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Interior Design — Before & After: Colourful, Art-Filled Townhouse Makeover

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Do all-white rooms leave you feeling empty? On http://houseandhome.com/tv, check out this main floor reno designed by Karen Cole — it's packed with creativity and clever ideas! Watch hundreds of other free TV segments here: http://houseandhome.com/tv.
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Text Comments (98)
I loved ;I loved beautiful ;I love color and art!
Natalia Li (22 days ago)
So elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Love it.
Cindy Fuller (25 days ago)
Love the layers, colors and stunning kitchen. Great style and personality. I have the same philosophy, buy what you love and it has a connection. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
blessOTMA (1 month ago)
Looks great!
Mery El Bak (2 months ago)
Loving the work of both the designer and the artist, both of them have a great artistic talent
Mery El Bak (2 months ago)
Loving the work of both the designer and the artist, both of them have a great artistic talent
전국노래자랑할매 (2 months ago)
Caroline Y (2 months ago)
I love this home except the dining room chairs
Isabella Ireland (3 months ago)
Now, this is my style! This is my kind of a designer! A feast of color, shape, and texture!
copchie (3 months ago)
That wall ugly ass shit
riri shafiyyah (4 months ago)
Roland Ramirez (4 months ago)
The kitchen is not the largest? LOL WUT
Jenny Hughes (5 months ago)
Not sure about 'powder room' (toilet?) right next to where guests might be sitting?
Jay W11 (5 months ago)
screw minimalism, this is fill of soul
Marie Lim (5 months ago)
Colours are very personal & it reflects the personality of that pax however still comes to individual taste..
Donald Raife (5 months ago)
marishkaspirit (5 months ago)
As a painter myself, with the urge to display sometimes, I still find it too much for the paintings...but overall I love this house design <3 I would have probably put just a little color in the kitchen as I am not big fan of grey, but overall is harmonious
kokonutts arefun (5 months ago)
Very nice. Too busy for my taste but beautiful.
Elizabeth Falconio (5 months ago)
Gorgeous colors and textures! Nice job!
cloud y (5 months ago)
If I was a interior designer, never ever would use black neither white. So overated, extremist. Pearl cream instead of white, lovely.
Yu (5 months ago)
All beautiful and go well together.. except for the chairs of the dining table..... I really hated those chairs
Corrie Human (5 months ago)
A B (5 months ago)
Living look like my a first attempt at home decorating. Sorry, she can say whatever bs she wants, the result is all but harmonious to me
cirej25 (5 months ago)
I can imagine this particular designer meeting her client and immediately realizing that it will be extremely challenging for her especially knowing that her client is an artist with a lot of existing beautiful eclectic collection of different type of artwork. She somehow manages to successfully tackled it and expertly came up with this amazing space.
Arc Kocsog (5 months ago)
The living room is too narrow, it looks like a corridor. I dont particularly like the many paintings.
Juniva wilson holloman (6 months ago)
I love your💕👍
Sandra Isaksson (6 months ago)
"not a very large kitchen" What is she talking about!?
Jennifer A (6 months ago)
Alia Guerin (6 months ago)
Very pretty, but i hope that lady has a cleaninglady to dust it al:)
Jenny Hughes (5 months ago)
yes: all that crockery+ out on display - it'd get really dirty & dusty!
Kathy Hoskin (6 months ago)
Oh, I love this!
M e (6 months ago)
That is a swing and a miss unfortunately. The kitchen is great. Wonderful idea but the living room is a disaster. WAY TOO BUSY. I love the idea of a salon with tons of paintings but the blue paint on the wall was competing with the art and the paneling behind the art was horrendous. Either do paneling or tons of paintings but ya can't have both. The art is stunning and deserves to be showcased in a better way. Those chairs found in the basement need to go back to the basement. Hell to the no to those tacky things. Overall a fail.
G Ulmerton (6 months ago)
At last, an interior designer who is not full of herself when showcasing her work!
Heather Gaspari (6 months ago)
Love the layering and color patterns. Eclectic Chic.
Asia Barakat (6 months ago)
It's so pretty and cozy ...
Ellie Marie (6 months ago)
Yes! There is so much life in this house! I love it
Stephanie Murray (6 months ago)
I never say this but i love everything about this ! bravo!!!
Jessica LT (6 months ago)
The gallery wall is beautiful.
EliezaBaby (6 months ago)
Perfect design and pleasing on the eyes . That's home . Great job 👍BTW love the colorful art piece with side chair and tons of flowers . Is that hers ? And how much ?
Rose Redd (6 months ago)
Finally something we're not All supposed to be ok with! My only dislike is the runner carpet on the curved staircase
Justin Letourneau (7 months ago)
Some cool designs that could be used for interior decoration.. https://t.co/CpGgUsEqAd
Lorenzo Potrich (7 months ago)
That wall full of art is absolutely FANTASTIC :D
P Maynard (7 months ago)
Great job Karen looks amazing!
Jodie Cha (7 months ago)
Thank you for not posting a home design where the kitchen is all white...that's such a cliche trend kitchens are adopting these days.
Guy Goodwin (8 months ago)
I like her art.. and how it is being displayed.
