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Tyler and I had such a blast adventuring around Waco and snapping some really cool photos. We also were lucky enough to stay in one of the Fixer Upper houses AND we got to tour another one as well! If you're not a part of our subscriber fam - then HIT that subscribe button! Watch our Magnolia Market Vlog here: http://bit.ly/2AqlnBu Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharrahstevens | snapchat: sharrahrobeson || Our Tree AND ENTIRE HOME is shopppable for Christmas this year! Check out the blog here to find all the things we used! http://bit.ly/2AHPoRo || SHOP OUR MANTEL || Garland: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunqze3pye Twinkle lights: http://bit.ly/2zYsXq4 Branches: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunrdb3pye Stockings: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunq2z3pye Birchwood candles: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunria3pye Frame: http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunsc63pye Basket:http://rstyle.me/cz-n/cunr863pye || SHOP OUR TREE || Flat-backed 1/2 Christmas tree: http://bit.ly/2zWpuIz Fading twinkle lights: http://bit.ly/2zYsXq4 Cozy knit garland: http://bit.ly/2zYyUTQ Manger ornament: http://bit.ly/2zY4RM6 Wool Moose ornament: http://bit.ly/2zVDWkd White faux sheepskin tree skirt: http://bit.ly/2zYZMmU Green plaid tree skirt: http://bit.ly/2An8BaL Framed photo ornament: http://bit.ly/2AmhxNs Make sure you subscribe to my channel for new DIY decor and organizational videos every week http://bit.ly/1PugoDw __________________________________________ || Making the Most of Our Small Space! || Small Living Room: http://bit.ly/2kvlEyq Small Storage: http://bit.ly/2kv11TD Small Bedroom: http://bit.ly/2o96wo9 Small Bathroom: http://bit.ly/2mpPXn4 Small Office/Desk: http://bit.ly/2oAuBYX Small Kitchen: http://bit.ly/2qUqIyV Small Coat Closet: http://bit.ly/2oQooFI Making the Most of Our Small Space is going to be such a fun and REAL series of how I'm managing the 'smallness' of our little Los Angeles cottage with the whole-lotta-ness of stuff from both Tyler and I combine (ok, so mainly just me lol). Our budgets are small but our dreams are big, so follow along and get inspired on how to make the most of your space and make it beautiful no matter what your budget! __________________________________________ ||More About Sharrah|| Sharrah is a DIY home decor and style expert. Taking after her mother, interior designer extraordinaire Rebecca Robeson from Robeson Design, Sharrah creates new videos every week on ways to improve your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or studio space on a budget! As a fashion blogger and as the daughter of an interior designer, Sharrah is passionate about creating beauty and style in daily outfits and in all environments. After just getting married in 2016, Sharrah and her husband Tyler and their adorable puppy labradoodle Scout are kicking off the year with fun, fresh videos about their new life in their SMALL apartment in LA! __________________________________________ PS, if you missed any episodes or want to binge watch the whole wedding series all over again, watch it from start to finish here: http://bit.ly/2hpWLyv __________________________________________ Videography by Tyler Stevens and editing by Sharrah Stevens Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (116)
Patrise Arts (1 month ago)
I love the paint colors and how well they go with the rustic wood surfaces. Especially warm living space and cool sleeping spaces
Christine Boyd (1 month ago)
I noticed in master bedroom Joanna placed a beautiful painted canvas above the bed!!! It’s exactly what I will do!! Perfect just perfect.
Judy Berends (4 months ago)
I remember this house .
C G (4 months ago)
Teresa on Chris' page: LOVE IT! My Robeson Designers meet Fixer Upper! And so nice to hear sincere compliments to a "competitor." Now if you could just add in Love it or List it Vancouver, you'd have my top 3 e-designers all together!
Anilise Dalton (4 months ago)
I seen this before don't need to see this house again.
McKenna Ebersole (4 months ago)
My new favorite video on the internet. You + Waco/Joanna = heaven on earth 😭
rolanddes (4 months ago)
House is good but she is fake af that it hurts my ears.
DBSK_Cassie (7 months ago)
The tour was fun and the house looks great, but isn't this more of a tour than a hacks video?
Wendy Bee (7 months ago)
It frustrates me that the people don't live there?! Goes to show that it is a lot of smoke and mirrors. I know the people who bought the old barn and the Gaines restored it was not kept either. hmm
Ma Idonthaveone (8 months ago)
Just annoying
Anita Stahl (8 months ago)
I gotta tell ya Sharra, I was trying not to subscribe but I just fell in love with your style and your personality. I wish I could hire you to help me with my sad LA apartment that I rent. You're fantastic.
