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Male Hawaiian Dancers Bring It On

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Text Comments (29)
Evianna Faye (4 days ago)
I must have watched this clip many, many, many times......
fullplate100 (21 days ago)
And to think... the missionaries came to the islands & told these people that the dance was sinful & that they needed to stop! Their foolishness was the sin!!
Delia Muller (23 days ago)
U sure Jeffrey Scott hasn't passed ..he lives or lived in Fountain Hills Az..I was told that he had sometime in July...of last year
Sakura (1 month ago)
my eyes got a great workout!
Delia Muller (1 month ago)
Is it true that Dr Jeffrey Scott...one of these dancers passed
Danny Dzachary (2 months ago)
wolf2468 (3 months ago)
They're all built like brick shit houses holy fuck
Director Lunchie (3 months ago)
a matriarchal society is so amazing, our men no longer dance. they pay to see women dance naked. what a sad world we are living in.
Khalen-Brendon Guatlo (3 months ago)
what this song english?
Sushrut Lamani (3 months ago)
damn ima do this in school
Duke box (8 months ago)
super sexy
Juulia Saarinen (8 months ago)
Hot. XDDDDDDD Dont show yo booty XD LMAO, what 0:06 This man is good at listening to the beat, he didnt miss any.
imanii moore (10 months ago)
these men are sexy
Zaber (10 months ago)
wtf, this is actually fucking awesome.
milky _saga (1 year ago)
YAY oh man is booty 😐
Juulia Saarinen (8 months ago)
Jaynhea Jazreal Micua Datangel i know right XD
Esmeralda Quiros (1 year ago)
What is translation for this song
Alexa Roderick (1 year ago)
Watching dance gets me so excited. I can't wait to be in physical fitness as far as health to dance this. I'm so excited I want it so strongly now.
Ms.Madame Monroe (1 year ago)
Hefizba Beula (1 year ago)
Those leg movements are way to similar to Indian women traditional dance, like South Asia maybe Malasia.
Mimi Forsyth (2 years ago)
defining fierce
Leong Phil (2 years ago)
Hawaiian chippendales! Really yum......
Kalei K (2 months ago)
Leong Phil - Hula is NOT a striptease performance. It’s a religion, a way of life and expression of our environment.
Ermalinda Espinoza (4 years ago)
The male in the white cloth, where is he now?
Director Lunchie (19 days ago)
lol!!! taken 100000 times after this video is viewed 96,000 times
Director Lunchie (3 months ago)
Juulia Saarinen (8 months ago)
Nah Fam XD
Nah Fam (8 months ago)
Ermalinda Espinoza idk but he is responsible for this hypnotizing performance

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