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Magic Of Love Lyrics (Swan Princess)

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Swan Princess 2 One of my most Favourites songs :D I take Requests :D
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chu_the_kawaii_kitty (1 year ago)
i love it
DarkEcoMaiden (2 years ago)
24 years old and still love these movies and songs. And I can relate to Odette in this song now...Happens when the one you love lies to you and leaves you for some "super hot" redhead....I no longer believe in love, but sometimes when I hear this song, I can't help but miss those days
scarlet gravel (1 month ago)
Oh trust me I know that same feeling I been single 5 years now its awful
Iriska Litvinova (2 months ago)
if he did that then that just means that he's not good enough for you and you will find that person who makes you feel weightless when they smile at you and leave you breathless when they kiss you. You will find love one day don't give up. I don't know you but I'm sure you're beautiful, talented and kinder then that "super hot" redhead he left you for.
Evelina Gauthier (3 years ago)
im 15 years old and i still loves it
Julianne Crider (3 years ago)
I remember this song. ^^
brittini spurlock (4 years ago)
I love swans and also I love the movies of it it's my kind of fantasy
Sahami Sesshomaru (5 years ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one. :D
Taylore Smith (7 years ago)
@lejasper996 So do I :D

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