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$17 Vs. $750 Facials • Ladylike

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Text Comments (10492)
ii_Mxk (6 hours ago)
Hands down the Haus one was BY. FAR. the best. Sometime you wanna get pampered but your TOO LAZY to do it b6 yourself right? That $750 is very excessive, even if I was filthy rich I would never do that. They were very unprofessional in how they applied the products. Fun fact, you can find the same products for super cheap in Israel. It’s one big scam. If you didn’t know, that gold facial is SOOO over rated. You can literally use milk to get the same affects with the collagen. ( if that’s how you spell it) Next time I go to LA you can find me at that Haus 🖐🏼
Belle Beauchesne (10 hours ago)
OMG! Who else noticed Katie and Face Haus from the Try Guys!
Angel Life (11 hours ago)
“ 24k gold “ huh sure it is Fake it didn’t look different from before They actually looked worse
Thomas Hand (11 hours ago)
Um did anyone else think that after the Cleopatra facial there their faces looked worse
Bailey Final (1 day ago)
Sooo I don’t know the first one I’m just too pretty
Maria Schwartz (1 day ago)
Bailey Final wow you’re confident
Game With Me (3 days ago)
your sisters are twins niki and gabi
Jasmine Gleave (3 days ago)
“I guess” 😂u guess what??
Sofia Macalindol (4 days ago)
Wait, wait, so before *we make the gold as jewelry* but now where making it for our *face* ???? And, is gold is good for ur skin???
Taylor Nguyen (4 days ago)
Now I want sushi😑
Yakelyn Lopez (5 days ago)
Mia Vlogs (8 days ago)
Is this safia nygard
jon lee cachola (7 days ago)
Zoe Upshaw (9 days ago)
I never knew Freddie had a septem peirceing until this video
S Morrison (9 days ago)
I feel relaxed just watching these.
M.A.D Creations (10 days ago)
So MuCh LaveNDer
Chloe Sharp (10 days ago)
Jaz O (10 days ago)
*why am I watching this while getting a facial?*
_Navya_ (10 days ago)
I'm just gonna say that Jill Max is an awESOME NAME
Renee Jin (11 days ago)
I feel like the last one was sooooooo fake!!!! I think they just didn’t want to spend money on a real expensive facial so they just faked it. It seems so fake
Strikey Mielle Revilla (11 days ago)
Safia Nygard sorry if i spelled it wrong hope i did not
Tony Yu (11 days ago)
TBH, I was expecting so much for the $750 facial, but it is disappointing. I think it is the only one that looks worse after gotten the facial... the other two u can see visibly better in the comparison pics.
Cooper Rackley (11 days ago)
Did anyone notice the Louis Vuitton store
Emily Haddad (11 days ago)
I’d eat all those Ferrero rochers
Ellie MD (11 days ago)
Gold Elements just said gold this gold that like they just did normal things but just said 24k gold !
drew noah (12 days ago)
Ellie MD (13 days ago)
The second one was the best , affordable and so kind and polite
NPC 181298182123 (13 days ago)
I can't wait for these evil capitalist services go away. If everyone cant afford a $750 facial, then they shouldn't exist. #weneedsocialism.
Daniela Vieyra (14 days ago)
My facial I put sugar honey lemon or chorcoal
Carla Sawyers (14 days ago)
Saf was falling asleep the second it started
melody faith (15 days ago)
Omg yazzz I need this
Valeria Salvador (15 days ago)
Lool I though that the person at the thumbnail was Patrick Star 😂
Banesa Fernandes (16 days ago)
No limo bet
Savage_WolfGirl (17 days ago)
Love this
Bethany yeah (17 days ago)
100 Subscription Boxes (17 days ago)
I had never heard of the vampire facial. Sounds awful.
Asma Elnour (18 days ago)
is the music annoying anyone else
Liahna's Storys (18 days ago)
Why does everything have gold in it! 👑
I couldn't help but hum the rhythm of Lascia ch'io pianga that was playing in the background lmao.
Teagan Jallow (21 days ago)
my moms friend got the one done were u get there blood and put it back into there face the proper name is a vampire lift
Bethany Wright (22 days ago)
"Yeah, lets nap." 1 week later...
Erin Peachie (22 days ago)
all it did was make their faces glowy. which isn’t a bad thing ;)
Katie Sheehan (22 days ago)
The last one they looked better before
CuCuMbEr AcToR (22 days ago)
You guys forgot to scrub your faces with rocks
Elizabeth Kapsalis (22 days ago)
This made me want to waste all my money on skin treatment
kidlisaXx (22 days ago)
That awkward moment when you can’t even afford the cheapest one
Taija Bartrop (22 days ago)
4:20 both of em like Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Dad
I liked the second one
Bortnite Club (24 days ago)
The black girl be felling like she’s rich cuz she’s with the white rich people she feels special but has some damn skull candy headphones
Bortnite Club (24 days ago)
Bru the black girls in the back of the car. Legit has headphones in smiling acting like she can hear them tf boi ✋🏼👋🏼😑
Jane Smith (24 days ago)
i get a free facial every night
Perfumaphilia (24 days ago)
As a skincare enthusiast who is continually learning more about skin and different products, I honestly think that facials are a waste of money. These spas charge so much for what is essentially a relaxing pampering session, since the estheticians who perform them are only licensed to work with your outer layer of skin (they can extract blackheads, but it's a pretty dangerous procedure and I wouldn't trust a non medical professional to do it). Because of this, you can get the same benefits at home for much less. If you enjoy the relaxation aspect of a facial, so be it, but understand that that's what you're saying for (and there are much cheaper ways to relax). If you want acne treatment or blackhead extractions, chemical peels, or other more intensive procedures, you should really consult a dermatologist. Any facial treatment that will actually have lasting effects is considered a medical treatment and should be done in a dermatologist's office.
