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Basic CSS Buttons

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Nikola Zaykov (1 year ago)
Really neat tutorial, I love it :)
makedaevilmage (3 years ago)
This is a great way to make unified buttons that you can use for multiple projects :) Bootstrap also uses this sorta system, but this is great way to learn how these actually take form. I'm set one of these up myself for future school projects. This will save a lot of time :)
Lucas Snel (3 years ago)
how do you make it so that typing "#example" and pressing tab will create a div with the id example at once?
Codecourse (3 years ago)
Simple CSS buttons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4tzyZQygos
Charlie Rodarte (3 years ago)
easy to follow
Mike Mro (3 years ago)
Possible to have both on the same button when the user hovers over them?
Which editor do you use ? Atom?
Necktrox (3 years ago)
+M Sana Sure, but I thought you meant this video
Necktrox (3 years ago)
+M Sana In which minute can you see 'Sublime Text' in the title bar?
Neo (3 years ago)
+ToXiiiiCTV It's Sublime Text.
Necktrox (3 years ago)
+ToXiiiiCTV It looks like Sublime Text
Gilles (3 years ago)
Nice! I love simple tutorials like this!
Vault (3 years ago)

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