise then look into trademarking
bjbjapan (1 year ago)
Good video thanks!
Phillip Jones (1 year ago)
Great info, however I have a couple questions if you would: 1) Are you going to be posting your product or running product ads on several different social media outlets, or do you stick to just a couple? 2)Do you create a website once you've found a profitable niche/product after you've come up with a brand name/brand logo? Or do you create a website at all?
Alex (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Very helpful !
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks alex
JustAnR1 (1 year ago)
Hey man thanks for the vid! Can you by chance give me a few links (your videos or others) that you believe can help me learn more about amazon fba as a whole? Im really just trying to get a feel for it before I try and make it a business, just to have a little bit of income and to help me slowly learn more about it. Thanks!
Very informative. Thank you
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks for the kind words and thanks for watching buddy
Bonita He (1 year ago)
How to manage the packaging? Do I need to order my own packaging printed my private logo on with the product to Amazon together, Amazon will send product with my own packaging for me then? Or Amazon only accepts my product and they will send to customers with their packaging. Many thanks!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
some people just throw their items in polybags and dont even get packaging printed, other people use plain packaging. personally i think it adds a lot of value and helps with building a brand to have custom packaging. the alibaba suppliers can do packaging for you. most of them will offer to design it for you or if you want to use your own designer they should provide you with a template for the box or product insert you want to use to pass along to your designer. there are also domestic companies you can use for the packaging as well.
Lola Mato (1 year ago)
Tetera con pocillos
Lola Mato (1 year ago)
Buscar teteras
Ilie Robert (1 year ago)
This is a bit harder if i'm not from America , but from Europe, isn't it? If I make fba with amazon and just order the samples it may work?
Reb Cat (1 year ago)
Excellent vid, thanks!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks cat
A1ProductSource (1 year ago)
nice video
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks a1 😀
Cripple Minded (1 year ago)
Thank u
Josh Dove (1 year ago)
I'm curious to how you can put your logo and a design on the box? Can the manufacturer do this? And can they do a custom made package or do they have a one set design for all? Thank you.
Phil Laird (1 year ago)
When I come up with my brand and logo, wouldn't it be a good idea to copyright it? If so, what is the best way to go about copyrighting my brand/logo etc?
puluq emil (1 year ago)
nice video!!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks emil
if I'm making my own designs and products by hand would this fall under OEM? I am currently registered as a baker but I want to start a different business thats for people. I am currently creating a line I haven't posted anything yet of what I'm making but I have a name and logo I already checked it in the website you showed and everything is available. I still have a couple of different designs and items to make, but I am trying to get my head straight and gather all the information to how I can eventually have it in a bigger store... do I make sense?
Steven Tanner (1 year ago)
great video
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks steven
How life Works (1 year ago)
amazin ,, thank you boss
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks for watching
greenfairy jade (1 year ago)
Great video! I have a couple of questions .... Do you change your logo/product name for every different product ? especially if it is not in the same category? Also, are you saying there would be 2 samples ordered in total? one for the actual product and another with your brand label on it? thank you very much in advance! x
greenfairy jade (1 year ago)
Sorry just to clarify : the first sample I was referring to was if you didn't buy and sell on ebay or amazon etc.. and trusted in the research of the sale of the item and went straight into private labeling... x
Ann Kay (1 year ago)
Hi, can I do bundle deals on Amazon under my brand name Amazon site? Because I'm adding products to the site with my brand name on the items. But I also want to include bundle deals separately of items that don't have my brand name.
Ann Kay (1 year ago)
Great information video, thanks. But for the baby teething toy, not a good idea to make it a teething-necklace. But making it a teething-bracelet is really good of an idea instead.
Ann Kay (1 year ago)
Lol, I figured you couldn't had babies, because you definitely wouldn't known that any necklace for babies "may cause a choking hazard."
