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Interior Design – How To Mix Styles & Eras In Your Home

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The pairing of unexpected elements — eccentric art above a traditional console, an heirloom sofa beside a sleek walnut armoire — defines designer Stephanie Houghton’s home. Get her tips for mixing styles and eras in your own space. The main floor is open-concept, so Stephanie divided the space with a tall mirror that visually separates the dining area from the living room. Mid-century modern furniture looks at home next to Victorian pieces and exotic prints, while bold pieces of artwork decorate the walls. Stephanie updated the kitchen with playful wallpaper to give it a jolt of energy on a tight budget. The family room gets tons of natural light, so Stephanie reflected that in the decor to create a bright and airy space. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored closets adds sparkle to the master bedroom, while the cool colors continue into the bathroom for a soothing place to unwind.
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David Vaccari (13 days ago)
Anyone who uses the words mid century should be dragged down the road with a dunce cap on how many times can one person say mid century
Rod Rod (18 days ago)
"Interior Design Styles" 1. Bohemian 2. Mid-century modern 3. Traditional 4. Contemporary 5. Farmhouse 6. Coastal / Hamptons 7. Minimalism / Minimalist 8. Industrial 9. Scandinavian 10. Transitional 11. French Country 12. Rustic 13. Shabby chic 14. Eclectic 15. Beach style 16. Mediterranean 17. Craftsman 18. Asian 19. Tropical 20. Southwestern 21. Victorian
Lina Gage (2 months ago)
She thinks it’s cool to “ break rules” and be different but it’s confusing and not cool:(
LisaFrank39 (2 months ago)
The crying picture is hilarious to me lol
Armstrong Chan (2 months ago)
Too many white walls and white furnitues, white+white ≠ good , I don't see much of the mix of textures and color contrast
Janet Ursel (4 months ago)
I think I just got converted to wallpaper. I don't share most of her tastes, but those wallpapers were gorgeous. Also loved how she broke up that long wall.
rosiesmard (5 months ago)
The crying girl painting is really scary. Why did you choose that painting ? It gives negative energy to the house !
redbougainvillea (5 months ago)
Not crazy about most of the art, but I like the eclectic mix of furnishings.
nadiagaines (6 months ago)
Looks like chaos.
Scott Brown (6 months ago)
The Canadian designers are too “white-happy” though I love their work in most other respects. #BlameCanada 😘
Anna Marie (6 months ago)
Those two paintings in the dining room... No, honey, just no...
Annette Pasternak (6 months ago)
the "before" was much nicer. I couldn't even watch up to a minute of this.
Haleemah Saida (7 months ago)
type of house you spend your life walking around with a cleaning clothe and eating over the sink. no spillage !!!
Andronicus Torres (7 months ago)
This design is hideous! Yuk!!!
Ron Douglas (7 months ago)
artsy 33 (10 months ago)
I love that she mixed modern art & decor in a very trad space. she's definitely gotta have money though, because unless it was lent or gifted to her, that Graham Gilmore art piece in the dining area (the piece with all the words), is easily in the $7,500-$30,000 price range. !
New Construction Homes (11 months ago)
Love that piece of art with the words on it in the living room. So cool.
Pamela Swanson (1 year ago)
The art in this home makes me feel anxious and frantic; however, I do not live in that home. Art can be changed. The choice of light fixtures, furniture, and kitchen cabinets can be changed. I like the bones of the home, but the design leaves much to be desired. If I were a guest in that home, I would definitely think she wanted me to leave. Not a comforting space starting with the portrait of a screaming child. Uncomfortable space all around for me.
RUSSIAN ROBOT (1 year ago)
This design style is called eclectic which I call "kitchen sink", common to residential projects. The idea of course is to professionally please the client so you get money and referrals. Sometimes it is why you decline viewing the ugly baby pictures.
tami sawyers (1 year ago)
so u r telling me that u got rid of d beautiful yellow for a damn white... wat creativity is that!
Maida San (1 year ago)
Why a lot of people in these videos make thier homes mostly white?
LisaFrank39 (2 months ago)
White brightens a room and it makes things feel 'clean' if that makes sense.
butterification (1 year ago)
SCARY ART!!!! What actual HUMAN enjoys seeing a crying child!!! DISGUSTING!
hxvideo (1 year ago)
OMG where can I find the table below the driftwood piece? Love it too much!!!!
