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12 Signs You Are A Deep Thinker

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Here are the signs you are a deep thinker! Many people who like to think deeply are quiet, reserved, and often have an introverted personality type. They tend to say less and observe more. They would rather get lost in their thoughts than speak when they have nothing to say. But, how to know if you’re one of them? Well, there are certain traits of a deep thinker. To be considered one, you should be able to recognize the signs within yourself. And one of the first clues is that you’re not satisfied by superficial things! That’s because you always want to know what lies beneath the surface. You have your own way of looking at things and connecting with everything that surrounds you. You are also fascinated by human nature. And that’s not all! There are even more signs you are a deep thinker! For example, you probably dislike many of the culturally accepted norms and behaviors that are expected of us on a daily basis. However, you are a very curious individual, and a very good problem solver, too. But, you can be overthinking at times, and can have a very hard time when it comes to taking real actions to change your life. As an incredibly emotional and open-mind person, you are extremely empathic individual who will always have a realistic, comforting solution to whatever conflict is making someone upset. And you probably have an amazing sense of humour! While you may not be the life of the party, you definitely have a fun and quirky side. What do you think? Are you a deep thinker? Which of these traits do you possess? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, you may also like: 10 Traits Of An Empath – Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person https://youtu.be/Xm0fdMv-lQE People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 12 Special Personality Traits https://youtu.be/l-xLx8HHx_I 10 Reasons To Ignore What Others Think Of You https://youtu.be/XWptEi28JwI ------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe To Our Channel for More Videos Like This! TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/brainydose FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/brainydose INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/brainydose WEBSITE: http://www.brainydose.com ------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (1790)
Edward Meisse (5 hours ago)
This describes me to a T. But I'm not very sure that deep thinker is the right label for it. I can't explain why exactly right now, though. I'll have to at least sleep on it first. Maybe I'll be back in a couple of days with some ideas.
Stillo Chillino... (11 hours ago)
I'm a deep thinker. Often of homicide.
Annikamar Maru (1 day ago)
Totally meh
Dehumanized Anomaly (1 day ago)
All described me save for the last one. I'm a bit more cerebral and misanthropic, not so much emotional and empathic.
Steve H. (2 days ago)
Yes, the social awkwardness is real.
M2 Agapay (3 days ago)
And i realize, im one😎
Prince Soni (3 days ago)
Yeah Thats why i am forgetful
Lawrence McCurdy (3 days ago)
Ranjeet Ranjan Ranjan (3 days ago)
I have 1,2,3,5,7,8,11&12
dharmendar dhaka (3 days ago)
men, you made u documentary on me.🙂
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
Deep thinkers are also genius and can give so much to the society with their thinking ability and ideas.
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
HAPPINESS to all the Deep thinkers😃
Michael Smith (4 days ago)
you hit the nail on the head with this video. I am and pretty much answered the statements/questions as a definite yes! I try and do my very best not to over think things and try not to let my ego run the show. I prefer being alone because when I'm around a group or more people somehow I feel there energy and I've found that is a HUGE trigger of my anxiety!!!
John Dickerson (4 days ago)
All of them but one
kahkashan sarfaraz (5 days ago)
This is problem of Modern World
kahkashan sarfaraz (3 days ago)
+Ishrat Ali but it sometimes cause headache
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
Kahkashan,its not problem but the solution.To live and let live.Don't interfere in others lives and ready to advise and help.Problem s with the people who can't live on their own ,keep Interfering in others lives and lose respect in return,cresting havoc in their own lives.Deep thinkers provide them solutions and think about it.They are hidden gems and genius.Not everybody wants to be socially active with the people they don't know it wants to be involved in the topic that he/she are not interested in.Deep thinkers dare to be Courageous and out of societal pressure,t o stand alone.They mind their own business rather than poking their nose in everything useless. Its not everybody's piece of cake.
Mumma bear Cuddles (5 days ago)
My husband of 30yrs has all these traits. Is vry intelligent but depression on top of overthinking is not good for mental heath. 🕊🕊🕊
Hugue Chery (5 days ago)
Mostly lonely people can be independent and the fact that they're always alone that gives them time to always think out their everyday problems.
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
Hugues ,its not about being alone but the need to be alone to have some Me time with themselves.
RB TALK SHOW (5 days ago)
100% i am .
masliza muhammad (5 days ago)
Thats a zillion percent sounded like me lol..this video are amazingggg!!!! Greeting from Singapore!!!!
wow am glad I've come to know something about myself some people around me would judge me without knowing the kind of a person iam.
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
this its the judgment made by fools!
Mohammed Osama (6 days ago)
Every trait matched except for indecisiveness..... I am quite good when it comes to take a decision.... Whether right or wrong but in regard to all possible outcomes i just decide on one option...... I dont know what daatt makes me.
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
Mohammed Osama,indecisiveness might come out of confusion due to over thinking but their should always be the difference between over thinking and deep thinking otherwise it could cause stress and depression.I too don't agree with "Indecisiveness" thing.