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
why not a necklace? i dont have babies so im clueless about them lol
Jim Wilhelm (1 year ago)
Thanks RFR for these videos. As a recent retiree, I think this could be a nice complementary income. I have no grand illusions of getting rich quick, but a little bit of extra income always helps. My wife and have already come up with our brand name and will be getting the appropriate licenses shortly. Thank You.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey jim, that's great to hear. my dad just recently retired and while he doesn't need a fulltime income he wnats something to supplement his income a bit and also i think keep him busy so we're exploring some different income streams for him right now
Tina Grimes (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video-I learned a lot. I am inspired. Peace and Love
yetijoeyetijoe (1 year ago)
What is a reasonable amount to pay for a sample from china? One supplier wants $30 for a shirt plus $30 for shipping. Another supplier wants $1 for the shirt and $50 for shipping. I plan on ordering about 100 shirts once I have found a quality shirt.
yetijoeyetijoe (1 year ago)
Rules For Rebels It's actually a cycling jersey. Good idea on the print in demand if s regular tshirt.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey yeti. are these tee shirts like fashion tees or just plain screenprinted teeshirts? if the latter i would suggest not ordering inventory. i know im normally big on ordering inventory but with all the print on demand options out there why not start out that way as opposed to having to shell out money? as for samples i woudl say samples always cost me between $40 and $100, even on small light items. while i realize it would be much cheaper for a supplier to send a sample via epacket than fedex or ups or dhl, if you ask for that suppliers wont' take you seriously. someone who's going to place a large order, which is what they want out of you, is not going to fret about $50 and is goign to want to be up and running as quickly as possible so as soon as you start fretting over a sample cost most suppliers will start ignoring you. im with you i hate paying $80 for a $5 items but its just part of doing business
Chayuky Kenig (1 year ago)
this is a great tutorial! thank you. Just hoping that for PL purposes, things havnt changed much from 2016
Chayuky Kenig (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey chayuky, things have changed a bit in the sense that these days its hard to just PL random products where as it used to be really easy to do. now days i try to settle into a niche so if im selling kitchen items im gonna stick to that, if im selling gun accessories im gonna stick to that.
Damaris Diaz (1 year ago)
to sell on amazon i need a tax id number
Swanya Bamrungtham (1 year ago)
Hi, this is a great video, thank you. I have questions 1. I have my own unique products that can be made from china. They are 10 designs so there will be 10 separate packaging boxes. Do I need 10 different UPC for each kind of designs or I need 1000 UPC for 1000 boxes? Do I also need FNSKU numbers for FBA too? 2. Do you recommend launching products on ecommerce website like shoptify or amazon fba? or both? 3. I have LLC but I havnt tradmared the logo yet, can I wait to see if I sell first? Will people steal my products and logo? 4. Do you think starting with 1000 boxes would be too many to sell if nobody ever seen the products? thank you :)
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey swayna, thanks for watching and thanks for the kind words. in regards to your questions... 1. I have my own unique products that can be made from china. They are 10 designs so there will be 10 separate packaging boxes. Do I need 10 different UPC for each kind of designs or I need 1000 UPC for 1000 boxes? Do I also need FNSKU numbers for FBA too? I believe you can apply for a upc excemption but would probably be faster and easier just to get upc's for reach variation. Personally I would probably do one box with your brand and not get a custom box made for each variation or each product. 2. Do you recommend launching products on ecommerce website like shoptify or amazon fba? or both? The more places the better imho, amazon, ebay, jet, shopify, groupon, etc, etc, etc. 3. I have LLC but I havnt tradmared the logo yet, can I wait to see if I sell first? Will people steal my products and logo? I personally do the same thing as you, wait for it to prove its going ot sell before i shell out a few hundred bucks on a trademark. I dont think anyone will steal your logo, just go lock down all the relevant domains and social media handles before launching. 4. Do you think starting with 1000 boxes would be too many to sell if nobody ever seen the products? I suppose it depends on the cost of the product. Sometimes I'll go larger MOQ than I want if the price gets a lot better, even if its not a great seller having a big margin leaves me a lot of room to offer specials and sales or undercut other sellers.