Colorcatcher Fast (8 months ago)
thankyou Sharrah for this tour! soooo fun,... you are the sweetest personality!
Noel Medrano (9 months ago)
GOALS GOALS GOALS !!!! Love this video it’s everything I LOVE!!!!!!
Cie Oflove (9 months ago)
Can you do a coastal home next? Love your videos
bianca s. (9 months ago)
Your videos are very inspiring! Thanks and hugs from Romania :)
Jennifer Morgan (9 months ago)
Love Fixer Upper & Chip and Joanna Gaines! I saw this episode! Thanks for sharing!
itsmeamanda01 (9 months ago)
what style is this house??? This is EXACTLY the look i want in my home.. is it like farmhouse with some traditional?? or just farmhouse???
Lyndsay Lyon (9 months ago)
Love this! So happy you visited Texas. Come to Austin on your next getaway with your hubby and I'd be happy to give y'all a tour and a free anniversary sunset photo session! Especially good for if you're changing out prints around your home! IG: Lyndsay_Photography
Donna Torres (9 months ago)
Everything! 💜
Randi Bennett (9 months ago)
Very pretty! Loved the master bedroom. Do you remember what brand and color of paint on the walls in that bedroom? Also loved the bathroom. Beautiful!
minky825 (9 months ago)
I love the wood panel ceiling in the master bedroom! 😊
Gina Diefenbach (9 months ago)
The coffee kids are gone ? The house is completely adorable 🤗💕 my fave has to be the kitchen 🤗
Danelle Dible (9 months ago)
Where did you get your shirt? It is adorable!!! 😍
That's Byers (9 months ago)
Neat to see more details from the house. It's a nice follow up.
SA G (9 months ago)
KRUPA NAIK (9 months ago)
Love the table made out of a old door.
Donna Doble-Brown (9 months ago)
Sharrah this was great! I so want to go there . . . . Missed your partner in crime in this . . . He’s so cute! Love you guys💗
Caroline LaBarge (9 months ago)
Wonderful ideas! I also love the desk :) What a great way to repurpose, what may be, a piece from a childhood home. Thanks!
Andrea Worley (9 months ago)
I’ve been to Magnolia Market, it’s such a fun place! Makes me sad the owners aren’t living in their space they did for the show. However I read this is a trend of many who were on the show not being able to actually afford the property after it was renovated.
Anna Vee (10 months ago)
Emma Roberts. I bet you get that a lot 😉
Alicia Una Ryan (10 months ago)
Love the shelving in the kitchen. The bathroom looks amazing. Greetings from South Africa
euniceliu96 (10 months ago)
I literally laughed when you say Taylor says the legs looks like chicken legs😂
ScrapnAllie (10 months ago)
Love the color in the guest bedroom I don’t happen to know the color TFS
Anna Gray (10 months ago)
Yes, kitchen cabinets cost money, but my time and health are more valuable than they and are better spent on something more exciting than endless open shelves dusting. I am sure that many other people feel that way, too. Life is too short to spend it on cleaning.
Jay Rogers (10 months ago)
I am not a fan of th e country/rustic look. Wood in the walls make my skin crawl.
Susan Hernandez (10 months ago)
I felt like you copying your mom. Just my opinion
Tamara W (10 months ago)
Your outfit and hair is gorgeous!
Debra Lynn (10 months ago)
So incredible to see the entire house. That's hands down my absolute favorite house they ever fixed up on the show. The fireplace just makes the entire space look so unique. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Diamond In a rough (10 months ago)
Loved the whole set up.I especially liked the wood on the ceiling in the bedroom....Job well done
Jasmine Fay (10 months ago)
They did an insane job omgggggggg drooooling... being from connecticut surrounded by amazing old builds I love to see a renovation holding onto classic and original bones and detail but also playing with the clean lines of the molding and using metal accents, all types of wood,mbrick and tile... industrial mixed with farm house and gothic vibes ohh I 😍 I loved it thank you for sharing
Arquitek 101 (10 months ago)
Nice video, I really like it all the rooms, but I love the door desk with glass, it's a great idea.
