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15 Fun Vinyl record storage ideas

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More Detail about our 15 Vinyl records storage ideas ------------------ Info: Press CC button to turn on or off subtitles ------------------- 1.►0:38|Ikea Kallax series http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/27534/ https://www.instagram.com/p/3hj3mNLzWy/ 2.►0:49|A stained plywood bookcase DIY http://www.ikeahackers.net/2013/10/ex-ikea-upright-bookcases-now-mid-century-modern-sideboards.html 3.►1:00|Store them in drawers. https://www.instagram.com/p/eqfMfIqDjg/ 4.►1:21|Alphabetical or category dividers. http://shop.katekoeppel.com/collections/vinyl-organization-products 5.►1:53|Flower box or small box storage https://www.instagram.com/p/1Ii78lxM3C/ 6.►1:58|Stray cabinet drawer http://www.impatientlycrafty.com/2013/07/09/diy-lp-record-storage-box-on-wheels/ 7.►2:21|Maximize your space by turning vinyl shelves into benches. https://www.instagram.com/p/mTOwQAJ76s/ 8.►2:26|Ikea’s PS Storage Module also fits records http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70268397/#/50268398 9.►2:42|“Wire vinyl storage” https://www.etsy.com/listing/232399447/black-wire-side-table-with-recordvinyl? 10.►3:10|A series of shelves. https://www.instagram.com/p/2007Avn-P6/ 11.►3:16|A nice way to present records https://www.instagram.com/p/tPqm7dKlFE/ 12.►3:29|Basic blocks for vinyl record https://www.etsy.com/listing/233838320/stackable-vinyl-record-storage-and? 13.►3:55|Ikea’s Molder stool also fits records http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70241459/#/70241459 14.►4:09|Funky vintage record boxes https://www.etsy.com/listing/216715732/vintage-1960s-record-storage-box-45 15.►4:20|Spruce up a shelf.. https://www.instagram.com/p/2mPD3LyCp6/ --------- More decor ideas: simphome.com Music by Kevin Macleod Otis McDonald Youtube Music library
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Text Comments (146)
David Jennings (9 days ago)
Can am lp storage cabinet, thee only way to store vinyl. Check it out.
Susan Murtha (1 month ago)
You should not have your records stacked on top of each other like they show here in the drawers.
Marceline Heartfield (1 month ago)
Milk crates are plentiful and stack well. And don't look shabby
MrMoon_ (1 month ago)
Sad to say most of the items you recommend for record storage will hold up to the weight of Records. However, if you have a small collection or intend too spread out your records these ideas might work
Like Kane (4 months ago)
The day that I can get my own CNC milling machine and some wood from home depot. F*ck the manufacturers with their over inflated, greedy price points. Do they think we're stupid? $450 wtf?
Ruby Sandoval (4 months ago)
Love your ideas!! What would you recommend for someone who has a collection of over 500 vinyl records?
2018 Connor Purcell (4 months ago)
Don’t stack your records it will warp and don’t put them in drawers your still stacking your records and again it will cause warps however you could make a record wall just put your vinyl in a shelf vertically not horazantal
Jeroen Kats (6 months ago)
Tip! Don't use white font on a white background.
tawilk (6 months ago)
how'd you get a 1 by 5 compartment kallax? I've only seen 1 by 4.
tawilk (6 months ago)
at 0:50
I think the 1x5 is in 0:41
ckom0007 (7 months ago)
How do you store 5000-6000 LPs, approximately 7000 CD’’ and anywhere from 1550 to 2000 DVDs and Blue Ray disks? (Not including odd sized box sets and miscellaneous music related contraptions. I have dedicated an entire room for storage of these artifacts but I can’t seem to find the right idea for storing them. I have yet to see s cabinet or set of cabinets that would do the job. Any ideas?
chip Sarver (7 months ago)
great idea-will use it -thanks
Christian Frühauf (7 months ago)
Women talkin ‘bout music and vinyl.... I have 2500 pieces.... your post is ridiculous? Please talk ‘bout cooking, or hair cut, or maquillage, or about killing rats in the infested part of your town or how to change a truck ‘s wheel... if you are a feminist... oh, good lord!