Rasheed Khan (1 year ago)
Hellow sir / madam / seniors / experts I want to sell hand bags on amazon. I want to ask some important questions in my mind. Are handbags are good product to sell on amazon? how to make my own handbags brand and logo? How much do shipments from China usually cost? Will my stock will keep by amazon warehouse or i byself keep my stock in my stock room? can my supplier sends my products directly to amazon ware house? what commission and services will get amazon on handbags ?? I really need good and sincere answers for these questions Thank you So much
Rasheed Khan (1 year ago)
Thank you so much sir for your useful informations. So nice of you God bless you Sir
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey rasheed... Are handbags are good product to sell on amazon? millions of dollars are sold each week in handbags. that said many of them are large name brands like coach, gucci, kenneth cole, etc so that's kind of a different buyer who's going to buy a known name brand as opposed to your new brand so it will be a challenge but yes people absolutely do buy handbags. in addition to womens handbags you may want to look into messenger bags, tactical bags, murses and man purses for me. a much less saturated niche. sure there's less buyers but there's also less options as well. i just recently bought a neatpack which i absolutely love. im a dude but im huge into bags and fanny packs and all that type of stuff so something to think about. how to make my own handbags brand and logo? comeup with a brand name and logo. you'll need to come up with the brand name yourself but for logo you can hire someoen off fiverr to make you a logo for just a few bucks. then when your ready to order from a supplier supply them you're logo and they will put it on the bag. How much do shipments from China usually cost? can't really answer this as it will depend on how many your shipping, how big and heavy or bulky they are, what country your shipping to. in general i would say by air on 100 handbags i would expect like $800 or more. if you go by sea its much cheaper but you need to order a good amount of bags to make it worth it as the customs and broker fees will add up to maybe $500 to $700 so if your doing a small order you may as well just pay and go by air. Will my stock will keep by amazon warehouse or i byself keep my stock in my stock room? not really sure what your asking. if your doing fba you'll need to place orders with your supplier when your fba inventory starts getting low. if your self fulfilling you'll be receiving, packaging and shipping the orders out yourself. can my supplier sends my products directly to amazon ware house? yes you'll need to communicate with them how they need to be packaged and tehy'll need to put a barcode or asin sticker on your bags. what commission and services will get amazon on handbags ?? 15% right off the top for final value fees. then if your doing amazon fba you'll be charged storage and fulfillment fees as well. do a google search of amazon fba fees and you can see how those work out. again it will depend on if yoru stuff is selling consistantly or sitting in longterm storage, how big the bags are, how many you have, etc.
Manuel Miguez Jr (1 year ago)
I ha ve a question I wanna do private labeling but I'm looking for some websides to do it the logo on my brand?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
fiverr, upwork, craigslist, etc
Mar g (1 year ago)
of I want to do private label, do I need to register and get a license as a company?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
no you can do it as yourself with a sole prop. if you want you can go to county courthouse and become a dba but really not necessary. id wait until you have some success and know your going to stick with it before you spend money on that.
Sean Lim (1 year ago)
On Alibaba.com, can I sort items by PRICE?
Sean Lim (1 year ago)
thank you!!!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
id have to dig into the advanced search settings to check but no i dont believe so. most suppliers list a range of prices so you really have to contact sellers individually to see what they are going to charge and its going to depend on the amount, materials, etc.
Online Kid (1 year ago)
Hi, what about packaging, do I need a different person to do that? Or, is that a part of private labeling? Thanks.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
most suppliers also handle packaging however you can also get it done yourself as well through someone else if you dont like the options offered by teh supplier
ishmell1 (1 year ago)
is it possible to make $1,000 per month selling my own branded physical product on ebay with good pics and keywords?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
keep inventory? i hadn't heard of that. you mean they wont return the stuff in fba? ive had some listings removed and ive always been able to get my stuff back. i actually had some stuff removed due to a safety recall today and still got my stuff back. im in agreement amazon is worse than ebay in many ways such as you mentioned but i would still recommend being on the platform.
ishmell1 (1 year ago)
oh thanks for the response. I only ask because amazon will ban sellers out of the blue, and keep your inventory. do you think it is still worth th effort even though amazon is flakey with sellers?
