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Old Product Labels DINNERTIME 80s 70s -(Weird Paul) Vintage Food Labels Funny Video

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Old Product Labels DINNERTIME 80s 70s -(Weird Paul) Vintage Food Labels Funny Video It's dinnertime! Let's look at some more old product labels! More videos and subscribe to my channel -http://www.youtube.com/user/weirdpaulp Like on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/weirdpaul http://www.weirdpaul.com
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Text Comments (124)
The Wampus (5 days ago)
saw the documentary about you!, u did good! i enjoy your songs lol!!!!!
The Wampus (3 days ago)
+Weird Paul your welcome
Weird Paul (4 days ago)
Billy Whitfield (1 month ago)
cool stuff, need to send some junk to you.
Weird Paul (1 month ago)
Cool, thanks!
justin tahair (1 month ago)
i remember campbells soup of stars my grandmother made mefor lunch
cookie wookie (2 months ago)
You should except my freind request
cookie wookie (2 months ago)
On fortnite
Surfblue (3 months ago)
Thanks. I remember banquet chicken. Also Weaver
sarah movie reviewer (4 months ago)
I was born in 92 and i miss the past
KabukiKid (8 months ago)
Zoopman! Oh man... who remembers the insane commercials with him? Psychedelic man!
Weird Paul (8 months ago)
I sure do remember them!
kurtanglerookieyear (8 months ago)
"Does Anyone Want This?" is such a great name for an album on so many levels. Brilliant stuff!
Weird Paul (8 months ago)
Thank you!
Jacqueline SanMartin (9 months ago)
Wait but why were they in the basement did she collect them or you?
Karin Wade (2 months ago)
+Weird Paul Mom's are awesome! I remember seeing those refunds in the mail as well as a free 7up towel and a Nestle Quik rabbit ears mug. Miss the days of collectible fast food glassware (Pac-Man at Burger King and Christmas goblets from Arby's). Good times
Weird Paul (9 months ago)
She collected them to send in for product refunds. She was throwing them out, so I grabbed some - though I only took probably 10% of them, there were thousands probably.
Jacqueline SanMartin (9 months ago)
I’ve never seen these thanks Paul
Jennifer Rissetti (9 months ago)
RJC 72 (10 months ago)
Those canned fruit and vegetable labels sure took me back to the 80's when my mom's pantry would be stocked floor-to-ceiling with canned goods! If the supermarket had a big sale on canned goods, she would buy cases of them, and I would go with her just to lift all the cases from the shopping cart to the car and then from the car to the pantry when she got home. She bought a lot of corn, peas, string beans, lima beans, white & red kidney beans, asparagus, beets, pears, peaches, you name it! Hey Paul, of all the canned goods you ate, what were your most and least favorites?
Weird Paul (10 months ago)
I used to pull all of the canned goods out of the cabinet and play with them as a little kid...yes I was even weird back then! My favorite canned vegetable was the carrots and I liked pears best out of the fruit. My least favorite in later life was the wax beans, which I sometimes referred to as "water beans" because they were totally tasteless!
b gab (1 year ago)
Your videos arethe flux capacitor of youtube. Taking us all back to the past.
Weird Paul (1 year ago)
Wow...I really like that.
CoindoorDave (1 year ago)
In the early 1980's I went to Assumption High School in Davenport, Iowa. The music teacher wrote the "Libby Libby Libby on the Label Label Label" jingle.
RC Hobbyist Extreme (1 year ago)
That meat in a bag stuff was GROSS. I tryed it once. We called it something else...not meat...if you get my drift. Thanks for the memories, yup, remember VanCamps pork and beans, ate a bunch of those. That and Homney. the stuff better known as grits. Its just corn, soaked in lye, than ground up. We preferred the corn whole, with corned beef hash.
Weird Paul (1 year ago)
Meat (or maybe meat?) memories!
lauri leblanc (1 year ago)
the Giggle Noodle soup was my favorite! so bummed that they don't make it anymore. I used to love the commercials with the "Zoupman" as well. Fondly remember the boil in bag dinners, my dad would make them for us kids as my mother worked so it was easy for him to prepare. also remember seeing Banquet fried chicken in our freezer, but I didn't like it. thanks for the trip down memory lane!
