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Why Is Seaworld Being Silent About This...!?

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Annalisa Giardina (10 hours ago)
I hate sea world! I knew it was bad! I will never ever go there and if I ever do, you do not wanna know what I’ll do to the employees😡😡😡😡😡
Hashmet 385 (11 hours ago)
Because they make Money with them !!!
Shimmy Akhter (14 hours ago)
The Three Musketeers (21 hours ago)
Anyone never been to sea world I’m lonely
Galaxy _animate (23 hours ago)
Lucinda Robinson (23 hours ago)
I’ve never been to sea world and this is why
Funky Cookie Gaming (1 day ago)
If I ever go to sea world I am mentioning this!!😡
Ive been to a sea world that looks exactly like that when i went to future Ventura i felt really bad after going seeing how sad the animals were by how they were acting it absolutely broke my heart knowing that they wont ever be able to go back to where they belong
Pixie Ritchie (1 day ago)
Sea world is not good
jo-ann aloema (1 day ago)
Is it very treu that they let the orca starve when it did not perform well? Can someone say something about this
Gacha Editz (2 days ago)
Me and my mom called the police
LISA BROWN (2 days ago)
Omg stop lying dude and not everything on google and YouTube is not true or real so know one knows that he’s lying 😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾👿
LISA BROWN (2 days ago)
Umm this guy is telling complete bullshit and they don’t even have orcas anymore in SeaWorld and why do I know this because if been to SeaWorld twice in Australia and they have no Ora’s and my uncle works their so their
Panda Angel {Vìølot (2 days ago)
1 like = 1 orca free 10 likes = 1000000 orcas fed 100 likes = 100088266355987624 slaps to manger and workers at sea world
Sarah Cox (2 days ago)
How on earth can a human think it is ok to kill mother orcas in front of their babies,then steal away the baby,while having the mother orcas stomachs cut open to be filled with rocks,anchors tied to their tails so they sink so as to be not found! Utterly heartbreaking,dreadful treatment of the orcas,all orcas in captivity too. Shameful greedy humans!
DinoBryson11 (2 days ago)
I feel like going to SeaWorld, taking the microphone (if there is one), and telling everyone the truth. All you people saying SeaWorld is fine: Nobody would joke about animal abuse. And if there is somebody who jokes about animal torture, I hate them. The person who thought of the Orca show part of SeaWorld, they are stupid and should think twice about the actions they cause on animals. SeaWorld should go to Hell and burn there for the rest of eternity.
WolfGirl_Gacha _Gacha (2 days ago)
Why do they take orcas straight from the ocean, from their families, Yeet 'em inside a cage, and expect them to be happy?
Water Border (2 days ago)
1 like= 1 employee looking at this video and realized what they've done,leave SeaWorld and Sue them.
Water Border (2 days ago)
1 like= 1 Orca saved
Joanne Dugas (2 days ago)
When people take the whales from there habitat it would be like some one taking you from your family it is to right
They're *making* them go *extinct* !
Nature Girl (2 days ago)
Orcas are in pain the owners are stupid
Shame Is complicated (2 days ago)
I really hate sea world and hope they close it, but it’s not just orcas they are hurting physically but mentally too.