Maureen Capobianco (10 months ago)
Loved your tour. The house decor is a little too rustic for me but there were lots of cute ideas as well. 😊
Tru_ Passion (10 months ago)
Very nice
Toni Backus (10 months ago)
That was a bedspring. I'm old enough to actually have slept on metal bedsprings with the thin mattress and it made a noise everytime you moved.😂
Pride In Photos BEAUTY (10 months ago)
You did a fabulous job presenting this House 🏠!! Enjoyed it immensely. Blessings Laurie
2010pallen (10 months ago)
Beautiful home. I love that they mixed the old with the new (Wood & more model touches). It reminds me of the home I grew up in.  God bless, Peggy
Miss Katz Life (10 months ago)
love it thanks for full tour
Danson for Joy (10 months ago)
It was so fun seeing all these details! Thank you for the tour! :)
SG WOODWARD (10 months ago)
Where's the couple who bought the house?
Sophie Leonie Christensen (10 months ago)
Loved it!
Donna (10 months ago)
Hi Sharrah!! I love the fireplace, the molding on top, the wood on the walls, and the kitchen :D.
Liane Peterson Campbell (10 months ago)
Awesome tour and thanks so much for pointing out the details for us 👍👍😊
Reva Garrett (10 months ago)
Love the free standing fireplace. That was genius idea Chip! Love this sweet house. Although , I like looking at all the houses they have transformed, its kinda sad they can’t live in them and enjoy them.
niky_nightmare (10 months ago)
Thanks for showing us the house, I want to make curtains like the ones shown here. I have two big windows that I haven't done anything with since curtains cost a lot.
Toni Backus (10 months ago)
niky_nightmare go to Ikea and get drop cloths or unhemmed burlap.
fredrik bergquist (10 months ago)
The most attractive part of this vid is your wonderful and beautiful personality that would make any house look pretty!
7SEVENDAYS (10 months ago)
My favourite room is the kitchen..woooow! And how cool is that fireplace standing in the centre!!! Everything is so antique but modern...I loved every room except for the last one...super nice but a little bit out of the style of the house
G. Stark (10 months ago)
In the bathroom, there was a hanging rack that held shampoos and other items. What was it made out of? I would have liked to see what it looked like.
Shelbi Snell (10 months ago)
G. Stark Looked like a piece of wood with metal baskets attached to it. You could easily diy it!
Stephanie Billowitch (10 months ago)
This was actually one of my favorite Fixer Uppers from the show! I'm obsessed with the free standing fireplace and how they used all the wood with modern greys and blues. Thank you so much for sharing even more detail about it and giving the tips you've learned! One of my fav videos!
GeorgieGirl1012 (10 months ago)
Does the owner rent this out now? It looks untouched like from the original episode. Is this used as a sample home?
Stevi Connors (10 months ago)
GeorgieGirl1012 I heard with this house the owners moved due to people always showing up. So they may just rent it out now.
Sharon McGee (10 months ago)
When showing bathrooms, you should make sure the toilet seat is down.
Blooming Anyway (10 months ago)
Love!!! 😍🙌🏾
Maria Guild (10 months ago)
Cute.I would have hung a green wreath on that brick fire place tho, When you first started filming, I thot that reddish brown wreath was a large burn mark..lol
Melissa Huffman (10 months ago)
I love the cotton on the table! Can you do a tutorial on it?
G. Stark (10 months ago)
You can buy cotton garland from Hobby Lobby and just drape it on the table
Mary Marks (10 months ago)
I loved the whole thing - My favorite(s) are the kitchen and master bedroom. OMG the living room window treatments are awesome. This is what I need to say to my husband. Honey I need to show you this vid can you do this, this and this! TFS.
Elle Groover (10 months ago)
I can't think of just ONE thing I like most. There's SO many!! Thanks for sharing!! 💕👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕😎
Raren0ise (10 months ago)
I like the shelves in the kitchen, but wouldnt the dishes collect more dust.? no?
Judy Berends (4 months ago)
Agape Love (10 months ago)
+Toni Backus I had open shelves before Harvey flooded my home and they never got dust or grease on them. Plus I only had dishes and cups and glasses I used everyday. I loved it and I will have openness shelves again.
Toni Backus (10 months ago)
I think it doesn't make sense to expose your dishes to dust and grease. You have to wash them all the time so it doesn't look awful on the shelves. Pretty but not functional.
Meanne77 (10 months ago)
That was my first thought. Not having cupboards in a kitchen is stupid IMO with all the dust and grease from cooking, unless you enjoy cleaning every plates, pots, etc. everyday! (But it does look beautiful. For a short stay. Unpractical to live with it.)
Jan Courtney (10 months ago)
Looks beautiful. Yes it is an old single bed base. ❤️
Georgina Russell (10 months ago)
Not to my taste but there are some interesting ideas here.