RJC 72 (1 year ago)
Del Monte and Green Giant canned vegetables were and still are a staple in my mom's pantry. Honorable mention should also go to 4C for their powdered iced tea drink mix, McCormack for their canned spices, Kellogg's for all their delicious cereals, Progresso and Campbell's for their canned soups (especially the tomato and chicken noodle flavors), Nestle and Gold Medal for the baking products, Tabasco and Cholula for their hot sauces, and the list goes on and on!
jaysunten (1 year ago)
Remember "GatorGum?" It was Gatorade flavored gum 😄
Nerdcrafter Coley (2 years ago)
I loved freezer queen boiling bags I miss them
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
I guess some people liked them.
jnyc (2 years ago)
Oh god we had those "meat in a bag" meals in the UK in the 80's too, they were disgusting. In fact it's amazing how much processed crap we ate in the 70's and 80's. I guess at some point the marketing execs managed to convince people that all of these ready made meals were the way of the future.
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
Truly. Now people are microwaving meals that are called "Zap It".
Tsuki Condor (2 years ago)
Someone should make a shirt that reads "Petroskey Family Chicken" that looks like a fake restaurant
Dahlgren (2 years ago)
"For those who liked their stick-shaped breaded chicken patties" lol
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
some advertising exec was really proud of that I bet
jimbo 2346 (2 years ago)
I'm glad you saved all of these things, from labels to odd promotions from companies. It's a nice trip down the past, from before I was born.
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
Thanks Jimbo, I'm glad you enjoy seeing them!
Jay Oshay (2 years ago)
ahh soup starter mmm its like 1981 all over again!
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
I really DO miss Soup Starter!
RIPPY McRippington (2 years ago)
bag meat--you had to boil it. repressed memory, haha
Weird Paul (2 years ago)
Yes, I still have nightmares.
Kona jinx (3 years ago)
Man, Lipton's alphabet soup version of Cup-A-Soup was amazing and I would love to have that again. Their cream og chicken variant was great, too. I loved how the "cream" word turn into these huge blobs in the broth that you could enjoy if you chose not to continue mixing it up, like I did. Also, I must have eaten countless "boil in bag" entrees, not by Freezer Queen, but good old Banquet. So many veal parmigians, chicken a-la kings, and creamed chipped beefs boiled up and wolfed down with or on a slice of white bread. The golden years!
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+Kona jinx I have old labels from almost every kid of can of Campbells soup there was. Maybe I'll make another video for them someday.
Jonathan Caouette (3 years ago)
you are terrific
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Caouette Thanks Jonathan! :)
Luigi64 (3 years ago)
I like how you said chicken hoagies "chicken hoooagies"
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+Luigitimeless haha, I just thought it was hilarious to say
...can I still order the ʍǝʇs ɟǝǝq ?
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
Cool.  I used to cut every Garfield strip out of the newspaper when I was a kid.  It's been awhile since I have read them though!
Again, referencing a Garfield strip, where Jon and Liz are at a restaurant, and Jon reads the menu upside down. (http://garfield.com/uploads/strips/2010-11-27.jpg)
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+Abomagoonios Entertainment You sure can, buy it at the local Wal-Mart.
Jaden H. (3 years ago)
12 New and Improved Sticks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+DaJoshy... I guess Better than ever!
bldali (3 years ago)
Thanks Paul, for the memories! Except for the horrible memory of being forced to eat that damn salisbury steak. YUCK!!!!! I can STILL remember the taste of that crap, and now that I know about the Freezer Queen plant shutting down, I would like to unremember ever eating their products. Oh well, time for breakfast now!
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+bldali Should have been called "Freezer Crap"!!
lewiston maineiac (3 years ago)
that was cool brought me back meat in a bag you boiled the only one I liked (sorta) was the turkey I would eat it on toast. thanks for sharing.
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+lewiston maineiac I guess if I had to eat one of them, it would be the turkey!
yost112 (3 years ago)
Zoopman is a pot head. Literally!
Monty Burns (3 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL zoopman was just a distraction to the public for the miserable Carter administration
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+yost112ty You damn skippy!
mascottie (3 years ago)
I'm not complaining because I LOVE vintage packaging but why the hell did Yall keep old packages all these years? Haha
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
I believe you are right.
productionbrothers (3 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL That's because now-a-days they really only care about profit, they would do absolutely anything to save a dime..
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+mascottie My mom saved them because in the 70s and 80s you could send in labels and get money or gifts back from the companies. The companies quit doing it but my mom still had the labels. She decided to throw them out, so I tried to save one of each! I'll have another old package video coming soon! Thanks for watching!
OnTheRunSinceBirth (3 years ago)
Per Wikipedia regarding Freezer Queen: The plant's closure left many employees unemployed.[4] The USDA inspection found such violations as live cockroaches in the gravy tank on multiple occasions. In response, Freezer Queen first requested a new USDA inspector, then suggested that parts of the facility were debris-strewn and not normally cleaned, and finally elected to shut down the facility rather than fix the unsafe and unsanitary conditions.[5]
Ya Boi Maxwell (3 years ago)
You would think this would be boring. However, you make it so interesting.