Lee Nye The Retro Guy (5 months ago)
Dude please kindly go to hell
Sydney Drums (8 months ago)
On many albums songs were put into an order, a journey .. when i listen to a cd or complete album online i can hear where side one ends and side two begins the album theme again.. this seems to be lost on a lot of people, regardless of age, Check it out
Pam Harnage (8 months ago)
Epicytper (4 months ago)
YOU DON'T HAVE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS FOR PEOPLE TO GET PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO CONVEY! But I've had my records for years stored in crates yet my records are as fresh as new, you just need to take care of them and clean them once and awhile.
The Sun Will Rise Again (8 months ago)
Why does she pronounce IKEA AIKIYA?
Ella Clifford (9 months ago)
mine r in a blue milk crate. theyre happy
Kronaz邪児 (9 months ago)
All the alphabet tabs at the exact same level? Someone's clearly never used a tabbed filing system before.
Savoir Faire (9 months ago)
I think you should consider changing your intro music to something less abrasive. How about you start every video by running your finger nails down a chalkboard or maybe the sound of two alley cats having sex.
MerryAce (9 months ago)
Why was this whole video vintage themed? You can have a modern setup
Wheel 2000 (10 months ago)
I love the intro, especially with the radio sounds.
Riley Coxon (10 months ago)
You like the crackle and fuzz? The hell
adrian mixit (11 months ago)
Milk crates. They are free.
Epicytper (4 months ago)
But it was a struggle, atleast for me, to find a Crate that actually properly stored my records
DJAlexUnderBase (1 year ago)
great video
Robbie (1 year ago)
$410 for dividers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wt?
Shane Combs (1 year ago)
2:24 that little dude looking at that Fela lp is the best thing i ever seen
C Burkens (1 year ago)
Crackle and hum? I thought this was annoying at first then heard or say this. Guess what, you're doing it wrong. This is for target shoppers..... Nothing to see here, unless you're buying Taylor Swift on vinyl.
John Ares (8 months ago)
C Burkens my libary
Juan Carlos Mora (1 year ago)
old plastic milk crates
Xplode (1 year ago)
Dis a ikea commercial
Epicytper (4 months ago)
"Grammer" Yeah, bud you need to know how to spell "Grammar" before making a statement like that. Kinda ironic, ay?
Lee Nye The Retro Guy (5 months ago)
Learn grammer
Hey guys! I made a documentary style short film last year about record collectors called "Gathering Grooves"! It was my major work for university last year, it's on my channel!
OOOIOOII (1 year ago)
too bad milk crates are too small to store albums now...
Epicytper (4 months ago)
Yes, I thought I was the only one with that problem.
Selwyn Lee (1 year ago)
I never expected to see a Sadogoat EP in this video wtf
Kate R. (1 year ago)
Is this generation tired yet of the constant criticism and sniping?  Wow, you people bitch and moan about everything, even somebody just trying to give you some ideas for free.
Nelson Williamsen (1 year ago)
this video is screaming basic white girl
Epicytper (4 months ago)
For real, it doesn't help that this chick is so amazed by simple dividers that cause over $100
mrhoffame (1 year ago)
I have a mixture of a number of different shelves, but one piece of advice I would give to some that maybe have bigger collections or see their collection really growing...if you go with the Kallax series shelves....don't buy the 4x4 or 5x5, etc.  I would buy all 2x2 shelves.   I purchased a 5x5, a 2x4 and 5 2x2s.  What I have discovered is that having the 2x2, since all these are stackable, offers you the benefit of being able to really move your collection and room design around.  At one point you might want one huge vinyl wall and you and can stake them a make it.  Another time you might want more of sofa table effect behind our couch or you might want to use a 2x2 on each side as end tables.  Maybe you want to "L" in a corner of a wall or stack shelves to get higher lining a staircase.   So many different arrangement which means you can change for a change of pace or when you move to that new home or apartment you have flexibility.  If I could do it over again  I would have not bought the 5x5 or the 2x4.  I would have went with like 14 or so 2x2s.  Just something to think about IF you do choose the go the Kallax route with larger collections.
Appreciate for that time and detail idea. thank you for stopping by
Steven Ramos (1 year ago)
Whoa, I have that Nurds album. I bought it for it's album cover. It's nice to look at ;). The music is fun too.
