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BMW Motorrad Apparel: TourShell Suit

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Shawn Thomas, BMW Motorrad Ambassador, takes us through the features of the TourShell Suit. For more information on this item, please visit bmwmotorcycles.com/gearup.
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Dave Lovely (6 months ago)
Shawn, I have owned my TourShell gear for 3 years and the waterproofing has held up great...until a few days ago. I got stuck in some rain and got wet. I was very surprised since I could normally ride hours in heavy rain in this gear and not get wet in the least. So obviously the waterproofing has worn off. I was told this would happen when I bought it and was told I could apply waterproofing spray and renew the waterproof functionality of the gear. Can you please tell me what water-repellent spray BMW recommends for the TourShell gear? Thanks a bunch.

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