A C (8 months ago)
Stunning! Rich, comfortable and alive! Magnificent
Courtney Cousins (8 months ago)
The sliding doors are genius, they look so good and are so functional. A great solution.
MusicaErika (8 months ago)
What is the colour in the kitchen cabinets? It’s so beautiful 😍
rneustel (9 months ago)
Oh, my...if I was going to use a designer, I would definitely have to use this lady!! I feel like a kindred spirit, too, and the client is an amazing artist.
victoriavts22 (9 months ago)
absolutely gorgeous!
lizzfrmhon (9 months ago)
Stunning. I love the neutrals but this use of color is just amazing.
Francisca Belén (10 months ago)
I'm in love with your work!
Political Twinkie (1 year ago)
When everything from so many is a white design it becomes lacking of originality.  Thank you for the color!  It is not always easy to know how to use it properly, so I can learn, plus it is inspiring!
Adzarul Buqary (1 year ago)
Amelia Andes (1 year ago)
Love the art wall.
studiocurtis (1 year ago)
It takes a masterful talent to bring that volume of color and pattern into harmony, and she did it gracefully... calming yet vibrant at the same time - an amazing accomplishment. I also appreciate how she jubilantly honored the work of the artist. The home feels magical and full of life.
Uallllllll lindooooooooooooo ,gorgeus!
Rachel Andréa (1 year ago)
This is my favorite one
Elaine Haygood (1 year ago)
That navy blue made my Inner Moticia SMILE.
The Joyful Eye (1 year ago)
Like this. It's sort of whimsical or something
Emeline Emeline (1 year ago)
Sliding kitchen cabinetry? GENIUS! I'd love to see other homes Karen has designed, she's brilliant.
Jenny Hughes (5 months ago)
yes, sliding doors IF VERY EASY to do/roll & good easy handles = good for me because I hit my head on them & damage my hands.
Karen Zielke (1 year ago)
love this home
The true House and Home I love!!!! lots of color and ideas... now it's all subway tiles and plain white walls...
Cole W (1 year ago)
This is absolutely beautiful. Wow. So inspiring.
that fireplace!!! love it!
Mamadollskie (1 year ago)
I personally am not a fan of too much stuff on display, but this place looks like an artist's home which the owner is. I'm glad the designer respected that and worked the artwork quite well, instead of editing the pieces to suit a certain design like a show home.
Jenny Hughes (5 months ago)
yes but to me they looked awful on the coloured wood panelling = way too busy!
all good things (1 year ago)
good thing this is not white base decor something refreshing and unique not safe but creative
Veronica (1 year ago)
amazing designer
love love love love
Yume (1 year ago)
This woman is a genius! This is why you hire a designer.
Jennifer Prevost (2 years ago)
This designer has such a lovely way about her. I imagine she would be a pleasure to work with, not to mention the quality of her work is beautiful.
D Ishappywithlife (2 years ago)
Yup definitely my style, actually my house looks very similar to this design. Two thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽
r82chi k (2 years ago)
good job 🙌
Cereal_Quilla (2 years ago)
"We buy things we love...When you buy things you love they're often related to one another, and you can always find a way to put them together " D'accord
TruthSeeker (2 months ago)
Cereal_Quilla - That was my biggest takeaway too!!!! That’s certainly been my experience but I’ve never had it articulated quite that way. I’m very much like these artist/designers in collecting things I love but it is an art to continue to incorporate these items into a living space without having things feel too “full” & cluttered where you end up losing the beauty of the objects. Great remodel!
The Joyful Eye (1 year ago)
Robin Evans (2 years ago)
flipthecoin888 (2 years ago)
probably my favorite house & home house ever. its this or grace castanedas condo. theyre so different though.
Mulan 121 (2 years ago)
Ah, the ashy blue wood paneling is amazing, and the eclectic layout of artwork. It reminds me of Provence, I just love it!
Lyon Still (2 years ago)
As much as I love gallery walls, I would not have hidden those beautifully paneled walls.
lcapplewood (3 years ago)
So sick of seeing all-white.  This is a relief from snow-infested walls.  Great color!  Thank you!
Patriot Jefferson (3 years ago)
Stunning & timeless!
Bunny Mad (3 years ago)
Sua Quavi (3 years ago)
This is really good! I like how you've tried to not only display the owners stuff but actually created ways to display it better.
JAchica11 (3 years ago)
I love it! Wonderful soothing colors.
gilesderoet (3 years ago)
Amazing, This is exactly the kind of home I want to live in.
Fa Lala (3 years ago)
Love it !!!
Tracci Quartermaine (3 years ago)
Dathan (3 years ago)
I like this, especially the kitchen. I'm not a fan of blue.  I thought it was gray. I like the wing chair fabric as well.  Thanks or sharing.
fahm salm (3 years ago)
Wonderful and beautiful choices
henrieke vanurk (3 years ago)
Love the light blue kitchen cabinets! A beautiful colour!
evitasd (3 years ago)
Some wonderful paintings there.
napoleonalex1 (3 years ago)
Ashley Case (3 years ago)
The kitchen is my favourite part, it's so beautiful
Matthew (3 years ago)
That last line really struck home with me. So true!

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