ishmell1 (1 year ago)
oh thanks for the response. I only ask because amazon will ban sellers out of the blue, and keep your inventory. do you think it is still worth th effort even though amazon is flakey with sellers?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey ishmell, yes of course its possible. as for ebay imho private labels aren't as powerful on ebay because ebays review system isn't as well in place as amazon. on amazon you can build a strong brand by your reviews, on ebay some products have reviews some dont but its not as easy to build a private label brand. that said private labeling does add value so you'll get more than other sellers. its always slow starting out but be patient and you can grow a nice business on ebay
Milk Creek Sales LLC (1 year ago)
Thank you for doing this video, it's very informative, will be following you! Regarding FBA, I really think Amazon is charging too much fees.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey milk, i agree amazon is steep on fees but at the same time here's what amaozn is doing for us... 1. bringing organic traffic and providing a huge pool of buyers 2. handling our merchant processing for us 3. handling fulfillment and returns for you all these things on their own are very expensive. running adsense i spend about $1500 per month plus $750 management fee. merchant processing there are low cost options and options which take a percentage and dont charge a monthly fee but just to give you an idea i paid paypal over 87k in fees last year. and lastly fulfillment, they are storing and shipping our stuff for us. and as for handling and fulfillment obviously there's going to be a cost for that as well. amazon allows people to run huge ecommerce businesses without really being active or present in the process and there is going to be a fee for that. now it may be slightly cheaper to use shipwire or redstagg for your fulfillment however its not as streamlined and integrated as fba. im not often one to stick up for amazon but it is what it is, we have to decide if it works for us or not
john williams (1 year ago)
great video
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks john
Matt Berk (1 year ago)
i missed it , 1) what if you want to do say 500 quantity sample private label, and they will come down to say 1000 from a 3000 moq.. Would you walk away? 2) if you negotiate quantity sample 100 to 500, would that be their brand, and can you sell that on amazon fba if it is not oem? Do you only order a large quantity if it is oem? hey thx
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey matt, depends on the cost of the item. some items 1000 units may be $500 other items it may be $10,000. another thing is if ive done a small test order and the stuff sold pretty good id be much more confident buying 1000 pieces as opposed to if im just going in blind. i would suggest keep contacting a few more suppliers if one supplier has a 1000 moq another may only have a 200. as far as negotiating sample if your open to taking generic stuff the moq will be smaller. i wouldn't buy something with a chinese brand although i would buy generic and get my own custom packaging made. while not "true" private labeling it does allow you to start creating a brand and some name recognition without having to go all out on your first order.
Lei33 Katty (1 year ago)
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
thanks lei
Richard Bronson (1 year ago)
Amazon has frozen all new Branding applications until a new policy comes out in mid-May 2017 due to the over indulgence of private branding - labeling and stealing products out from other sellers.
Richard Bronson (1 year ago)
I think they are going to have to still allow private labeler's into the fold. The market is just too big not to do that. However I think they are going to make the UPC/ASIN's restricted. They need to be really careful here, because it was private labeler's that built the on-line selling market. It wouldn't take much for another large company to put up an alternative site and fulfillment center network to compete against them. Their fees are growing out of control as well.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
that sucks, yeah the popularity of private labelers and new people getting into it is surging right now. i actually made a video about that new policy a couple weeks back, curious to see what it really entails, if there's really any changes comming down the pipeline or if its just a pr move to say hey yeah we take stopping counterfeitters and piggybackers seriously.
Tommy Price (1 year ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong if I want my brand on a product, do I just send them my logo and they print/engrave it on the product?
Bonita He (1 year ago)
Would you please tell me do I need to send my own packaging printed my private logo on with the product to Amazon together, then Amazon will send product with my own packaging for me. Or Amazon only accepts my product and they will send to customers with their packaging. Many thanks!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
yes exactly. pretty much every alibaba vendor can do this. depending on the product the printing style may vary ie embossed, debossed, engraved, screenprinted, etc.
Mark Leontyev (1 year ago)
can you please tell me where to find suppliers who offer OEM ??
Mark Leontyev (1 year ago)
Thanks man
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
every supplier on alibaba
Sharkizord (1 year ago)
Man, this went from OEM to killing babies, so fast.
Sharkizord It Did lol
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
what? lol
Rahul Dhar (1 year ago)
Dont talk too much and this is useless video
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
Travis In Canada (1 year ago)
Hey John, typically a file is designed on the computer and made up of pixels. When it is converted to a vector file all those pixels become a solid shape allowing it to be resized without losing detail as a result in the changing resolution. Adobe Illustrator is a very common program used to design files as Vector (instead of converting an existing .jpg or .bmp which can result in lost detail).
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey travis, thanks for the explaination. im not a designer or anything so i know enough to get by in getting the files i need and what have you but never really knew why a vector file is superior so thats good to know. thank you. are you a graphic designer?