Sebastian Spatafore (1 year ago)
Worst "fun" HIPSTER video & suggestions ever, Vintage crap boxes? wood? are you serious? ok IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS COLLECTOR READ THIS: NEVER NEVER use WOOD boxes for your records, wood add acids to the paper and cause damage over time, avoid vintage crap used bad materials boxes, also prevent use shelf racks even if you use outer sleeves, why? records are exposed in shelfs, the solution? is Acid Free Cardboard boxes! keeping your records in acid free boxes are secure to avoiding exposure UV lights, mold, dust and more; add Silica Gel to each box and keep your records room in 35% to 45% relative humidity, 21 Centigrade / 70 Fahrenheit Temperature. I bet your records can lives 100+ years of that way.
Epicytper (4 months ago)
Yes because my Records need to be covered for 100+ years. Fucking hell.
timmy reed (1 year ago)
Lmao you’re the reason that record collectors get a bad rep
Vinyl Head (1 year ago)
Sebastian Spatafore ....dude really I’ve been collecting and listening to music all my life still have my first album and that’s over 40 years old and never did any of this stupid crap you all talk about the only true thing is yes get them out of the paper sleeves and two yes but them in outer sleeves just take care of your records and they will last a life time lol this guy and a hundred years too funny why don’t you rent them a room Christ it’s vinyl you hipsters really know how to blow everything out of the water clam down and enjoy the music and stop worrying what others have to say
J-san Nunz (1 year ago)
$350 for dividers??? These companies are genius.. really milking all the money they can out of these yuppie hipsters
Ivan Vergara (2 months ago)
I got some black plastic dividers for my LPs...they're about 13"×5" but cost about $20 on Amazon for 30
ワカマンWAKAMAN (6 months ago)
Demon Days is expensive :(
Jaime Weaver (7 months ago)
Triplesix Sama says the one with a gorillaz pfp
tromBONEman77w (1 year ago)
Well that was fun...
Madison More (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention mid-century modern teak and walnut credenzas! These hold a lot of records and aren't ugly like Ikea shelving. I wish I had the room for one in my small room.
my bad
wdharvey1 (1 year ago)
Obviously, you don't have 1500 albums, 1500 45rpms, and 1000 CD's to contend with.
Fin Roe (1 year ago)
2:53 that is one br00tal table
JadenK (1 year ago)
Sefour studio DJ cubes are great for records $40 a pop on Amazon.
Zack Davis (1 year ago)
Certain military ammo cases work nicely for transporting 33s and 45s on the go, if you have a portable turntable (like I do).
Warren Brown (1 year ago)
"A little bit of crackle, fuzz, and hum" You're doing it wrong.
romanus roman (1 year ago)
thanks for the nice ideas.
D twist Rewind (1 year ago)
drawers are a no go unless you have rails made from superman's bones and I wouldn't trust my collections on anything less than 18mm, the IKEA units shown bow like crazy Mmmm fractured chipboard.
joshua ramirez (1 year ago)
Been collecting vinyl albums.. vintage items and random junk before it was cool .. now every hipster loves this shit .. super duper annoying .. over it ..
Lee Nye The Retro Guy (5 months ago)
Nah it's become basic at this point, it's not even hipster now. Still really cool though, it's pretty easy to tell who's a novice and who's a seasoned vet AHEM Crosley Cruiser AHEM
Colin Gillis (1 year ago)
i have a old record stand (the wire one) that i got from an antique shop on an old road for like 10 bucks, i sanded and repainted it so now its like new i actually have another that was also dirt cheap so to save 90 bucks be patient and go to antique shops
Andrew Yee (1 year ago)
What shelves were those?
