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HOW TO KILL ANY SNAKE!? (Slither.io)

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► HOW TO KILL ANY SNAKE!? Slither.io ► SUBSCRIBE! - http://bit.ly/1PkfmsN ► FOLLOW ME! - https://twitter.com/Slogomanify • MY FRIENDS! KWEBBELKOP - https://www.youtube.com/user/kwebbelkop JELLY - https://www.youtube.com/user/JellyYT • TWITTER - @Slogomanify https://twitter.com/slogomanify • INSTAGRAM - @Slogomanify http://instagram.com/slogomanify • SNAPCHAT - slogomanify • FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/slogomanify • MERCHANDISE! http://shop.slogoman.co.uk/ • Credits Intro: Electro - Swing || Jamie Berry Ft. Octavia Rose - Delight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH5aq4V0Ywk&list=UUUHhoftNnYfmFp1jvSavB-Q Outro: Electro Swing || Jazzotron - I Can Swing (Grant Lazlo remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yniX_HGV0wU https://soundcloud.com/jamie-berry https://www.facebook.com/jamieberrymusic/ http://www.flakrecords.com/ Epidemic Sound - http://bit.ly/1UPtCyx If you enjoyed the video, a like would be awesome and subscribe if you want to see more!
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Text Comments (5889)
Ru Shu (11 days ago)
Have you tried to go In the Wall with a yellow snake
Kayden Smith (18 days ago)
Mark a new daddies
Abel Torres (22 days ago)
Love how u keep dieing
Lim Jun (1 month ago)
Are you a noob,angry noob,smart noob,50%pro,pro,super pro,mega pro or master?
Lim Jun (1 month ago)
Take that a 20000
Lim Jun (1 month ago)
What is your high score,mine is 27000 something
David Gibson (1 month ago)
this is one of the most best slither video yet but the mic was breaking up a few times
Mateusz Profesor (1 month ago)
I dont have any computer im watching on my tablet
Game Master (1 month ago)
I have killed like 10 people when they circle me so it is not surprising that you could do it once.111
misfit me (1 month ago)
MaXiMiLlIaNmUs (2 months ago)
Love ir face at 5:59 no but seriously i feel sorry for u josh😫😥😌
Vandana sharma (2 months ago)
Teri bhan ki
David Esland (2 months ago)
I can do that
Erik Loureiro (2 months ago)
Best intro EVER!
Erin and Tori IrishTwins (2 months ago)
Lol at the end
Hawa Sillah (2 months ago)
This doesn't teach me anything only HOW TO GET KILLED IN SLITHER IO
Aj Parihar (2 months ago)
S Gurung (3 months ago)
13:05 WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT prbbbbbbbbb ooooop I think some one farted hehe he
Sasha And The Gang (3 months ago)
Slow down SLOgoman!!!
Toby Evans (3 months ago)
Ur so bad
Toby Evans (3 months ago)
If so bad
Chayce Forbes (3 months ago)
Stayn SD (3 months ago)
Yeahe to
mama cruzz (3 months ago)
what is the game called
mama cruzz (3 months ago)
logan h f2f thanks im going to download it
mama cruzz (3 months ago)
slither io form logan h f2f
Lily Bendle (4 months ago)
in slither, you have to play dirty and dangerous. and you have to boost. otherwise, you dont do that well
Kyle Yumol (4 months ago)
Destroying (4 months ago)
Ur Mic was sheet m8
Venom Symbiote sain (4 months ago)
You know what there are jelly snake and kwebblekops logo snake they might have forgotten you
Roberto Spence (4 months ago)
my.high score on slither is 86293
Troy Belton (4 months ago)
Awesome man thx I'm getting so better
Prith YT (4 months ago)
Other snakes:I'm going to kill u and eat u up Me:no not today😜
hi guy (4 months ago)
I thought jelly was the biggest worm ever
Deonte Wiggins (4 months ago)
8:55 long af
Coacoa Huston (4 months ago)
oof he is so confusing he titles the video how to kill any SNAKE key word snake and he calls them WORMS and hes the one who get killed.......lol love you josh
Rodney Perini (4 months ago)
I’m as bad as you😝
papa Jamie (5 months ago)
You're touching your mic too much and it's bad to hear you
mad_ dragenex (5 months ago)
I'm 3rd he says XD
technical Deepak (5 months ago)
Not soft and smooth and thaen right and left
technical Deepak (5 months ago)
Speaking solution
Nathanael Choo (5 months ago)
YouFarted ! (6 months ago)
It’s impossible to kill snake becuz all snake has 10000000000000000000000000000000000 iq
Kade Garcia (6 months ago)
funny cat videos (7 months ago)
You sound like sketch
OFFSTAGEMOCHA 70 (7 months ago)
No dude you went into the side of him
Ο Εκφωνητής (7 months ago)
My best is 83.957!!!!