Delano Townzend (2 days ago)
I'm gonna slap there fucking butters face
Rich Horn (3 days ago)
As a San Diego resident I can say that sea world is great for the community’s children and families as well as tourists. It’s great for the tourist economy here as a whole including nearby hotels restaurants and retail. Wild orcas are not meant to be in tanks in so cal and my Siberian husky is also not meant to live in a 2 bedroom condo in so cal. Where do people draw the line? As a local kid sea world memories were some of my best. I hope social justice ignorance doesn’t ruin it for the next generation. Or don’t have dogs and be a hypocrite
XxSniperK9xX (3 days ago)
i have a question. Why is your research wrong? Because one said they survive at seaworld for 9 years, while the other said 13. Also jello is not bad for them because it has no added sugars or flavor. They also feed 100 lbs. of fish a day to the orcas. I have proof that they are rescues because on the side are scratches, and seaworld saved them. Dawn had a marine biology degree, and was a trainer for 17 years, but died doing what she loved. Seaworld is known as the aquarium with the #1 care taker for whales (i'm saying to go hate on another aquarium). So before you make a hate video on seaworld, get your facts right. BOOM! link: <img src="https://seaworld.scdn3.secure.raxcdn.com/-/media/seaworld-dotorg/images/infobooks/killer-whales/section-content/behavior/600x300-wild-14-rake-marks.ashx?hash=C455F1589853638BD89B348C20AC96806E8CD852&amp;version=1_201811282604&amp;h=300&amp;w=600&amp;la=en" alt="Image result for seaworld whales scratch."/>
Water Border (2 days ago)
That scratch was taken in SeaWorld,dumb
Water Border (2 days ago)
Are u dumb or are you a kid? It's not jello it's Gelatin!!! It's fattening the whales making them unhealthy and stuff And you say SeaWorld are saving orcas? THEY ARE USING THE ORCAS AS THINGS!!!! F u,dude.
Alif _YT (3 days ago)
Because.....MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$ $ $ $ $$$
tintin arev (3 days ago)
THOSE MONSTERS thats all i can say
Honey Lundy (3 days ago)
We should report them to the police
Luna Castro (3 days ago)
Sea World is cruel! 1 like = 1 prayer for all the orca's kept in captivity.
LPS girlcool Land (3 days ago)
I HATE sea world it’s horrible I hope it shuts down. If it does shut down it would probably be abandoned and youTubers would explore it.
Lina M (4 days ago)
Which is why i hate aquiriums!!!
Lapo mouni (4 days ago)
Every zoo is horrible ... why you have to cage animals so you have to see them and have fun with them?
BK Unnie (4 days ago)
They should shut down seaworld. Would have they not learn by all the attacks on humans.
Poor animals 😢☹️
le.aving (4 days ago)
Senior Famz (4 days ago)
I can't bear to see that bent dorsal fin. We see these proud mammels in the wild regularly here in NZ. Have never seen a bent dorsal in any of those pods
Destiny Gonzales (5 days ago)
They should not be in thir i think they only fedd them wen they have a show
jack seddon (5 days ago)
take all the trainers and treat them how they treat the whales, lets see if they like it. Then the trainers moan when they get hurt, simple, set them free... DONT MOAN IF YOU PLAY WITH FIRE AND GET BURNT.... SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN, ITS JUST A PRISON FOR AMAZING CREATURES
T V (5 days ago)
do you work at sea world?
Aaden Diaz (5 days ago)
Peta Would be proud *Angry mob comes up* That they are promoting animal abuse *Angry mob turns happy*
Pokfah Nuwong (5 days ago)
Why are humans even like this?! Just because their animals? Well guess what THEY DON'T DESERVE THIS!
dailytofu (5 days ago)
What b*tches GET THE MIDDLE FINGER *Fuck you*
Valentino’s Life (5 days ago)
Someone needs to go under cover and become a trainer and see if this is true I’m not saying I think this is fake but someone needs to catch this on camera like if you agree
Gouldian Junction (6 days ago)
No animal shuld be like this he is trapet cant they se
Aden Kirby (6 days ago)
Everybody prepare to back me up in court I'm sueing them
Fayzaan Dawood (6 days ago)
Like there priority what if they are forced to do to it
Fayzaan Dawood (6 days ago)
I hate sea world
Fatima Patel (6 days ago)
This is seaworld Everyone thinks it's loved 1 like=one notification it's horrific
Natalia Kocieł (7 days ago)
Y’all people need to chill out a bit. As much as I agree that orcas shouldn’t have EVER been put in SW or any other marine park for human entertainment, it happened and there’s no turning back. Releasing these whales to the wild is the dumbest and worst thing you could do. Most of them were born in captivity and the ones that weren’t spent decades in SW or are disabled in some way (e.g. Corky, who’s blind). Also, there’s a lot of bullshit said in this video. When they talk about Tillikum*’s death, they say that he was diagnosed with bacterial lung infection and yet lived in captivity for the next year. And what were you expecting? That they would release him to the wild? When are you going to get that freeing all these captive orcas = their death? When they talk about artificial insemination, they say that females are inseminated at a very young age and often crossed with their relatives. While I agree on the first point, the second one is complete bullshit. There are two cases in which a captive female got pregnant with her relative and gave birth to a healthy calf. One is Wikie, whose second calf Keijo is son of Wikie’s half brother Valentin* (Antibes Marineland), the other is Katina’s daughter Nalani, whose father, Taku*, is Katina’s son (SW Orlando). In both cases the calves were conceived naturally. Therefore, inseminating Katina with her relative’s semen mentioned later in the video is another pile of shit. I could go on, because there are several other little mistakes, but they aren’t that important, I hope you get what I meant. I’m not a raging pro-cap, I just verify my knowledge. Please don’t be a dumbass, „fReE tHE wHaLEs” eco warrior.