Gary Ross (1 year ago)
I like the draw on casters for a small collection....thanks
Rene Borroto (1 year ago)
Great ideas! FYI: the Ikea stool is MOLGER, not "molder."
gremmiehodad (1 year ago)
Back in the late 70's early 80's  I had a room where I put 12" cork panels on the entire walls and ceiling! Then I took all the records out of their covers and pin tacked the covers in each corner of the cover butted up against each other! The covers went floor to ceiling and across the ceiling so the entire room when you walked in was all album covers! I even did the back of the door, made a custom 4" foam backed board that fit in the window and took the shutter doors off the closet and did it the top half of the wall in it as well! Then in the closet so they were out of the way, I put all the vinyl records in blank covers organized alphabetically and music genre wise in Peaches Records crates with custom dividers and titles/artists I made and elevated them on storage cabinets with custom fronts just like the Record Store for easy access and play on a killer quad stereo system with tall floor speakers in each corner! Right above the turntable I had a featured frame to place a cover with a lit "Now Playing" sign! It was a blast and easy to swap out the covers on the walls and over the years I even swapped out covers for album posters! I even had it so you could turn out the lights and a funky light show would fill the room so you could sit back in bean bag chairs and escape into the music! Got this idea from our trips to the Laser Light Show Concerts at Bishop Planetarium in Sarasota The room wasn't sound proof, but between the cork and the covers I could really crank it in there! It all took me awhile to do all this, but my friends and anyone who ever came in there all thought it was one of the coolest things they had ever seen! I'd say I had to agree!  P.S.  I had another room with ALL black light posters, love beads, lava lamps, bean bag chairs ...etc. where I could pipe the music from the "Record Store" room into it! This was a pretty popular room too! Damn I miss those rooms! Need to do them again! I still have most of the stuff!
moodyguymick (6 months ago)
Sounds awful.
Malin Maderazo (1 year ago)
gremmiehodad b
Thanks so much for sharing..
Botafonico (1 year ago)
please, name of music into?
András Makai (1 year ago)
The only problem with most of these ideas is basicly no dust protection. 12th idea is what i use but with a glass door, so dust will be no longer be a problem.
mrhoffame (1 year ago)
I would assume that even with the glass dust would still find it's way in with opening, closing, shifting records as you flip, etc.   I would think regardless of any option the best, 100% dust protection option, would be resealable flap sleeves.  It seems those would offer 100% dust protection with any option.  Even just laying on the floor against the wall LOL.
Chloe Millar (1 year ago)
if you keep you record in good condition you dont have any crackel noise
I do the same. I rarely find vinyl records in good condition other than ones at antique stores that tend to over price.
Epicytper (4 months ago)
Sometimes the record just needs some cleaning.
Jimothy Person (1 year ago)
Jamie Millar yeah but I can only afford used vinyl which isn't always in good condition
I need ideas for my 45
chedderz66 (2 years ago)
Crackle, fuzz and hum are not supposed to be a part of playing vinyl.
Amir Moradi (2 years ago)
If you're getting that faint fuzzle and crack" sound that means either your record is dirty or the stylus is dirty/needs to be replaced.It's not the sound you should get from your records
StopMoColorado (5 months ago)
Aaron Manley - The Eagles didn't exist in the Sixties, and people have been cleaning and taking care of their vinyl in order to get the best sound out of it and prolong its life as long as the format has been around. It's not cork sniffing, it's just basic vinyl and turntable care. Failing to properly clean each record (and generally remove the dust from each side before playing) and keep the stylus clean not only degrades the sound, but shortens the life of both the stylus and the records themselves. And, no, not all vinyl is replaceable, some records and pressings are rare and/or valuable. A little bit of care goes a long way. The "disposable-everything" mindset...SMH.
Aaron Manley (7 months ago)
the point is that, for example, the average guy in the 60's who listened to the Eagle's a lot didn't pay any mind to the subtle cackles or pops. Its nostalgic because it was a minor inconvenience to someone who just likes music. You are being quite snobby, and are way too concerned about it. It happens, records are replaceable.
MerryAce (9 months ago)
Not really, if you want to keep your records nice you should probably keep the clean.
Dominik Klemetsrud (10 months ago)
You snob, youre just an audiophile that cares too much.
crosley62 (2 years ago)
This was just an infomercial for Ikea and Etsy.
AceShoot (2 years ago)
1:56 Abysmal Grief!
mrmeaks2010 (2 years ago)
shopping is not an idea.
Black Plastik Records (2 years ago)
fun video, long live vinyl!
Bossemannene (2 years ago)
What kind of draws did you store your records in? IKEA?
Bernt Månsson (1 year ago)
Try the Lekman and insert dem in the Kallax. Right now Ikea have White and Red
all information inside video description
You threw me off right away saying that hearing pops brings a sense of nostalgia. I have over 1,000 records and I try to avoid records that have pops. I even have some from the 50's that sound great without any.
