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silicone baby bottle label and sippy cup labels

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Free quote: https://www.jinsheu.com/en/product/Silicone-Sippy-Cup-Labels/6189.html *** Silicone baby bottle labels are made of eco-friendly silicone material, non-toxic and odorless, dishwasher and microwave safe. Our baby bottle label is rewritable, reusable and easy to erase. Write on the labels with dry erase marker, then wait a few minutes for the labels to dry; Erase it easily with tissue or a wet cloth or soap, water, a sponge, so you can write again. Our silicone bottle labels fit almost all bottles, no matter large or small. And the most important thing is not only offering a good solution for labeling your baby's bottles, but also adding grippy texture for baby's learning to hold their own bottles.
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