DarkenedPlayZ (7 days ago)
1 like = one person who works at sea world dies
Errabelle Mei Olivan (7 days ago)
Boycott seaworld!!!😡😢😭😠They are making me angry😡
Animal Lover 789 (7 days ago)
I love killer whales LET THEM BE FREE AND LIVE HAPPILY did u know tilikum got put in a tiny cage that he couldn’t move one inch as I got told just for killing someone and they wonder why they kill them
Marissa Smith (8 days ago)
I just went on a field trip to SeaWorld and one of the Wales fins were collapsed
Dorito Adventures (8 days ago)
This is Tom 🤴 he lost his family in a house 🏡 fire he is homeless and needs food 1 like gives him food water and money for a new home
Tye Wilson (8 days ago)
This has already been posted
Blue Foxx (8 days ago)
Whoever started this, tell them that I’m coming. ;)
Chloe Christmas (8 days ago)
I hate it!. They have life. I'm so mad about they don't feed the dameg fins. If I work there I'll put them back in the ocean I'm not having theses animals get punish of this. One like= save the killer wales from torcher. Save the poor wales.
Imma Kawaii Potato (8 days ago)
Dislikes are from sea world workers. One like to free 1 oraca
Bernice Tuisuga (8 days ago)
This is sad😭💗
Abzi Zab (8 days ago)
There have actually been no acts of aggression of killer whales to humans in the wild. It’s only in captivity that they become aggressive.
Blue Will (8 days ago)
Sea world is awesome!
Julia Fernández (9 days ago)
Mattie 334 (9 days ago)
Any one else watching this want to re-enact the film free willy
Galaxia Meepiee (9 days ago)
Kayleigh Moseley (9 days ago)
Seriously,if a 7 tun whale didn’t want to do something then I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t jeez
Hermione Jean Granger (9 days ago)
It is false....i’ve been there and it would be already closed.....soo don’t tell false to people cuz you wanna attention....and where did you got that informations....hmmmm are you working there or what?
Niki Playz (9 days ago)
I feel so bad cause I saw a trainer crying and I could hear them saying sorry and then she dtarted running and she got the microphone and said im quiting
Niki Playz (9 days ago)
GtheMVP (10 days ago)
Any trainer who works at these places, and knowingly ignores the trauma placed onto these whales, deserves to be maimed or dragged to their deaths. I hate that I can even think that way, but fuck em. It's like bull fighters, or anyone involved in that savagery. The way those pussies on horses come in and shove swords into Bulls, slowly torturing/killing them, brings out the savage in me. I saw one of these things live in Mexico. Before walking out in disbelief/disgust, I wanted to see the bull kill the participants. I'll never forget that feeling This park needs to be shut down.
Crunchy Jamaa (10 days ago)
who hates seaworld now? I do!!
SOLYR_ BallBoy6464 (10 days ago)
Nigga u have 10 and 1 ad every 2 min
SOLYR_ BallBoy6464 (10 days ago)
Leslie Joseph (10 days ago)
If he Lies To me I will Yell at The Face of the Owner and Slap The Face and Throwing The even If I’m a Kid I don’t care That’s Animal Abuse So I’ll call the Police If They Kept Abusing animals
firescorpian 669 (10 days ago)
I feel so bad for these orcas 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😥😥😥😥😥😥😓
safigames 794 (10 days ago)
The Revolution Against Sea world
Crazycat Lady (10 days ago)
Seaworld = Animal Cruelty at its finest.