J. Joy (1 year ago)
Is the crying girl painting taken from an old photo of herself right before her parents caved and gave her ice cream? That's the only way I can make sense of it - like a reminder to self to keep demanding what she wants because it has always worked for her in the past. Still doesn't make me want to hang out at her place but less creepy than thinking she just likes seeing kids cry.
Adam Energy (1 year ago)
didn't like it , a big buzz to the eye . disturbing !
Tucson Roof Gurus (2 years ago)
#PrincessBella wow, an amazing job still lots of money to invest @sg g
rneustel (2 years ago)
Some of the art in this house gives me the creeps, like those weird people facing the guest bed.
Gin Amber (2 years ago)
wow, an amazing job still lots of money to invest
Sally (2 years ago)
beautiful but the painting with the crying girl, must be very stressful and disturbing
Jennifer Shawley (2 years ago)
. . .i do have to add though, that the art used here would never find its way into my home. its like they tried too hard to make it unique but failed miserably. i do however appreciate the concept-the idea of mixing styles and making a home artsy and almost gallery-like. ..that crying girl piece though.. ugh. no. ...and the kitchen would have been a lot better if either the light went or the cabinets went. having the both of them together is just an eyesore. ...and do not get me started on that bathroom...if i had to rate this (1 being terrible, 5 being awesome), i'd give the concept itself a 5. 👍 but the decor used, a sad little 1.5. 👎...but what do i know? ..to each their own i suppose.
Jennifer Shawley (2 years ago)
this is amazing. i love art and mixing styles. brilliant.
london402 (2 years ago)
designers love to her themselves babble on about nothing
Jim Hughes (2 years ago)
Really didn't get this redesign.
Vila Militia (2 years ago)
I VAGUELY like this. And it did feel like the whole thing was made on a limited budget. And, then transferred into this to make it feel completely exclusive&pricy. and I guess you have to take it in an art perspective.
k james (2 years ago)
Bravo! Finally a space with genuine personality ... I would let this fearless and talented woman design my home in a heartbeat.
ladyvee7110 (2 years ago)
Making an all white decor all the time doesn't equate to great design. All the designers on this channel are just carbon copies of one another with the drab, cold, and sterile interiors.
Salma Chikhaoui (2 years ago)
How lovely they are the rooms in white .
Tttt Gggg (2 years ago)
I liked her living room.
Marilin Cornejo (2 years ago)
pésimo el cuadro de la niña llorando crea un ambiente de alteracion emocional, a quien se le ocurrio GRAVE ERROR 👎👎👎👎👎
Zeeangelofdeath (2 years ago)
"Comfortable " yet she has a big art piece of a child crying, that alone would make me want to leave and it doesn't even complement anything in the room. A room is supposed to make you feel inviting, this house makes me angry lol.
P. Prasad (2 years ago)
How could you get rid of the clawfoot bath gaaa?!
Em Bowker (2 years ago)
I totally love this mix of styles....
Image B DIY (2 years ago)
you didn't wanna take your kitchen seriously? that is the heart of a home .and the biggest money maker when you wanting to sale. then you said you wanted to have fun with it. to me it's not fun at all those white cabinets makes that small kitchen look even smaller and that awful lighting over the kitchen looks like they forgot to put those red cords in maybe you should take a different approach with that kitchen. everything else looks nice though.
jumbosilverette (2 years ago)
Furniture and placement -- wonderful. Crying girl painting -- not so much. Washboards and Keep Calm posters -- cheesy. Kitchen is a little antiseptic for my tastes, and I liked the bathroom 'before,' though the the mirror over the commode is nice.
K B (2 years ago)
Love this aesthetic!  Hope to see more from her!
Home Channel TV (2 years ago)
Some great ideas on mixing materials!
doppelpunkt. (2 years ago)
AMAZING ! I love it 😍
AfricancoolChic (2 years ago)
Nice home, but poor choice of artwork. People like to see children happy and smiling, not screaming and crying. I would find the picture agitating and unnerving having to look at that everyday.
Stephanie Houghton (2 years ago)
Thanks everyone for all your great opinions. I always find it so interesting to hear different points of view. :)
Zeeangelofdeath (2 years ago)
I hate your choice in art, stick to remodeling.
Kitamura Donald (2 years ago)
ALL FUGLY. It makes me angry.
orangeradios (1 year ago)
Blossom I (2 years ago)
I'm not sure what to think of that one sad art of the two couple. Waking up every morning first thing you see that is depressing, not a good start of the day to see that..almost like reminding you how depressing life is. Idk what is she thinking put that one piece of art up facing to the bed.
