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Best Tool For New Barbers Learning How To Shape Or Line A Beard.

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my review on the cut buddy check out there website http://www.thecutbuddy.com for our products go to http://www.ezbladeshavingproducts.com music by copyright free youtube music
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Text Comments (23)
Good Guy Gary (7 months ago)
Drink up one shot every time he says ''guys'', I dare you. :)
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (10 months ago)
Half yall with the negative comments keep them to yourself its not my deal yall tapeline got push back and some of yall dont have hair
MrVrezh1212 (1 year ago)
If you’re a barber and you have to use this, tell me where you are so I can stay the hell away from you
cmoneytheman (1 year ago)
Why say that how nothin will come out real sharp like a straight blade when u used the outliners it was real sharp and I seen lots of people use them classic joints on people and was sharp beards to
Mo Asensio freestyle (1 year ago)
Where I can get that tools Are they expensive ? Please reply quickly thnks
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (10 months ago)
Charlie Jesus. Amzaon
Mo Asensio freestyle (1 year ago)
Emery Goode IV (1 year ago)
Charlie Jesus amazon
Karan Channon (1 year ago)
I think it's ment for home use.
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (10 months ago)
Karan Channon home use
cmoneytheman (1 year ago)
Karan Channon no shop to
Terrique Registre (1 year ago)
Could you use the cut buddy with a straight edge razor
Karan Channon (1 year ago)
Terrique Registre from my limited experience with straight razors you need to use your free hand to stretch the skin to avoid cutting the client.
Clubman Pinaud (1 year ago)
Definitely need Clubman Pinaud products for your audience. Let's talk!
Manuel Martinez (1 year ago)
That's awesome
alphacharlie65ms (1 year ago)
If you have to use this, you don't need to be cutting hair.
Rio Rogers (16 days ago)
You sound silly. Unless you mean ppl that are trying to be a barber. I ordered a cut buddy ..can never get my corners tight.
kidwooh86 kidwooh86 (10 months ago)
They mad cuz they tapeline got push back
Tyrone - (10 months ago)
He obviously doing a review...there are some single mothers single fathers that can use this on their sons to save money. Great tool
cmoneytheman (1 year ago)
alphacharlie65ms why not if a customer wants to get out quick and the barbor wants to move to the next one common sense
R. Wms (1 year ago)
Both of you just shut up, this is beneficial for those who want to cut their OWN hair, just be quiet
Juice Hern (1 year ago)
Good video bro! Thanks!

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