Sophie Williams (6 days ago)
"Oh my gosh! Almost, if not all of them. And I know that aint always a good think unfortunately for us deep thinkers. It comes with upsides and downsides. No unlike anything else in life.😅
Shalu Rajput (6 days ago)
All signs r present in me which has introduced in this video.... N it is quite correct 👍👍
Shalu Rajput (6 hours ago)
+Ishrat Ali true dear
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
Deep thinkers are not dependent on others but are very helping for others despite being not social.
Immaculate Mary (6 days ago)
This is all me. But it's fun, I enjoy it and I handle myself perfectly
Chase Paul (6 days ago)
Being a deep thinker, it is really hard to find a geniune friend that you can talk deeply
Zolzaya Sodnom (7 days ago)
That's ME
Rudy F (7 days ago)
That was unbelievably so accurate most of the traits describe my personality to a tee.
Proud deep thinker here! and majority misunderstood me for that!! :) #ABenefitOfBeingDeepThinker
Ishrat Ali (3 days ago)
DEEP THINKERS are Gems of the society.
Talibjan (7 days ago)
7 out of.. 😂
Ronn Rollins (8 days ago)
charlie hyung (8 days ago)
This is so me!'!!!!!
Mr Awesome (8 days ago)
11. Being at a BBQ, looking interested while in a conversation about mortgages, pussy and garden tiles, while trying to figure out how many ways you can commit suicide with a fork, and make it look like an accident.
Nostalgic Dude (8 days ago)
all of it i have.. but still very hard in practical life.. can't take real decisions.. its so hard.. no results because of this.. time wasting
vidhi bangur (8 days ago)
100% true. All of dem
rajat mishra (8 days ago)
Yes one difference is there I am doing what I think
Rutali Thurr (8 days ago)
I believe every deep thinker had watched this video because we have a curious mind.
hivicar (9 days ago)
I found you all my brothers and sisters! I don't know how analytical I really am but I certainly never get bored unless stuck around people who chatter about meaningless things. My perspective is that the creation has so many gifts to appreciate and focus attention upon, as well as mutual contributors to human life that we are, but we don't easily find each other!
Leon Lion (9 days ago)
how deep is deep thinking?
Dehumanized Anomaly (1 day ago)
Balls deep.
Stefan Slutsky (9 days ago)
Damn it, they just portrayed me :/
Qurat ul ain Saeed (9 days ago)
Yes, hell true
Riyaaz Basha (9 days ago)
most of it
atcobra65 (10 days ago)
You funny guy, lets start talking, banking, stock markets, building inspections, hip surgery, ruptured disc surgery, plumbing, electrical connection's, short block engine overhaul, main bearings, cam duration, baby boomer life duration, outcomes of the poor decisions of past presidents, mortgage crises, quantum theory, silicon valley boom, 9-11 crash, 1987 computer crash on the stock market, JP Morgan & his involvement in the late1920's crash, how many federal district's are there, what minimum temp can start planting corn, what is the difference between a machine gun and a A-15, is 223 the same a 5.56 Not calling myself a deep thinker but I'll throw my two 2 cents in. I'm the every day Joe nobody. & no I'm the the reserved kid on the block.
Sumit Sharma (10 days ago)
all 12 of them
Akoni_ 007 (11 days ago)
Reading the comments and realized I am not alone.
sillypuffer (11 days ago)
sillypuffer (11 days ago)
The Chosen Gamer (11 days ago)
i often finde a way to solve the problem butt there is 1 more problem no one listens to me
Elena Calibuyot (11 days ago)
I did married on this kind of person that’s I missed understood him most of the time cuz I am extroverted so we really not compatible in many ways do you have some advise how we get along?
Branimir Fabek (11 days ago)
Deep nothing... if you ask me... My thoughts race so fast and in so many directions... that I don't know I meant by posting thiß post... (overthinking!) Rofl to myself...............
guillano sullivan (12 days ago)
I found myself
chirag chhabra (13 days ago)
Joana Lulic (13 days ago)
Truly my personality being happy to here something positive said about amazing strong individuals powerful talented people thankyou
Fifie Ierina (13 days ago)
ahh i tick all 12 characteristics accurately! thank you for making this video. my supervisor recently told me that i am a deep thinker and that i always strive for near perfection (which i doubt is true) but in an earnest introspect, i can see where she's coming from and right now am seeking to improve on the negative traits that can come along with being a deep thinker. thank you for this video! xx
Spirit love player 24 (13 days ago)
I am deep thinking because curious
Shelley Lyme (13 days ago)
Which of these traits do I possess?? Er, well, give me more time to think about it 🤔
Retired Early 53 (13 days ago)
Not too many TRUMP voters watched this video !!!!!!!!!!!
Shekinah Glory (13 days ago)
this is who I am
Victor Smith (13 days ago)
100% me!....well done to the creator of this video!
Lalesh Yagysaini (13 days ago)
i am so big deep thinker
I have all the traits on this video except for humor and empathy. Doesn't make much sense to my why a socially-awkward person would be amusing or empathic, since those are socially desirable traits.
MAD Lab (14 days ago)
You...!! Yes you.. Welcome to the club✌️
unaisa memon (14 days ago)
I call myself a loner and a deep thinker.