Lit- -RobloxPlayer (10 days ago)
Ive been to seaworld byt in the philippines
Gabriel Kristensen (11 days ago)
Fuck seaworld all of them
Kel Kel (11 days ago)
Does that mean that the orca from Save Willy was unhealthy??
Lfc gamer Lfcclarky (11 days ago)
Nice to sea people telling the truth
Mickey Wall (11 days ago)
Hit the like button if you are not GAY
Lee-anne Tobias (11 days ago)
These animals are going to become instinct
Heavenly Studham (12 days ago)
Honestly this is so sickening like this is horrible I really hope seaworld gets shout down
Jessica Maher (12 days ago)
Deeply upsetting. Tilikum was kept in a tank that was 20 by 30 metres. In the dark with two other females for hours at a time. Just to imagine...The largest whale in captivity! Its an abomination. Horrendous. Seaworld needs to go.
Finley Clyburn (12 days ago)
Debbie downer
Sebbiestar13 Yt (12 days ago)
lazy gamer (12 days ago)
If i was an orca in captivity id litteraly just eat all the trainers and workers
Elliot Simpson (12 days ago)
I’ve swam with dolphins before, you swim with them where they live/ stay other than shows, there was one big covered thank that about 5 were in which was enormous, then another one where I swam with them and wasn’t very big or deep, that was a zoo marine
WTF (13 days ago)
$$$ I dont know how its legal to cover up so much shit and be legit.. but we know humans are just shit.. there should be a park of captive humans!! maybe it could be nice to let your kids know how much shit ppl really are instead of feeding bullshits.. PS if you are planning on ending your life before doing it just pass by these guys with an m60 and myb some c4..
Ruijia Sun (13 days ago)
He said that dolphins got “bullied” by the Orca’s but the killer whale is a type of dolphin
Epic gaming (13 days ago)
If I go to sea world and watch the dophfins I will shout get them back to the wild you ruse mean person
Lozo More (13 days ago)
And uh can they ban sea world and also ban the owner and fire all the employees and trainers. Also ban the owner from doing this agian. Also protect the animals they are glory cretures and evryone loves animals.
Lozo More (13 days ago)
Can they pls shut down sea world........Because Uh. ....it doesn't deserve to be existed now
Herozar The headhunter (13 days ago)
It does mean that they don’t suffer as long
charlie x (10 days ago)
They don't deserve to suffer fullstop
Keaton Prewitt (14 days ago)
Who else thought the white part are there eyes (Not the bottom of the animal)
Norm s (14 days ago)
Why the f do people allow this?
itzakasprinklez (14 days ago)
He says the orcas live to 70 years and the females maybe 100 and then later on says they live to about 30??
a. n. (14 days ago)
70 and 100 year lifespans are in the wild. 30 year lifespans are in captivity.
Emma Whalley (14 days ago)
They have been born in captivity so they don't know what it is like to Be in the wild and most likely will not survive. Because of this it is best to leave the breed orcas in captivity.
a. n. (14 days ago)
This isn't a different breed of orca. They could easily be reintroduced to the wild if they were rehabilitated, and released carefully.
