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Blackwater 36 Fishing Boats Part 1

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Blackwater 36 SF tournament Fishing Boats Smoke the competition www.blackwaterboats.com, there are 2 parts to this video.
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Text Comments (41)
Mark McCormack (1 year ago)
I am a very nice and warm person
GreenLight24 (2 years ago)
RIP Jose.
montel colebrook (2 years ago)
fast very fast
James Wright (3 years ago)
I am more interested in fishing than speed,
احمد الجهني (1 year ago)
Wade Brown Lol true that gotta sucks
Wade Brown (1 year ago)
No dive/side access door ? WTF !
ramesh anand (3 years ago)
great rig. that thing looked like it was in beast mode
diamondchip86 (3 years ago)
i ride in one of those in miami i feel like i going to flew of the boat
Gabe Bessey (2 years ago)
Jose Fernandez did fly out of the boat in Miami
MrWampler33 (4 years ago)
Why was I born so good looking instead of rich! 
Jose Fernandez Camilo (4 years ago)
It helps if you're being chased by JAWS...
haris terzis (4 years ago)
this is fishing boat????hahaha.....fishing boat dont need 3 motors (300hp each!!!!!) to go for fishing.this boat is super to go to run to F1....
Rock1 (4 years ago)
depends on what you're fishing for and what kind of coastal shelf you have my friend. some places you have to go very far  . in that case engines can equate to plan a,b,and c
Jose Fernandez Camilo (4 years ago)
Thanks Luca.
Luca MrAxel (4 years ago)
han veltink (5 years ago)
why not 3x557 motors?
Jose Fernandez Camilo (5 years ago)
No never, but even if I let go, I'd  just hit the floor, I won't fly out like a leaf, you know not to do these speeds with say children on the boat,  and no,  boats don't have seat bets, like motorcycles.
Ifyouask.us (5 years ago)
Anyone ever fallen out at speeds like this? And what are the security measures preventing that from happening? Strong hands and wrists, or?
alyna grim batol eu (5 years ago)
they do in Amerifat otherwise the boat wouldnt move at all....
Majed (5 years ago)
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skywalker981 (5 years ago)
It's enough for me with just a single 250 outboard and 30 knots of top speed.
Peter w (5 years ago)
lovely boat but why so many vids of big offshore boats going fast in flat conditions? Would rather see how it handles a 6ft chop and/or 15kt wind..
Jay Photweny (5 years ago)
I know where to put the body now.
bosommm (6 years ago)
It should have safety belts
David Heitman (6 years ago)
nice ass boat. lol. no hydrostream. lol.
Mr00destruct0 (6 years ago)
I would have this boat tied up right next to my 77 Hateras enclosed bridge down in Coral Gables. If I had that kind of cash that is. It's a fine looking boat with a lot of new ideas and runs great. Get stuffed if you think I worry about my carbon foot print. I'll be happy to sell you some "Honest Destruct's" carbon credits thoe. A great boat except the fwd sleeping quarters seems a little cramped (Joke).
cdimi13 (6 years ago)
i wish
Jose Fernandez Camilo (6 years ago)
those who have the money...
Carlos Deluna (6 years ago)
4:14 what are you trying to say i can fit my wife in the hole if she trys to cheat on me ? jaja feed her to the fishes :}
christofer128 (6 years ago)
I comment in English and you reply in you own language....Okey....Είσαι ένας μαλάκας !!
Pelagic971 (6 years ago)
c'est juste pas ton kiff parce que tu n'a pas les moyens de le faire ! et c'est pas 200 euros une sortie sur le blackwater !! triple le prix et tu comprendras !! chacun ses goûts ! chacun son bateau ! allez good fishing !! see you !
Jose Fernandez Camilo (6 years ago)
people fly-fish from shore and they don't need a boat, there's many different ways to fish, and different budgets, some people think three is better than one.
Jose Fernandez Camilo (6 years ago)
you have obviously never ridden this boat, and your name suggests a competitors unfounded opinion.
christofer128 (6 years ago)
if you like to pay 200 euro every time you go for fishing then buy this boat....who needs 3 motors to go for fishing
SpectacularV (7 years ago)
Boat has an attitude like a Bass Boat. Would scare me in 3 to 4 footers.
Shocksink (7 years ago)
Dexter has one of these.....
demisecphuket (7 years ago)
love the expansive transom to fight fish and the conversations had a 72mph must be memorable
marchelloisbello (7 years ago)
what type of fuel this boat is using ?
Jose Fernandez Camilo (7 years ago)
That varies, depending on the accessories and options you choose
john smith (7 years ago)
whats the price
Michael Oria (8 years ago)
@MrSunshine36 I doubt it was any reason other than aesthetics of the video because I actually searched for this boat after hearing a captain raving about it in Bimini Bay, Bahamas after he got caught it a nasty storm.. He said in 25 years he has never driven anything that handled so well on rough waters.

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