James Saxon (1 year ago)
If you buy 50 spatulas, who holds the stock until you can sell them? Suppose you want to sell them on Amazon? Do you ship all 50 to an Amazon warehouse? Does the seller in China drop ship them?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
depends, you can hold them yourself and ship them out or you can ship them into fba and let them do it. there's also non amazon options third parties who will ship your orders such as shipwire and redstagg just to name a few
James Saxon (1 year ago)
I can order my own branded hair dryers from China, but I have no idea how to sell them on Amazon. Is there a video somewhere that shows me how to become an Amazon seller of my own branded goods but with FBA?
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey james not saying its a bad product by any means as hair dryers do really good numbers but what about your hair dryer will get someone to buy your brand over conair or revlon or other big brands? i think thats a big question you need to ask. aslo will your dryer be up to usa safety and material standards? aside from that it sounds like you got the supplier/source all lined up. all you would need to do is get the dryers and ship them into fba, amazon pretty much takes care of it from there. for promoting your dryers id send them out to beauty vloggers, hair dressers, run some ppc and make a bunch of youtube videos showing girls how to do various hair styles and featuring your blow dryers in the videos.
sheila mae moseley (1 year ago)
Can I buy products that I want to sell first and put a name logo and logo later if it is successful? I have no idea how to start. I am really starting to scratch. I am not a computer genius and I just came across with your video and it is very catchy and it inspire me more to go for private label products. I have no experience at all! :( But I really wana do it.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey sheila, what some people do is buy generic products and then buy custom packaging to put it in. you can do that until you've proven it will sell and then step up your order size and private label down the line so yes absolutely you can do that.
Bill Paulk (1 year ago)
hello, thank you for the great information. This is valued information. Do you provide coaching or any other ebooks for sale. im very interested. thank you
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey bill, ive kind of gotten away from caoching but planning on putting out some courses in the near future. if you have any questions feel free to hit me up via email same name at gmail or drop a comment
Jenna 2000 (1 year ago)
I tired with shopify, and logo from Upwork :) Not bad,not bad at all...business goes well,for now:) Also some SEO, much important
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey jenna that's awesome. is your shopify store still open and getting sales?
Hope Good (1 year ago)
Dude, this tutorial and tips are awesome :) Thank you a lot! I have my own product, this will push me to work higher and sell more!
Jason Chevez (1 year ago)
Hope Good add me to fb https://m.facebook.com/jason.chevez. I'm hope to learn from your process. and I will share with you direct connection to China's market.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey hope, that's awesome you have your own product. glad you enjoyed the video. thanks for watching
JTundra (1 year ago)
I think im gonna pass on all this amazon FBA stuff lol way too much work for really slim profits
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
amazon fba is pretty hands off so its actually not a lot of work. once you have an established product its literally just maintaining inventory amazon does everything else for you. the one point of yours i do agree with is i fulfill most of my orders myself because i dont want to give amazon huge chunks of my profits for sending packages out which is something im completely capable of doing on my own and dont mind doing.
Sam Dawson (1 year ago)
How old do you have to be to do this? I'm about to finish high school, I'm 16, and looking to get into dropshipping. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Sam Dawson (1 year ago)
Cheers Rules I'll definitely get an account like that up. Best of luck with the channel
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey sam, technically being under 18 doesn't let you enter a contract which i guess selling on amazon is a contract however i know people under 18 are doing it. i dont think they really cehck. worst case scenario have a parent be the name on the account. i know paypal offers student accounts to people under 18 so you should be able to sell on ebay as well.
Andrew Hawthorne (1 year ago)
Madeline you only need UPC barcodes for Amazon. They can be purchased on E-Bay for around $10.00 for 1000
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey andrew, you have any suggestions for where to buy upc's? i use codeupc.net and they still seem to work. i know many people buying really cheap ones off ebay are having issues as they need to be older than 2002 from my understanding. i typically pay about 0.90 cents for a upc.
Carina Abbensetts (1 year ago)
Thank you, I really enjoy this lesson
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey thanks for watching carina
Edwidge Guillaume (1 year ago)
so, I got my LLC, got my domain, went on Fiverr got a few logos made, in the middle of creating my website, signed up with some wholesale manufacturer sites.(signed up for Taobao but I don't know how to translate the page to English whoops )....anyway Im am on track with my ecommerce business and I wanted to say thank you for all this content. it has given the confidence to continue as scary as this is.