Lashlove16 (10 months ago)
You are sooo cute !! You need you own TV show as you are a natural
Frankie Amelia (10 months ago)
the house is beautiful, love the door as a desk idea and the sliding barn doors for a wardrobe!
Dee F (10 months ago)
I love the ceiling in the master bedroom!! 💕
Connie Borg (10 months ago)
janice chambers (10 months ago)
Beautiful decor thanks for sharing Sharjah and a very happy healthy and prosperous new year to you and your family xx❤️🌹🍀💐🎊🥂
Kaitlyn Hendison (10 months ago)
This was such an awesome video! 💕
evelause lundi (10 months ago)
nice ideas i love the shelve in the kitchen
Christian R (10 months ago)
Your mom would have done a much better job designing that house 😜
Leslie Carleton (10 months ago)
This is the second house on the show being rented out and not lived in. Do any of these people actually live in these homes?
McKenna Ebersole (4 months ago)
Leslie Carleton way more than the second one!!! Most of them are rented out! Which is so sad. Chip and Joanna put their heart and soul into decorating their clients “forever home” just for them to rent it out.
riahbabbi (10 months ago)
Obsessed with the desk!
Reflexology52 Welsh (10 months ago)
We have a beautiful 137 year old brick house that use to be a stage coach stop, it has so much character, but I don’t know where to start, if you want to come to Wisconsin and tackle designing/decorating it, I know it would be an amazing series for your channel.....plus, I’ll feed you all the cheese you could ever possibly want!
Laura E (10 months ago)
I love the fireplace in the middle
diana hebert (10 months ago)
Loved it .
bflyrenee (10 months ago)
Super cute!
LeLady (10 months ago)
Today on my drive home from work, I literally said to myself that I haven't seen any uploads from you recently...and voila...here we are. Love watching your videos. So much character and your tips are awsome. I've used and implemented a few of your style tips in my rental.
Herlinda Nolasco (10 months ago)
Loved it all💗💗💗
Beth Peedin (10 months ago)
Loved the claw foot tub. Reminds me of my grandparents house!!!
Christina Marie (10 months ago)
Absolutely love your videos! 💗😊 definitely not very handy when it comes to decor and diy work on homes, but I’m learning so much from your videos! Keep up the lovely work! Xo
RC CGC (10 months ago)
So the couple that purchased the house rent it out ?
Judy Spencer (9 months ago)
I would like a better look at the little shelf thingie by the tub looks interesting. I was wondering what it was really for.
Suni916 (9 months ago)
Most of the houses on Fixer Upper are now on Airbnb.
Traci Gibson (10 months ago)
The house is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.
mzjackofalltrades21 (10 months ago)
Kay c that’s actually really sad 😞 but I guess it’s nice to have an income property with a really cool story to tell!
Kay c (10 months ago)
RC CGC I read on a previous video that the couple moved out due to fans visiting the shows houses often. Kind of sad but understandable! Now the new owner rents it out for visitors to enjoy.
Elizabeth Weir (10 months ago)
Hi Shara! Welcome to Texas, you and your mother should visit Canton, or Roundtop sometime. They have AMAZING DIY's and it's a really fun shopping experience. Can't wait to visit Magnolia House!
irma (10 months ago)
I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
Ellie Donoghue (10 months ago)
The tiles, the tub, the desk, the old windows 😍😍😍, so much to love here. Awesome video. More like this 😀
Bettylou (10 months ago)
If they had made a hole in the glass where the doorknob was you would have a place for the hated but necessary cords to fit through.
Yasmin Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Early squad! 💜 love the video & fixer upper is a fav!!!
zomi22bs (10 months ago)
I love that the whole house look cohesive. my house looks like a mixup mess
tiarra swsher (10 months ago)
How did they hang the curtain? Is the with the clip hooks?
Sandy G 323 (10 months ago)
tiarra swsher that sounds likely and a good reason to hide the tops of the curtains with a valance
Hannah Pinches (10 months ago)
Love getting to see all the rooms!
AJ Dizzy (10 months ago)
That door desk is gorgeoussssss! :)
Liliana Trevino (10 months ago)
I miss my home of Waco Texas. Best years of my life..
Addison Gattis (10 months ago)
Love it
The Jabber Crew (10 months ago)
Thank you for all the great tips =)
Maria Casella (10 months ago)
And we love you!!!!!thank you for all the tips love these and all your content..crazy how the old windows and wallpaper is back I remember in the 80's I tore down wallpaper lol and now I love it again..the door desk was RAD

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