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How to design breakthrough inventions

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Global firm IDEO incorporates human behavior into product design -- an innovative approach being taught at Stanford. Charlie Rose profiles the company's founder, David Kelley.
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Cynthia Michalewski (26 days ago)
My daughter would probably wish she was his daughter ... so up her alley!
Preston Russell (3 months ago)
Every organization seems to emphasize concepts like ‘diversity’ and ‘collaboration’. In this video, David Kelley, founder of IDEO, confirms the importance of these concepts while explaining how to design something completely new through the context of what he has done with Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Kelley emphasized how diversity in every way—how diversity in origins, college major, lifestyle, and many other areas are all important to effective, well-rounded brainstorming. The collaboration among such a diverse group results in amazing products. Following Kelley’s explanation of this ideology, he explains how he and his group collaborated with Steve Jobs on several projects, such as the first Apple mouse. Stacking ideas played a big role in many of Kelley’s projects, including this one. Jobs requested that IDEO design a mouse, so they did. They focused on the precision of the mouse, attempting to make 1 inch of mouse movement equivalent to 1 inch of movement on the screen. Then, they realized that this wasn’t necessary and that they just need to focus on making it intuitive for the user. Jobs complained about the noise of the ball in the bottom of the mouse, so they had to find a way to solve that problem. Bouncing all of the ideas off of each other resulted in the first mouse used on all Apple computers.
Kirstie Birmingham (3 months ago)
Human centered design seems like an obvious concept - make useful things that people actually want. Unfortunately, the reason why a lot of start up companies fail is because they make things or processes that may be interesting, but nobody would actually buy or use. David Kelly emphasizes empathy in the design approach. When designing a product, watch what works and what doesn't when the user interacts with it. Put yourself in the customer's shoes to understand why or how this new design will benefit them. Using this human centered design approach takes the product out of the equation, and focuses on the customer and their needs. As an engineering student, it can be easy to get lost in the equations and rules of design. This video is a good reminder to always be aware of WHY you're designing something and who will ultimately be using it.
chiavernwei (3 months ago)
David Kelley introduces the idea of 'design thinking' and how it leads to innovation. When designing a product, it is important to understand the customer. In my opinion, a lot of companies fail to realize the power of observing the customer using a product. This is the best way to get information about the customer's experience with the product. Another important point David Kelley mentioned was having diversity in the workplace, in terms of an employees' background. Having different minds collaborate leads to a plethora of different ideas. This is the key to unleashing creativity in problem solving. I also really liked that Charlie Rose mentioned 'David Kelley helps people find confidence in their creativity' which I think is extremely important for problem solving.
Amy Climer (7 months ago)
Thank you CBS for creating this piece and posting it here. David Kelley is one of my creativity heroes and this piece was so touching and real. Awesome.
Nourhan Elsharawy (10 months ago)
David Kelly founder of one of the biggest product design companies, IDEO, incorporates design thinking into every aspect of his 15-million-dollar business. He claims Deign Thinking combines human behavior and design by building different ideas on each other. He further claims that the breakthrough to innovative creativity is forming groups with people from different backgrounds and vast diversity. He believes that the only way to fix and enhance a product is to observe how people use it. One of his first customers and long time friend was Steve jobs. Together they developed the very first computer mouse that is still used today. One of Jobs main concerns about the development of the mouse was how customer friendly it was. He did not like the sound of the roller ball and had it rubberized. According to the lean Start-up Methodology, to make a product more customer friendly, the customers have to be interviewed efficiently. The first thing the entrepreneur has to do is, not to assume he/she knows the customer’s problems. The second important issue is to make sure the customers gets past the politeness factor by directly asking them “How would you improve this product?”. Furthermore, the entrepreneur should try to always ask open ended questions to get specific answers. He/she should listen to the customers all the way until they finish talking and focus on real behavior. The goal is to make the customers feel like the experts and discover what they wish they could do that currently isn’t possible or practical.
Xavier Sheng (10 months ago)
This is the first time that I heard the company IDEO. I have been totally amazed by the fact that many important inventions such as the first Apple mouse, foldable laptop and the first toothbrush for children came from this company. After watching this video, I am thinking the relationship between design and innovation. In my understanding, in general, design is the preplan and preprocess of making. It is about solving problems, and furthermore, it is the way of thinking of solving problems or making the current situation a little better than before. It does not matter whether it is innovative or not. Yet, innovation is narrowing down the way of solving problems to a smaller range, which must have an unconventional or non-traditional method and can still solve the problem effectively. Therefore, design should contain innovation. It may be the method, theory, or way of thinking of innovation, as long as it serves the design better.
ImCathyiirock (1 year ago)
Help people find the confidence in their creativity & change the world - David Kelley What a positive message, an inspiring story of the beginnings of IDEO. Wow!
Ui Forgione (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed this video, in particular the part about being empathetic to your customer. I have worked in a variety of customer service positions and had the best luck with customers just by showing compassion. Just asking about a person's day can open up room for comfortability and lead to potential solutions related to the product. Look how much Dutch bros is succeeding just because their customer service, empathy is such an important part of business solutions.
