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Interior Design – A Traditional Living Room With 1930s Glamor

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Inspired by the pre-war architecture in New York City, designer Grace Castaneda created a sophisticated living room influenced by 1930s interiors. Grace stuck to an elegant, muted palette with soft shades of green, coral and pink, and hits of brass. She created a seating area with a pair of scroll-arm sofas, ’30s-style armchairs and a glamorous painted coffee table with a brass base. Pretty floral motifs were used on the throw pillows and the wall art flanking the fireplace. Over in the foyer, classic black and white checkered floors add a distinct ’30s feel, and ornate accessories reference the era while remaining modern.
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Andrée (5 hours ago)
It's such a classic style. Absolutely love it! : ) Great job.
ian1856 (14 days ago)
Stunning!! And I'm a big fan of Thomas Pheasant, so it was another plus when you used his chandelier in the entry.
christine lacueva (18 days ago)
Nazara Said (1 month ago)
Very nice, but maybe the hall mirror would have been better horizontal
Jessica LT (1 month ago)
The Asian framed screens are stunning and hold the room well.
Jessica LT (1 month ago)
Beautiful and not a “gray” shade around, thank god. Unusual and different...love it.
Julian Coulden (2 months ago)
L P (3 months ago)
Love this
Jackie Perez (4 months ago)
Very well done! Formal and elegant but inviting
Terrence Gold (5 months ago)
wow. gorgeous!
Natalia Li (5 months ago)
Love it. Tasteful and elegant. I watched this video 3 times.
Sandy G. (7 months ago)
Beautifully done, I love it!
rneustel (8 months ago)
Beautifully designed spaces!
New York Window Fashion (8 months ago)
Loving the windows here. We are a high-end commercial and residential treatment company based in Manhattan. We would love to work with you on projects if you or any of clients are looking to add window treatments for privacy, design, and more.
Crystal Robinson (10 months ago)
Beautiful...... my kind design!
RAINE M (1 year ago)
Very well curated and eloquently put together.
I love Animals (1 year ago)
nancy burall (1 year ago)
I love this beautiful design style
Katie Harris (1 year ago)
The house is very beautiful. One quibble: "Pre-war" is meaningless. Which war? War Between the States? Desert Storm? Viet Nam War? Korean War? One of the World Wars? Please indicate the century and decade. Other than that, the presentation was enjoyable. It is nice to see a classic house that is cherished for its architectural details. Too often folks rip out woodwork in an effort to "modernize".
ian1856 (14 days ago)
Iry Wallenholm (1 year ago)
It is not what I would do for my own home but it is definitely gorgeous 😍💖!!!
Ariana Paredes (1 year ago)
looks very relaxed ....i love the clean colors you used...👍
Kenny Holland (1 year ago)
How classy is this ?!!! Love it !! Almost English elegance, I love it !!!!!!
戴青青 (1 year ago)
I saw the “sun-like” gold mirror many times in different videos.
kaye gomez (1 year ago)
not my cup of tea
Rose Redd (1 year ago)
This designer is so well-spoken, I'm continually impressed.
Beautiful yet memorable pre-war style of the 1930's the furniture reminds me of my grandparents house when I was a kid, memories of long ago... pristine design absolutely love the white colors and contours.
Zara Chom (2 years ago)
i love the clean lines that Grace chose for this living room.
mayumayu7315 (2 years ago)
Beautiful!! Please show us other rooms as well.
Petit Dragonfly (2 years ago)
Wow this is so much better than the last video. You can tell the designer of this house is really detailed orientated and not only endeavors to fulfill the brief of her client but also the structural requisites. There's just enough color to make the house warm and inviting. It's playful but sophisticated, modern but gives an oh so gentle nod to a bygone era.
Tamela Bowie Interiors (2 years ago)
You did an amazing design in this space. I love everything!
#switchfootforever (2 years ago)
Love everything but the rug (it consumed the space) and the dressers beside the fireplace (simple paintings would make the space feel much leas crowded)
CreateOneDay (2 years ago)
Love the dreamy color pallet. Beautiful room.
Sandy G. (2 years ago)
This is so well done! Classic elegance!
R. Hathaway (2 years ago)
Beautifully done
Very elegant but it doesn't seem comfortable as she said. More restrained aesthetic.
nissab (2 years ago)
Beautiful! Timeless! Classy!
Xidcat (2 years ago)
+nissab right on!
Brandee Michelle (2 years ago)
I am obsessed with the lamps on either side of the fireplace, everything is so pretty!
Sravana Malladi (2 years ago)
I love this!!
loved everything but the pillows. The pattern is just not elegant enough for the space.
wirkaswirka (2 years ago)
Fuzzy TURK (2 years ago)
It's absolutely beautiful. It has the right balance and still looks modern 💗
flowerpress1 (4 months ago)
Those chairs are stunning!
ME-Tube Your Space! (2 years ago)
A traditional color and style but so love the furniture that blends with the color.
Hanin Alyahya (2 years ago)
very elegant I really love it!
Go Getter-Girl (2 years ago)
Hi Grace, Very Elegant with a Mixed Graceful Flow and Individual Focus Points that stand out on their own while also unifying the room together!  Excellent job of creating a "Current & Comfy" environment with a Pre-War Décor!  Absolutely love the Cut Glass Tile Chandelier in the foyer!!!  Cheers!!!  GGG
njesseable (2 years ago)
beautiful room
Felix Szehan Wang (2 years ago)
love this.
Nela Neca (2 years ago)
me too,it's perfect.

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