Adrian Gamer (7 months ago)
Finally someone who is like me someone who can kill people while he is being constricted
YaQueenKatieHere ! (7 months ago)
Guys this game is cannibalism
king of challenges (7 months ago)
That was me
Obie whan kahnoolyies (8 months ago)
TheMadHatter (8 months ago)
I love slither.io, most I've gotten was 12k long. Played on mobile, didn't know they had a pc version.
Subhasmita Dash (8 months ago)
I feel bad for you and love your videos
Jove Mckenna (8 months ago)
0:29 I am 50 long. That's pretty long. What!? I can get to 50 in 15 seconds!
MR AYUSH (8 months ago)
How to play in android online but snake not. CONTROL he moves springle type
Shadow Gamer (8 months ago)
U 're noob Slogoman noob noob noob
BNJ CREATIONS (8 months ago)
I was n the leader board my nam is jack and I’m the rainbow guy I would give my mass to slog if I knew it was him
Trin Murray (8 months ago)
Where are my girl slither.io players?
jake pro (8 months ago)
Your axadents make me luagh
Noah Hunziker (9 months ago)
he stops getting wrecked at 1:48
Saksham Rajpurohit (9 months ago)
I want more slither.io
Cool Videos Lily Berger (9 months ago)
Is he held captive or something
Venus Bacerdo (9 months ago)
i try silither.io its amazing game i em so big worm
Gamingkreepercat 76 (9 months ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue I got clickbaited, and so did you
jake pro (9 months ago)
That red big guy was/me
jake pro (9 months ago)
I think I'm magic Because killed a Tiny worm or snake when I was big In it by bumbing into its side like magic
Kyle Ruperto (9 months ago)
That’s lucky men
Arlene Pace (9 months ago)
That guy that killed you in your side of you the front one I seen was a hacker
Arlene Pace (9 months ago)
Thaat flag Dude was me
Armida Dominguez (9 months ago)
u are so bad butt 😆😆😆😆😆
Antichrist Superstar (9 months ago)
How to kill any snake but he called it a worm in the video is it a worm or a snake?
Emanuel London (10 months ago)
Adrian Aranda (10 months ago)
I slowed it down the person got killed by slogo weired.
denis carey (10 months ago)
I got eighteen thousand try beat that
Ayden Vlogs (10 months ago)
Jelly is better than you
Se'mana Thompson (10 months ago)
Wonderful !
Krishaan Singh (10 months ago)
Expo Torrecampo (11 months ago)
You keep on hiring your mike
SUMIT clasher (11 months ago)
How to control
Gian Bacay (11 months ago)
My length is 122,651
The Three Guinea Cateers (11 months ago)
Ima pro
Knut Högberg (11 months ago)
slogoman IS THE BEST
BEAST GOALKEEPER (11 months ago)
I love your vids
espo Gaming NNN (11 months ago)
Wen you kill sh it man circul you JUST SHRAWARDINE KILL HIM 😲😲😲😲
Killer (11 months ago)
Hello Raquel (11 months ago)
beast boy (11 months ago)
I have a mod to slither.io
beast boy (11 months ago)
Derek Feet (11 months ago)
I saw the little guy at the end just barely get in front of him
RoseMair Alexis (11 months ago)
I rlly like the end when he just leaved, XD
Rakel Polden (11 months ago)
My record is 45000
KiKi_ Gaming (1 year ago)
Do more
BloodAxe _Gaming (1 year ago)
You use computer right?
odin kills ninja 911 (1 year ago)
Mods is cheating.
Nikkatta Jones (1 year ago)
Your horible
Dexter Paulsen (1 year ago)
0:10 best kill ever in the hissssssstory of the entire world
Panda Bear (1 year ago)
He is just like me..... I'm so mad when I died on slither.io!!!!!!!! Who is just like me?? Who agree?
Joshua Thomas (1 year ago)
Danny Hung (1 year ago)
Most quiet outro ever
Growtopia playgame (1 year ago)
Don't hurt other people feelings wpdoldpelspepslepelelepdldlslskelekskeloee! Ex eododp
Growtopia playgame (1 year ago)
You know you're eating other people's food lol
Zain gamer Vlogs (1 year ago)
His mike sounds weird
L1ghtsAJ (1 year ago)
This is me when i get mad about the game 1:00
xxxachoozuezcoc (1 year ago)
Watch master ov

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