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Interior Design – A Glam Coastal Home

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Designer Dawna Jones shares her modern but inviting home on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, near Vancouver, where expansive windows make the most of the stunning ocean view. See how she used hits of wood and a mix of mid-century and custom furniture to add warmth to the large open rooms and graphic black and white colour scheme. Dawna designed a modern open-concept space, and brought in warmth with natural elements, like a metal fireplace and vintage wood buffet. A large eat-in monochromatic kitchen with tall sliding doors opens to the deck to create an indoor-outdoor lifestyle that's perfect for entertaining.
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Text Comments (31)
Jayce Padilla (1 month ago)
Iwas bothered how the living area is so shmall
Kumud Bansal (6 months ago)
Very beautiful house 💓💓💓💓💓
selick (1 year ago)
This is awful and tacky
Krispytreasure M (1 year ago)
people dont know how to differentiate modern and contemporary design.
McInnes Marketing (1 year ago)
Very nice West Coast Contemporary Home! I really like the cozy design, Fully agree that traditionally modern homes have a very cold feel, especially with concrete flooring! However this home does not give that impression. The exposed wood stairs on the main level really give the space a different "warmer" feel & the cozy little living room area with double couches around the tin lined fireplace is my favourite part. Master Bedroom with attached open ensuite is also very spacial. Amazingly large room with a great flow featuring the views from throughout as mentioned. Great work on this design, perfect fit for Gibsons I believe?
Gina Friend (2 years ago)
Simply FABULOUS!! ☆
artsy 33 (2 years ago)
gorgeous!!! love this!
Zara Chom (2 years ago)
dawna is brilliant. i love her style of designing her house.
Mr Abdi (3 years ago)
love this wow
Tania de la Combe (3 years ago)
Very good taste!! I love everything except the flooring ,the fur and ...the fire place !!!(I think the husband is pretty easy to convince to...I would never in this world convince mine(a French architect )to accept that...I would use a beautiful limestone or vintage wood for both,like the stairs that are,by the way ,the star of this house as the view...the same for the conception and the art work ( they look like mine!!) even in the bathroom we find a beautiful dyptique!! There would be nice if the owner give the credits to the creators of the art work,they are all beautiful and perfect for this house,well done!!!
Aneta Kudasik (3 years ago)
love the stairs! wow
sjohn (3 years ago)
Looking at the space, I feel it isn't very modern. Modern has a generic quality, however this space is wholly an expression of her. This home is more eclectic with a desire to be modern. In truth I'm not a fan of this home, it's much too cut up and separated and lacks an eye for visual detail and landscape.
sjohn (3 years ago)
couldn't agree more
周康 (3 years ago)
+sjchang2 the color is boring and also the layout is not good, but the landscape outside, amazing!
Henry Richard (3 years ago)
I bet her make up was done by a 5 year old
kol- ver (3 years ago)
I love this home and decor.....
Faye Evans (3 years ago)
Love your home,Gorgeous,lovely view.Perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Joe G (3 years ago)
evitasd (3 years ago)
I lady kept saying they didn,t want it to look cold, but the majority of black and white for colour makes to feel exactly that to me.
nate li (3 years ago)
I won't consider this as "modern" as there are too many knick knacks all over like on the "vintage buffet", the living room coffee table and side table, her kitchen and toilet. Instead I would consider this as "contemporary" style. I dont mind the colour scheme used but something about the house layout bothers me, the living room is rather small compared to the dining and kitchen and the whole house looks much smaller from the inside compared to the outside. The drapes are also too long.
daniel9068 (3 years ago)
beautiful home....
urban frat boy (3 years ago)
I understand and appreciate the monochromatic look however it doesn't work too well in this space and comes off as too cold.  I believe it is the flooring that is acting as the ruining factor.  In the northwest coast, with such shady light, you are better off warming the floors with a light hardwood, possibly incorporating counters with a visible grain such as marble etc, and adding the occasional pop of colour to add some visual interest.  It would still look modern and fit a black and white trend but also make your home a bit more inviting and livable.
Jayce Padilla (1 month ago)
there were no accent colors or enough natural colors that makes it a little warmer or cozier
Tania de la Combe (3 years ago)
I do agree with you ...it's the fireplace and the floor that is ruining everything!! I am convincing my daughter not to put it on her new and costly industrial kitchen cause it will crack all over and I will use this video as a great example ...I would use a beautiful limestone or antique wood ,the same for the fireplace...I love everything besides that...
onlyaudreyb (3 years ago)
you've uploaded this before havent you?
Eva Frade (3 years ago)
+onlyaudreyb I was thinking that too
Fla Ponte (3 years ago)
+onlyaudreyb i think they did
This does look really sterile.  The dining room looks cold, like literally cold and it's a chilly climate!  Those chairs look uncomfortable and cold, maybe add some cushions to give warmth and make the seating look inviting.  The entire house looks like we're in a black and white movie.  You have great shapes though, and wonderful balance of furniture.  I like the patterned pillows, throws, natural woods, and the plants.
周康 (3 years ago)
+A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí It's tooooooooo white(blank)!
jadeaj7 (3 years ago)
I agree! It does look sterile.
Christina Flowers (3 years ago)
Love every bit of it, its like you got inside my brain.  I love to mix all those elements!! Amazing house!

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