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Timberland Men's 6 inch Premium Boots 'Water' (Tide Pool)

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Baby Blue is nice color. Thanks for watching. Please a click to subscribe or give a thumb up.
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M&N Distribution (10 months ago)
These are hard af to find.
Kosbruk Family (1 month ago)
Theres a guy on poshmark that sells them. You have to really look, but i love mine.
R Russell (10 months ago)
this color is nice
Natepushweights (1 year ago)
😀😀 Great video left you a thumbs up (: i have a channel too, we should support each other, sub for sub?
Otto2Wavy (1 year ago)
Getting too hot for timbs 😂😂
R Russell (1 year ago)
I know right but the price was right Otto. I might wear them a couple times and sell them . They going get dirty quick.

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