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+dalekman tardis Thanks. I would hate for it to be boring, so I try my best!
Itz Toxic_ (3 years ago)
Learn something new every day with the original vlogger btw I subbed
Weird Paul (3 years ago)
+Zack Embry Thank you for subbing, I so appreciate it!
SophiaPetrillosBuddy (4 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL This might sound dumb, but did the 80s and 90s have an old feel to it, like you see in the movies, or was that just the way old cameras filmed them?
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+SophiaPetrillosBuddy No, it's not dumb, that is a good question. Back in the 80s and 90s, we thought everything was very modern and new! We had no idea the internet was going to come along and change everything. We thought we were so advanced! Camera quality has gotten so much better and everyone can now get one, even on their phone. Digital photography has a much different look, I think that's what makes stuff filmed on old cameras look so old! But it seemed new to us!
hoagie1978 (4 years ago)
Great video. I remember a lot of those products, especially the steak n gravy. I remember Swanson's making a plain steak dinner (without gravy) and it had tater tots as a side. This was back when they were in the foil trays. I also remember when a lot of meat products in cans had the key that you would insert in the tab and roll around to open.
hoagie1978 (4 years ago)
I remember playing with those keys. One food related item I have stored somewhere is a McDonalds 1984 Olympics mug. I got a caramel sundae in it back in the day.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+hoagie1978 Oh man, that key! I swear my mom had saved some of those keys. I must not have taken them though, they got thrown out!
shu_rusty (4 years ago)
How can you not like Salisbury Steak?! That was one of my favorites as a kid
shu_rusty (4 years ago)
The gravy was the best part especially in the mashed potatoes
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+megusta123s I'm not saying I didn't like Salisbury Steak...I'm saying I didn't like it when it was boiled in a bag of watery gravy
Sara Quay McConnell (4 years ago)
I used to get so excited for boiled meat in a bag... in retrospect I think I had a hyperactive sense of enthusiasm. Awesome video!
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Sara Quay McConnell Thank you!
EEGAH316 (4 years ago)
This is like time travel!
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+EEGAH316 It is pretty amazing to hold these labels, it really does make you feel like you're in another era!
Samuel Archer (4 years ago)
I just found you and am surprised that you appear to have been warped almost not at all by society since being a kid. So nice to see. LOL. You, Larry Bundy Jr and Ashens etc. I suppose the 'nerds of the 80s' have all become such nice people... I hope that my generation (born in the 90s) retain some sense of nostalgia for what good the 90s and naughties had. Most people get warped into 'growing up' and that's an overrated term used to scare us into submission.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Samuel Archer How right you are, very well put. If only young people could know that there is no reason to ruin the rest of their lives.
rusty shackleford (4 years ago)
Do you have any cereal boxes? I know a lot of people collect them and some can get kinda pricey... Great video. Please keep em coming!!!!
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
I definitely have a few watches from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  But maybe not enough for a whole video.  My mom has more cool watches - she has lots more of pretty much everything I talk about on here.  I told her once I hit 10000 subscribers, we will start vlogging together.
rusty shackleford (4 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL Do we have to wait 30 years to see that video? lol...  But seriously these vids are awesome. Something else that would make a cool video would be wrist watches. I remember there being some weird ones from the 80's/90's. Some would flip out and make lcd games....  
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+rusty shackleford I don't have any old cereal boxes. Just a few odd proofs of purchase or box tops. I started saving some boxes last year of cereals that I knew wouldn't last long. In another 30 years, they'll be rare!
Vebinz (4 years ago)
Del Monte are still very reliable. Do you remember pudding that came in cans? They were really good.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Vebinz Yes, we I used to have those puddings with my school lunch in grade school. I remember eating some off-brand chocolate pudding in a can and I broke out in a rash. My parents took me to the doctor, and his suggestion was that I stop eating chocolate pudding.
Mokey Tah (4 years ago)
\(*u*)/ my mum would fix the couch cover as soon as I got off it it! So.... None of my things survived. Yet she has a basement full of STUFF! What a weirdo.
Jag Betty (4 years ago)
Those instant meals are truly awful. Great retro memories though Weird Paul, always enjoy your videos.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Jag Betty Thank you, I really appreciate the view, like and comment!!