Tamela Bowie Interiors (2 years ago)
The bathroom is EVERYTHING in this home.
Sophie C (2 years ago)
The ceiling lights in the kitchen and family room are so weird and ugly.Some parts of this home make me feel so uncomfortable, but some parts are not bad. I wish I could give 2.5 out of 5..
hamed manoochehri (2 years ago)
she ruined a beautiful, soulful home. before pictures are delightful, warm and full of character but what she made is so... icy.
ReviewCam (1 month ago)
You're right, and I thought the bathroom even had warmth, color before.
LisaFrank39 (2 months ago)
Soulful? That hello was hideous.
iM RC (3 months ago)
the old house is boring!!
rneustel (8 months ago)
She said it had been stripped of the character, but other than the baseboards and window trim, I couldn't see any character she put back in it. Maybe negative character - that screaming child art!!
Pamela Swanson (1 year ago)
CreateOneDay (2 years ago)
Hmm. Not really sure what to think about this house. I love parts and pieces, and I like a mix of modern and traditional (not sure that I would call it tension as she does, but more of a balance). But I feel sad that this Victorian home has no Victorian charm. Not even the tiniest bit. I know she said it had already been stripped of its character, but some traditional character could have been re-infused. As it is, it's totally suffering an identity crisis, and to me, that's the real conflict. The kitchen is off. The up-cycled florescent lamp and jumbled extension cord is just gross. And stripping the beautiful fixtures from the master bath was a travesty. Also, the art throughout the home was just meh, and in some cases less than meh. The living/dining area was my favorite, as it seemed to do the traditional meets modern better than any of the other rooms, but overall it's a confusing statement.
CikArina (2 years ago)
that bathroom though... what a waste..
Xing (2 years ago)
I don't really like the artwork at all, but the flat eric was really cute. made me laugh.
Blue Frangi (2 years ago)
Personality??? It's an all white minimal kitchen. Organic red nest of cords??? You mean tangled electrical cords. A driftwood piece that wants to be industrial??? You mean an old distressed chest of drawers.
This is not good.
Hugh Jazz (2 years ago)
Glenkinchie 12 year old - thats a terrible single malt
TheNicoliyah (2 years ago)
I really love the style of this house.
Karla Dreyer Design (2 years ago)
Great video and info!
Pauline François (2 years ago)
love love love
oowatwat (2 years ago)
man that old washroom was lit though... I'm sad that it got replaced with the boring new things :(
Shreya G (2 years ago)
question for you guys, just curious. out of the manifold designers who were kind enough to show us their designs, do you'll have a particular favourite? favourite designer/design?
elaine yap (1 year ago)
I like Ramsin Kachi. I saw a kitchen he designed and I was like "kitchen goals!!!" Reiko's designs are nice too.
Shreya G (2 years ago)
aah house and home, giving me false expectations for my new abode
Karla Dreyer Design (2 years ago)
+Shreya Ganesh such a beautiful space - love the art!
Shannon Davidson (2 years ago)
Beautiful...best one yet! Loved the artwork and pillows!
Karla Dreyer Design (2 years ago)
+Shannon Davidson totally agree with the art - love!!
Hanin Alyahya (2 years ago)
Wow I loved everything actually, except of the two carpet at the open concept.. I really want to see more project of this designer.
Maggie Leroy (2 years ago)
Absolutely wonderful and very tasteful. I don't like all the art but thank god we all have a different taste!
Makeupjunki76 (2 years ago)
Truly probably one of my favorites. Loved every single aspect.
Achuchu Bam (2 years ago)
Nahh...the crying girl on the wall is cheesy and disturbing.
Allison (23 days ago)
That's the point of art though. To make you feel a certain way. It was probably the photographer's goal to make you cringe or feel uneasy. I love it for that reason!
Pod (1 year ago)
nouvellecosse keep editing ur post until u make sense! lolz
Nouvellecosse (1 year ago)
Dixie Normous if you didn't want her life story why did you post what you incorrectly imagined to be her life story when making that insulting response? THAT'S what people didn't want
Pod (1 year ago)
omgawd we didnt want ur life story....
Pamela Swanson (1 year ago)
@Dixie I have two biological children and opened my home to the others. Best years of my life, but do not want to see a child in distress every time I pass through my home. Consider gathering factual data before spewing opinions.
PrincessBella (2 years ago)
KS Kelly (2 years ago)
Really lovely.
juliatab (2 years ago)
Truly one of the best houses i've ever seen..Really Beautiful..

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