Jewels Corner (24 days ago)
They already have clear skin though
BB Rose (25 days ago)
hhhh I cant watch it because my laptop is stupid hhhh ):)'
Mia Zhao (25 days ago)
Aww i miss saf!!
Marilyn Razo (25 days ago)
Nope they jist look better before
Marilyn Razo (25 days ago)
Why in tye 1st facial they look better b4
Max Lastra (25 days ago)
I hate how the expensive one uses little tiny plastic spatulas to apply products and no one is using GLOVES
Fiza Gurnani (25 days ago)
Omg Safia
strangers things lover (25 days ago)
Never had one
Guðný Bjarnadóttir (25 days ago)
“Oh, I kinda look like a baby.” 😂😂😂
Jimmy misle (26 days ago)
I honestly would treat my self to the GOLD place, but the inter-mediate one seems something I would do monthly, or ever weekly . . Great looking skin is worth spending money on, its your passport.. . you all have beautiful healthy skin - do invite me next time you do the FACIALS hang out :)
Liliana Fernández (26 days ago)
BrUSIS (gurl it is bruised)
Kaylee Smith (26 days ago)
why is no one talking about sof
lezlie's world (26 days ago)
that one girl gets a 60000 manicure
jungshook jamz (26 days ago)
8:29 looks like they on come dine with me when they giving the scores
Lily Dooley (27 days ago)
Straight after watching this i did a face mask
Enjoyed watching ALL 3!😌 AWESOME vid ladies!❤
Izabella B (27 days ago)
Is it only me or did their face not change at all?
Casey Sommer (27 days ago)
for $750 Zeus better spunk on my face or something
Robyn Rex (27 days ago)
I want to feel the cold globes on my face so bad
Aditya Goel (27 days ago)
inn logo ko chutiya kitne pyar se bna diya, me bhi USA me jakr aase he bnaunga inko, kisi ko chalna ho toh bta dena
George Shannon (28 days ago)
I need a job at BuzzFeed
CAITLYNS CORNER (28 days ago)
I wanna go to the last one because I only want the goodie bag 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Margaret Nulman (28 days ago)
can i come work at buzzfeed there thanks
Mirjam Sharif (28 days ago)
My face routine is just a cleanser and that’s it😂 and washing it with cold water. 😄
MyNamesReg (29 days ago)
id give you ladies a free facial ;)
Gacha_ _Zoe (29 days ago)
dead rose (29 days ago)
IM POOR 😭😭😭😥😭😭
Sash chandra (29 days ago)
I always got compliments on having a flawless face when i was 16-19 and everyone asked me what I used...I just steam my face and used real lemon juice with a cotton ball . I havent streamed my face in years and im gonna start again ! 😊
Camila 105 (29 days ago)
Katie is everywhere LMAOooo
¿ мια ? (29 days ago)
i thought when they said facehaus they were saying faze house 😂
Just Jullia (29 days ago)
While i am here washing my face with water...
Lanie Masengil (29 days ago)
who else is watching in 2019?
Colette Bella (29 days ago)
loving these videos comparing prices
Hidden Worlds Beyond (29 days ago)
This is beautiful and angelic
Kate L (29 days ago)
That was an expensive episode... 14M views, but still
Olivia Cline (29 days ago)
Okay but gold is a stable metal, and I’m not sure about that “magnet” facial
Rachel Levin (30 days ago)
I can’t believe this was 2 years ago??!!
avengingloki (30 days ago)
Freddie's braids look so good, I'm actually shook
Stephanie Long Clark (30 days ago)
Miguel Soto (30 days ago)
Nothing changed
Verbs describe us (30 days ago)
who is watching this year? :)
Lol since when did platelets stop wrinkles?
Cat (1 month ago)
Suit up, HIMYM reference 👏🏼
Tovah The Hybrid (1 month ago)
Gold... On your skin..? Really? That's just pompous. :/
Tovah The Hybrid (1 month ago)
And I'm talking about the store, not you peeps. ;;
eve lee (1 month ago)
*a dog with two legs*
I am very sceptical about these...
Tortilla (1 month ago)
the second was the best
zhiyan yu (1 month ago)
they look exactly the same
750 hahah I Ill do for free😂😂😂
1k subs with 7 Videos? (1 month ago)
It’s Saf!

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