Evan B (2 years ago)
Yes because this is what buying and listening to music on vinyl is all about. Interior decorating!
bmf 456 (1 month ago)
in that case they are not enjoying vinyl, they are just enjoying the trend, thats dishonest and thats not someone who should be making how-to videos on a subject they know nothing of
kkafei (1 year ago)
Maybe we just want to store our vinyls nicely??
Kyle Woolridge Grant (1 year ago)
They're just storage solutions.
get born (2 years ago)
is there a video for that stained plywood ikea hack ?? that looks so cool .
I feel bad answer ur comment.. my best advice is youtube search.. I saw some good ideas and not a slideshow
Daisecg Longoghhhth (2 years ago)
dana dari pada saat itu adalah yang tidak dalam lagi dan tidak ada sebuah
Jose A Avellanet (2 years ago)
Thank you! For your great ideas...
JadenK (2 years ago)
Like #13, Sefour's record storage cubes have more space, so they can hold records with plastic sleeves. And they match matte black Ikea furniture perfectly.
gpuppy1234 (2 years ago)
I hate flipping records over. Idk why people think it's the greatest. That whole "ritual" thing is overrated. I just love the sound and they are cool just because.
Sydney Drums (8 months ago)
On many albums songs were put into an order, a journey .. when i listen to a cd or complete album online i can hear where side one ends and side two begins the album theme again
K E (2 years ago)
yea I agree, but it's nice having just four or five songs per side and the way you choose the track or part by placing the needle directly on the spot to play instead of skipping through or pressing next. I love that
Bob F. (2 years ago)
wonder where she's from .never heard anyone pronunce drawers like that
Elizabeth Mendel (2 years ago)
That's how I say it and I'm from Indiana.
Depression Cherry (2 years ago)
+April Sadowski Thanks a lot :DD
April Sadowski (2 years ago)
Assuming they are upright, aren't tightly packaged, and in low humidity (dry room) away from any kind of heat source. In a cabinet means low exposure to light which is good. High density polyethylene sleeves are the best way to avoid chemical damage (even better than what the records come with).
Depression Cherry (2 years ago)
+April Sadowski Is it good if I storage Vinyls and Cds in a cabinet?
April Sadowski (2 years ago)
RevDogg (2 years ago)
Look around on Amazon for " Foremost 327806 Modular Large Divided Storage System " . These come in a few color options, are easy to assemble, and fairly cheap. I've bought six of them recently for vinyl and have been impressed SO FAR with quality. They can be stacked horizontally, and come with a little bit of hardware to do so. You can get other elements of the Modular System to customize your space as well.
Paul C (2 years ago)
This looks like a good one! thanks..
Crystal SaysSo (2 years ago)
I actually bought frames made for LP albums in their covers and I found those at The Dollar General a couple of years ago. The albums look great as art, and they are sealed, which protects them. Just make sure you hang them securely.
Crystal SaysSo (2 years ago)
That's so awesome. Stunning collection you have there!
Paul C (2 years ago)
The first stones Lp was 12X5 good Lp. I like Let it Bleed. Rumors was the second Fleetwood Mac album with Stevie I prefer do all the stuff with Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac but that is still a good record. Some of the records I had framed were “War” The World Is A Ghetto, Janis Joplin cheap thrills, Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa the original drum battle & a very old blues Lp called please warm my weiner Just to name a few. I rotate them every so often
Crystal SaysSo (2 years ago)
My first one I framed was Fleetwood Mac, "Rumors". One of the earliest (I think the second) LP that I purchased as a kid. Still love it today! First was The Stones, lol.
Paul C (2 years ago)
You GO!!!!
Crystal SaysSo (2 years ago)
OMG not NEARLY as much as yourself! Lol, I have mostly the LOs from my teenage years. The Stones, Ozzy, Prince... eclectic but small. I am envious!!
Robin Edwards (2 years ago)
S'more storage ideas
MIA (2 years ago)
Emily Damoiseaux (2 years ago)
The only option for someone who has A LOT of records was the first idea (ikea kallax) which i already have but don't really like..
Well, they are from Ikea. There isn't much else to be said.

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