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GANGNAM STYLE [PSY] feat. Kim Jong Il - North Korea dance edition (강남스타일)

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PSY feat. Kim Jong Il on tour through North Korea
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Text Comments (42)
Lorenzo C (1 year ago)
so accurate😁😁😁
Tango Bravo (1 year ago)
Communism and success, two words combined that don't make sense
Gg Ez (2 years ago)
jail for everyone
조형진 (3 years ago)
In north korea there is a city called gangnam.....
Inconvenientruths (4 years ago)
Absolutely magic, I just cant wait until the PUTIN  one comes out.
papakilatube (4 years ago)
Watch Rihanna and KJI on my channel.
deep forest (5 years ago)
North is better than South!
T Bones (2 years ago)
go and live in that fucking fucking shithole North korea then you little fuck
Stephen Buckeye (3 years ago)
Obviously it's not. Otherwise this song would have come out of the North.
deep forest (5 years ago)
+Sophal Som Nope, North is tough
Sara Kuy (5 years ago)
No South is better
The Premier (5 years ago)
North Korea isn't considered communist anymore it is now called a facist state
The Premier (5 years ago)
North Korea isn't considered communist anymore it is now called a facist state
The Silver Shroud (1 year ago)
Then why do they still have hammer and sickle symbols
Kim Il- Sung (6 years ago)
Oh herro
MegaCessnapilot (6 years ago)
What the fuck are they mandatorily celebrating??? Fatboy???
NeoPsychosis 1567 (2 years ago)
MegaCessnapilot Yes, your statement is correct, sound's pathetic though.
veeti salminen (6 years ago)
Yea but look this guys /watch?v=uYBCgV6a5kE
kahwaitsi1 (6 years ago)
0:52 three white men spotted
windycity708773 (6 years ago)
Jail for everyone!
Skimina Maciej (6 years ago)
2:07 klata mu się zapadnie od tych medali :)
Erulaico (6 years ago)
North Korea is Socialist, is not Communist and is not marxism-leninism, is Juche.
kenny6131nuevo (6 years ago)
las cosas que se encuentran en youtube xD
Armand Mashayekh (6 years ago)
Giuspei (6 years ago)
POland !!!!!!!!!!
nikototo69 (6 years ago)
North Korea is the worst deformation of the marxism-leninism.. North Korea doesn't represents the communism or socialism, keep that in mind.
abderaman alzemouri (6 years ago)
5 are north koreans !
antonis arvanitidis (6 years ago)
Black hole of communism.Stand up and fight against regime.Fight for a better future for your kids.Make communism success.
gil zur (6 years ago)
hopa killer style lol
Jack Pham (6 years ago)
javier776 (6 years ago)
capitalism rocks, commies sucks!
200dogz (6 years ago)
Unlike some countries...North Korea can actually take jokes pretty well
TheShadow079 (6 years ago)
aw.. cmon... look at the happiness on their faces :P (speaking seriously.. poor guys =| )
kenektik (6 years ago)
North Korea is hell on earth.
Marek De Marko (6 years ago)
Better future? With porn, E-chemical products? With degraded music?
Wróbelek (6 years ago)
they will find u , u are alerdy death
juki009 (6 years ago)
who told you this was a parody?
teodor103 (6 years ago)
i have one advice for creator of this vid ... GTFO from your country, change names, birth date and hope they won't find u ;)
Matt Gannotta (6 years ago)
this is much better then the other parodies
DREAMHippo9 (6 years ago)
This one's better than the other North Korean Gangnam style.
Vodka Nick (6 years ago)
Kadaj2PL (6 years ago)
great vid :) nice song even in poland we feel it! hope better future for norrth korea....

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