Yaoi Pervette (4 years ago)
Another fan of Soup Starter here. I remember that later they sold it in a coated paper canister like the ones that bread crumbs are sold in. We usually had the beef barely or beef vegetable variety.  I have never eaten a Freezer Queen meal, but the processed turkey meal says enough about what type of quality we're dealing with.  Every once in a great while, my parents for some inexplicable reason would buy one of those brick-shaped processed turkey breast in gravy loaves. Those things are freaking nasty. Ugh.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Yaoi Pervette I am pretty sure those Soup Starter labels that I show in the video are the cardboard from the canister, cut and flattened. I have some of the those Turkey Roast labels as well. I forgot to show them in the video. For some reason one of my sisters loved those when we were kids, she would ask for it every year on her birthday!!
Peter Williams (4 years ago)
That meat in a bag sounds awful :( but the worst thing I've ever eaten was some microwave pasta, you add water and heat it in the microwave, it was like chewing on a cigarette butt :( horrible
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
wow, you are on a roll today!
Peter Williams (4 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL it was really that bad, i dread to think what the bag meat was like though, but from what i can gather gather from larrys perspective, probably like a rug boiled in sand
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Peter Williams "Like chewing on a cigarette butt". I love this simile.
Henry S (4 years ago)
"Tyson's feeding you, like family"  https://youtu.be/2jTqciMa5UA
Henry S (4 years ago)
Glad I could help.
Mandy (4 years ago)
+Henry S Now I have it stuck in my head too, those ladies voices finished your comment for me. Funny, the things our brain keeps on file. Edit: Oh good grief that was the guys singing. Could have sworn ladies belting this song out.
Yaoi Pervette (4 years ago)
+Henry S Gee thanks. Now, I'll be hearing that all day in my head.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Henry S Now I have that jingle stuck in my head!
jayray4200 (4 years ago)
Great vid how do you make all these videos look like old vhs recordings I like it. Very original.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+jayray4200 These videos are VHS recordings, just new ones. I film all of my vlogs with a 90s camcorder onto VHS tape. I do not own a digital camera.
Larry Bundy Jr (4 years ago)
My family was boring,  they only ever insisted on eating tinned soup made by Heinz. But then again I was a really picky kid and would only eat tomato or vegetable soup for years :D But meat in a bag,  just soooo dry,  the gravy would never make it moist enough.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Peter Williams +Larry Bundy Jr I have a friend, Scott Fry, who has STILL tried very few foods. I get to see him try things for the first time every once in awhile. Usually, he doesn't like them! He makes some great videos on YouTube as well: https://youtu.be/XLZMvgisjHA
Peter Williams (4 years ago)
+Larry Bundy Jr I would have qualified for that show 1000 times, I had a incredibly weird diet when I was a kid
Larry Bundy Jr (4 years ago)
+Peter Williams Lol,  I had that phase where I'd only eat cheese sandwiches! Ever seen the TV show Freaky Eaters? About adults who only eat one or two things their whole life.  like pizza or toast.
Peter Williams (4 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL when I was 10, the only thing I ever ate was instant noodles (ramen noodles) drove my parents insane because I was even eating them all the time for every meal, so my parents tried combining other foods with my noodles, noodles with mashed potatoes and gravy isn't actually that bad :) I had to give them up though cos it was affecting my diet and my mood :/ but I can't help but think back and laugh :) btw another great video Paul :)
Larry Bundy Jr (4 years ago)
+ORIGINAL VLOGGER 80'S WEIRD PAUL Aw, you must feel terrible in hindsight.  But it was a funny video :D
Boognish (4 years ago)
70's kid here, I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos. I'm blown away with all old stuff you still have. Your family reminds me a lot of mine. Keep up the awesome work. I appreciate it!
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Brock Lee I'm glad you are enjoying my channel - thanks so much for watching!
Travis (4 years ago)
What a great find. A little before my time but cool none the less.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+TheSoundEngineAF Thanks for watching! I have another video on just the canned pasta labels, if you haven't seen it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0-FwyAsWl0
Robert Dyer (4 years ago)
Now we know where Burger King got the idea for Chicken Fries. I remember Soup Starter and Lite Lunch, but hadn't thought of them for about 25 years!
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+Robert Dyer I hadn't thought of Lite Lunch for that long either! The only reason I remembered Soup Starter was that video of me shoveling it into my mouth in 1989!
MrBeefyTreats (4 years ago)
Meat in a bag. I don't want this memory anymore. But seriously Paul thank you again and don't stop.
MrBeefyTreats (4 years ago)
I never imagined Banquet could be better than something
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+SouthRd83 Those were seriously THE WORST food ever. I wish I could un-eat it.
mistanelsin (4 years ago)
I'm always amazed at how many vintage items you have. Canned and frozen food labels? Who saves that?? I'm so glad they were though.
Weird Paul (4 years ago)
+mistanelsin I feel lucky to have these...I inquired to my mom about them because I knew she used to save them for product refunds. When she told me she was throwing them all away, I drove straight over to her house.

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