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Drunk Guy and girl kissing fall off of bar stool

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Roz Earp (8 months ago)
Was that guy's name Jerry? :)
Roz Earp (7 months ago)
Over Come do you have a longer version of this video? Where you can here jerry's voice? If this video is of jerry martin smith, than that women needs to know that that's my fiance. We both have HIV and hepatitis c and if he didn't tell her, (that's attempted murder ) "or something like that".
Roz Earp (7 months ago)
Over Come was this guy's name Jerry Smith? If so was it a bar in or around Roseburg Oregon? What's the name of the bar? And last but not least, if all of these questions answered are yes,,, what's the woman's name?
R.I .P (7 months ago)
Roz Earp yes
Roz Earp (8 months ago)
What town and state is this one in?

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