Cesar J (15 days ago)
I got chills he described everything about me
athiramn (15 days ago)
Its me! Plus am too lazy n day dreaming😁
La Will (16 days ago)
I have not watched tv in close to two years. Loving it.
Rajeesh Nayar (16 days ago)
ya, it's depicted i
natural 9 (16 days ago)
Sidhan Singh (17 days ago)
I am alone for 4....5 years. It's good
Miriam Bucholtz (17 days ago)
Yep, that's me. Why people are interested in things like celebrities is beyond me, and the only social gatherings I've ever enjoyed were the Mensa parties a friend of mine took me to years ago. And you're right about never being bored. One of the things I've always done is to take my familiar surroundings and mentally change them into some other place. I get too absorbed in making up stories about them to ever be bored. This really comes in handy in situations where you're stuck waiting.
_Mohamed WS_ (17 days ago)
Yeah that's me, I'm not a weirdo anymore
Yash Oza (18 days ago)
I have like all the traits but I am that good with humour......
neon williams (18 days ago)
As an invertebrate, this makes perfect sense to me hahaha
Hosam Alobaid (18 days ago)
agree 100% but I don't know if its (+) or ( - ) to be a deep thinker
kilometers (19 days ago)
Wow his is literally me wtf
Brussel's Telegraph (19 days ago)
Je réalise que je suis aussi un " deep thinker "... Et, je ne perds pas mon temps à regarder des absurdités : Télévision & Médias sociaux ( face-BOUC, ) Et, j'ai beaucoup d'empathie... tellement que je sais reconnaître un menteur en moins d' 1 heure
Amancharla Manas (20 days ago)
Damn yes!!!! I am deep thinker...
MoonPhaze5 (21 days ago)
100% 😋
shashinhale wanna (22 days ago)
I enjoyed it a lot. Great work
Kenny M. The Wall Dr. (22 days ago)
Hellen Ogego (22 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video,have been having broblem with how I do forget a times yet when somebody ask me about it I have nothing obstructing Me,though I like to find the ans to questions WHY,WHAT and HOW THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO IT SAVE MY DAYS IT was all about myself😍😍
Sugata Mondal (22 days ago)
I'm almost 100% same as said in the video.
dc rikki (22 days ago)
Sometimes my more social friend makes comments or tells me about his cocktail parties and group outings. Not only do I cringe at the retarded small talk and pathetic office humor but also at the fake amusement of the other attendees as was the case at my last 2 jobs. If someone’s genuinely amused by some bullshit another coworker or boss said, I often find myself snarling and looking away avoiding their face. I sometimes find myself negatively judging my friend too because he comes off as so needy and pathetic. One time I even asked him “How do you deal with constipation? Do you use little squares of toilet paper to dry the tears of loneliness you feel when sitting on the toilet all alone for prolonged periods of time?” Um, yeah. Deep thinker, quintessential empath & recovering codependent here. 💪🏼❤️
Andrea de Vera (22 days ago)
Hmm I've read an article regarding the traits of a pensive person or deep thinker and this is the exact words in the article.
Zix Zizia (23 days ago)
I feel like these are created to make people feel better. Anyone can probably relate to these videos.
sowon nochu (23 days ago)
it sucks a lot when you have no friends who's deep thinker like you.. everything is the same gossip, inappropriate things and common stuff.. its really boring duh
THE ALL ROUNDERS (23 days ago)
I have all traits (not lying , I don't know the spelling ) now what to do
The Answer (23 days ago)
Pin your numbers deep thinkers. I match all of em'!
TheDemon 7Seas! (24 days ago)
I am 13 year old. I have all of them...
Hrishikesh Kulkarni (24 days ago)
All traits are true n you forget about to not falling asleep quickly .. that time there are lot of thoughts passing through out the mind
Vijay Peddasingh (24 days ago)
What abt u? Are u a deep thinker?
A Bit Silaashh (25 days ago)
It looks like I am a deep thinker but never knew it. Another trait of deep thinkers is that they prefer a completely different time for coffee other than the morning
Pars Benson (25 days ago)
I think that's me!
Alex Yen (26 days ago)
It does not matter if you are a deep thinker or not. If being a deep thinker is good, just copy it. There's nothing wrong to change yourself into a better person.
Lilia Cristal (26 days ago)
Yep, that could be me (Socially awkward😑)
ant grand (27 days ago)
Leme think about this infos first
Uttam Kumbhar (27 days ago)
Hey.. u are a deep thinker.. as u discussed the 12 things up there.. really are Reality of deep thinkers...!!! 😃😄
Nina Rivera (27 days ago)
Here we go 1. Observant 2. Introverted 3. Curious 4. Forgetful 5. Problem Solver 6. Specially Awkard 7. Independent 8. Disinterest in Mainstream 9. Overthinking 10. Indecisive 11. Sence of humor 12. Empathetic
the freeze froster (27 days ago)
Being a deep thinker from childhood I always find myself different,even there often occurs tons of argument between my parents and now during teenage, thinkings are getting deeper and deeper
Imagination anime (27 days ago)
A deep thinker thinks Trends is stupid (Strong word i know
rizz _blink (28 days ago)
Great you just described me...

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