Taciana Albuquerque (1 year ago)
When I watched this video, one of my main questions was, "why is empathetic design not something obvious to everyone?" It seems like it should be, because as a member of society you have the shared experience of having critiques to a product or aspect of your life and having either good or bad experiences with moving past them. The best solutions are the ones that understand the problem, which comes from asking the right questions. But to much of the industry, that is asking too much. It takes effort to put that much thought into something and go after it. It takes effort to invest that time into a customer or into the interviewing process. To treat each member of a sample group as an individual instead of as a statistic makes single, over-arching solutions hard to achieve. We live in a culture always valuing short-term solutions and gaining that instant gratification in seeing results, instead of the investment in waiting to see how a long-term solution will turn out. It's a problem in the mindset and needs breaking industry traditions, like having molds employees are expected to fill, as a start. Even the language used when talking about efficiency illustrates this: "running like a well-oiled machine". I don't think that expression fits companies like IDEO; it doesn't take into account the organic, ever-changing dynamic that allows for innovation and change.
张洪瑞 (1 year ago)
This video is really blowing my mind. I learned a lot from this video, I understand when we want to invent a new product, brain storm helps a lot. Because we can build up our ideas step by step. When we do the brain storm, we should have a team include different kinds of people, because people from different backgrounds will have different understanding and thinking of product, if we want our product to be welcome, we need to invent it can help most people. I also learn, when we do market survey, we want to listen what do people like, do not assuming we know what people need. We need give them time to share their idea freely. Then we can analysis what should we make. We people feel free to take, usually they will bring out many new idea, we never thought before. The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual. When we have a large amount of data, we always can find the good idea that can help us invent new product.
Dominik Stec (1 year ago)
I love this Man. Those emotions on the end, so precious ♥️
Ryan Hobbs (1 year ago)
ASU Venture Devil here. Innovative design also gets into trends, I would think. In the 1980s, there was a rectangular manila colored design to most of the cutting edge technology at the time. Then, there was a thing for thick tinted glass- like the flying busses and sunglasses in the TV miniseries, V. The tiny colorful cell phone designs of the late '90s and early 2000s would not have been a seller. Modular designs are no different and appear to have changed dramatically since the 1970s, because of fashion design trends. For example, wood-style frames on cars and appliances have completely started and died a few times over. The bean bag chair, and silly putty, phase in and out of popularity but are always a good design.
Andi Stephen (4 years ago)
Isn't always the way? People who are so down to earth live in the clouds and give us the means to reach for the stars... I have a few designs I could be done with being built. They won't change the world, but they would change mine. I haven't a penny to spare and am not looking at being rich, but if I could pave the way for my son it would make me so happy. I like Mr Kelly, he's a genuine nice man. I hope he lives to 150.
Andi Stephen (2 years ago)
+Mark Harper Can't tell you what they are!!! However, I believe someone else may just come up with the same idea. After all, that's how the world turns... One time it was whale oil, then some damn fool drilled a hole in the ground and found oil...then they went back to sea and found oil there. Like back in the day it was lamps, then some men in different countries discovered electricity. How many men came up with the idea for the steam engine, then trains, then cars... We all look the same and mostly think the same, but privileged few come up with an idea that changes everything (and usually require a hand from the privileged rich who end up being even richer).
Mark Harper (2 years ago)
Yes, I know the schedule, I am in school while trying to do the normal life things as well. Hang in there. What are your designs on?
Andi Stephen (2 years ago)
+Mark Harper Not yet... They are on hold for a bit as I am working a million hours a week (feel that way, lol) and I get home so tired I eat & fall asleep. 
Mark Harper (2 years ago)
+Andi Stephen Did you find a way to get your designs going?
per sebra (4 years ago)
some folks have a sincerity and natural simple likability about them. This guy is one of those people. I wish i was 30 years younger and in his program. 
ThugBunny XXO (5 years ago)
i want to join this company, but im only 13
ThugBunny XXO (5 years ago)
i want to join this company, but im only 13
Hogie Flocka (1 month ago)
join the company now
Miguel Sheppard (1 year ago)
You're 17 now bro, go for an internship. That's my plan for the Massachusetts branch.
ambers rcell (5 years ago)
usa needs more people like him,
Enrique Montes (5 years ago)
That exists for more than two decades my friend. I had it on my old Philips TV, but I do not have it on my new Samsung.
TheSuperRocketman (5 years ago)
60 minutes are the hipsters of the media. I've never even heard of many of the stories 60 minutes covers.
mike jones (5 years ago)
How about a button on the tv to make the remote beep so i can find the mother fucker. Anyone agree?
cdh731 (5 years ago)
What an inspirational man without being pretentious....what a relief that is in todays times!
MorrWays (5 years ago)
When I start my business I will diffidently use this Idea of diversity thanks for the Idea.
EZE V (5 years ago)
6:35 the best lesson in life you can give your kids.
Mike Hu (5 years ago)
I would just like to say that 60 Minutes has always done a great job with interviews and getting the story across. Although it may no longer be 60 minutes worth of news like it claims, it doesn't sell short. This program is truly something special.

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