Lukas Schneider (14 days ago)
Why is Seaworld silent about this? Maybe because it's utter bullshit. "They are not meant to be held in tanks" Actually, these are. I agree that whales in general should be not held in captivity, but all of the remaining orcas are born in captivity. They never learned how to hunt in the wild and would not be able to survive - Keiko was a grim reminder of that fact. Also, Sea World already declared years ago, that the current orcas will be the last and they will not get new ones. They even went that far to wanting to extend the tanks in all three parks (Project "Blue Ocean") as the animals cannot be released, but should have a better and much bigger tank. This was actually prevented by groups like PETA - they apparently want to see the whales rather starve in the wild than having a halfway pleasant life in captivity. "Orcas are being starved by their trainers, if they don't perform well" Is there any proof of that? Because that does not even make sense. If they would actually not give them food after the show is finished, no whale would be able to connect that punishment with their "bad" behavior. One of the conditions of classical condition is to reward or punish the subject immediately after the desired or despised action. If they actually did it hours later, there would be no effect at all. If they did not give them food DURING the show however, this would actually be just classical conditioning like when you train a dog. "Life expectancy dramatically declines when held in captivity" While this is true, it's not quite as dramatic as you and many groups lead us to believe: The medium life expectancy for orcas in the wild is around 50 years for females and just 30 years for males, with some examples of females reaching 80 and beyond (one was said to be 105) and males reaching 60. Since these are rare even in the wild, of course no captive orcas reach that age. They do get close to that though: Just last year, a female orca died at Sea World Orlando at a normal age of 41. There are currently several whales over 30 years old and Lolita, an orca in the Miami Seaquarium, is even estimated to be born in 1964, making her 55 years old. All this is not as far away from the wild as you think it is, where by the way almost HALF of all calves die in the first 6 months - this child mortality is almost completely eradicated in captivity. "Collapsed dorsal fin means the whale is unhealthy" Science actuall delivers no proof of that. Marine biologists actually believe that the dorsal fin collapses due to a mixture of genetics (which is the same for human breasts and muscles) and lack of exercise. While the latter sounds bad, it really isn't: Almost the only things orcas do in the wild is hunt and mate. Since they don't have to hunt in captivity, some muscles and tissue is not used as much and shrinks. Again, this is the same for humans when they don't exercise. Orcas in the wild have to swim over a 100 miles a day in the hunt for food, which they just don't have to in captivity. "Sea World masks sunburns with Zincoxide" Uhm, Zincoxide is actually a popular ingredient of sunscreens for humans. They don't apply it to mask sunburns, they apply it to prevent them. "The tanks are to small and orcas can't move as much in the wild" As said above: Yes the tanks are too small and Sea World is aware of that. Which is why they don't get more orcas and wanted to expand the tanks, which - again - was stopped by PETA and the propaganda movie "Blackfish" (propaganda because immediately after release all but one of the interviewed trainers said they were lied to about how their statements would be used and that many, rather positive statements had been cut out). Also, they don't move as much because they don't have to. "Orcas in the wild are not violent by nature" Now this is some real nonsense: They are really brutal. Why do you think they are called "killer whales"? Their intelligence is a contributing factor to that: They even play with their prey, fully knowing that it is still alive. This is a behavior you can observe in several animals, all very intelligent: whales, dolphins, cats and - of course - humans. They are way more violent than sharks, who almost only hunt when they are hungry. "Trainers have no background in marine biology" You even bring in Dawn Brancheau there. She studied Biology and Psychology and had worked with animals for almost 20 years before her death. Many others have similar backgrounds. By denying that, you fail to acknowledge their career and expertise and also their friendship and relation to the animals. "Sea World San Diego cited by OSHA" You give zero context there. Is four times much? Is it common? How often are other parks cited, like Disney? You actually make some valid points, i.e. about the breeding program and discrimination towards hispanics, but also tell some blatant lies. I have generally very mixed feelings about all that: I don't support Orcas being held captive, but I also don't think people should condemn Sea World for having them. They were introduced under completely different ownership (even before Anheuser-Busch came in) and at least there looking after them, one way or another. In some Eastern European countries, many zoos have tigers, who are sedated for the amusement of people. If they have too many, they behave bad or the zoo simply gets into financial trouble, they are shot - just like that. THAT would be the alternative. Considering that, I am actually happy they are in the tanks and as much in the public eye as they are now. Also, I think people should really not forget the several thousand animals Sea World rescued, nurtured and released back into the wild. They are doing really good work on the non-corporate side in terms of conservation and rehabilitation. If they can't do that anymore, who will?
Cupcake Girl (14 days ago)
And they should have freedom of I become the president I'm gonna shut these down

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