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
edwidge, that's awesome props to you for taking action. as for translating the page if you use google chrome it will typically autoprompt you to translate. also if you do a google search for taobao on the search results there should be a little blue icon or hyperlink that says "translate this page" click that and it will be in english.
Shannah Brown (1 year ago)
This was incredibly helpful! Thanks for sharing!
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey shannah, thanks for watching!
Joana P.B (1 year ago)
Just what i needed... thank you. This video is insightful and helpful
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
hey joana, thanks for watching and thanks for the kind words
CN Pack&Send (1 year ago)
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
Matthew Somerville (1 year ago)
Can you tell me any websites that would label my company on some products
Rules For Rebels (1 year ago)
pretty much every seller on alibaba
SwagSubscriber (2 years ago)
Or speak Chinese with the Chinese guys :D
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
DallinVaughn (2 years ago)
Do you really need to create a social media presence for your brand? Like if I wanted to make a brand selling paracord bracelets and firestarters (from one of your different videos) on ebay, it seems unnessessary to go so far. Thanks for your input.
Bashir Hussein (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for the great info.
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
thanks for watching bashir
Tommy Becker (2 years ago)
You are such a sassy Rebel.
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
lol thanks tommy
Cute Girl (2 years ago)
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TruthSeeker305 (2 years ago)
Extremely helpful!!!Answered ALL my questions!!!
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
hey truth, thanks for watching and thanks for the kind words buddy
Jaric Mego (2 years ago)
Hey I have a question man! I want to make some "OEM" Tshirts with my own brand and graphics on the Tshirts. My question is am I suppose to ship 500 tshirts to my house and fill my house with tshirts until people buy them? Do you know any manufacturers that will hold on to them until they sell? What do you recommend I do?!
Jaric Mego (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for your response! It really is alot to wrap your head around just to start a clothing line! I believe the best method for me will be to find the private label manufacturer and then setup up Amazon FBA to automate from my Shopify. This way I will be able to focus on marketing and my real talent, designing the Apparel.
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
hey jaric, that makes sense yeah print on demand is typically limited to shirts where you m ay want to do scarves or hats or hwatever else. id suggest looking on thomasnet before going to alibaba. prices may be a little higher but you can find local manufactures and not deal with importing and the expensive shipping and long times. as far as long delivery times nothing you can really do about it unless you want to go by air which is probably cost prohibitive. as far as third party services in addition to amazon fba you have shipwire and redstagg just to name a few but there are many others. alibaba doesn't have print on demand as they dont want to deal with a bunch of one off orders they want to sell you 100 items or 500 items. 500 shirts probably won't take up as much space as you think. im thinking two large say 18"x18" boxes maybe i like fb marketing b/c its cheap but i havn't had a ton of success with converting for me its more just cheap traffic and brand awareness
Jaric Mego (2 years ago)
Wow thank you very much for your response! Im not worried about the apparel selling because I have good taste with my targeted market. My case is a bit different because my designs cover more area on the apparel than just the chest area, and all print on demand services I found on the web dont support this, or charge way too much per item. I will surely have to use Alibaba to pull it off. My only worry is that the shipping time will take way to long coming from china. So this leaves me with the following questions: - Is there a 3rd party service in the United States that can hold my inventory and then ship it to the customer in an automated manner? - Does Alibaba have print on demand services and is it worth it if there is no MOQ if I take that route? - Should I just fill my house with 500 tshirts? Thank you very much for your expertise! EDIT: I plan on using Facebook marketing and selling the items on shopify if that effects anything. Cheers!
Rules For Rebels (2 years ago)
hey jaric, in most instances i prefer buying and holding inventory but tshirts is the one area where i would suggest not doing that, at least not at first and here's the reason. if you use a print on demand service your not having to invest any money in inventory. if you buy tshirts what if a specific design doesn't sell. what if 90% of the sales are for larges and now your stuck with a bunch of smalls andmediums? what if you offer a shirt in say 4 colors but only one color sells and now your stuck with the bad colors. by doing print on demand, at least starting out you can better guage what you should order.
Clownsatthecemetery (2 years ago)
So once you figure out your brand name, logo... making sure you can get them on all platforms.... getting your sample product and once you like it.. you sell it with a low order.....if it sells you then go for the private label with baba.... then your devoting time every night or day to marketing your product through your platforms and in return you mail out the orders.....

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