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Unboxing Storage Containers for my Diamond Painting Drills

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Link to my Facebook 💎Diamond Painting💎 group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/185934128733821 Link to consumer crafts 82-piece storage tray: https://www.consumercrafts.com/store/details/catalog/jewelry-storage-and-organizers/ewc0511 Link to consumer crafts storage jars: https://www.consumercrafts.com/store/details/catalog/jewelry-storage-and-organizers/2025-252
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Gem's Baby Wonders! (2 days ago)
Love your vids... I'm so addicted to storage and paintings.. just binge watch everyones videos.
Bertie Hardison (17 days ago)
I absolutely love the 82 piece Elizabeth Ward storage units you purchased from consumers craft. At the moment I currently have 12 of them. When I found they could be purchased for almost half of what everyone else was selling them for, I jumped on them. Thankfully it was after Christmas therefore I had Christmas cash and Consumers Craft was having an awesome sell. I also use Harbor Freight containers as well as Darice’s storage boxes with individual containers in them. I purchased those from CC too for 2/5.00. Again, I love when CC has a sale. There are numerous ways of storing the drills. What works for me may not work for you. I love having the freedom to decide on our own what works for us. Interesting when I see people brow beating someone over something as simple as storage boxes. To each their own.
Maria Janssen (19 days ago)
Kan geen Engels typen maar heel jammer dat dit niet naar Nederland verzonden wordt.
Robin Eisenberg (1 month ago)
if you have sticking drills take two of the same size drill boats lay drills out use one ontop of the other and press down and wow you'll hear all the drills pop apart
Robin Eisenberg (1 month ago)
Best way to clean greasy drills use baby wipes works great no dry time and mush them around inside a sheet then pour out on a paper towel try it works great what i love is no dry time
Peter Rose (2 months ago)
I got a diamond Painting and it had 29 colors and all of the drills were oily and i got the seller to resend the all of the replacement drills
Robin Eisenberg (3 months ago)
never be afraid to report to the seller you paid for it so we all try to help one another from getting bad reviews or having same issues so do tell them
Robin Eisenberg (3 months ago)
they say that if you freeze them ive heard that sticky stuff stays off and people store sticky ones with a static sheet
Robin Eisenberg (3 months ago)
great storage are the harbor freight ones too
Robin Eisenberg (3 months ago)
wanted to give you heads up i have gotten the best large canvas flowered zippered carrying bag that fits all my drill supplies and 2 full trays of my elizabeth ward and my lite box 17" i can show you what it looks like omg its awesome and stitched handles perfect for traveling
K.J’s World (3 months ago)
How do you know your colors if you don’t label? What do you do with all your diamond paintings and do you frame them?
Robin Eisenberg (4 months ago)
NO there isnt 82 there's minus 3 one for the cover , the case, and the labels, and the same with her 45 kit minus 3 so there's really 42 containers
Bertie Hardison (17 days ago)
Does it matter? I can’t for the life of me figure out why people have to be so critical over mundane things.
Joy Valenta (4 months ago)
I am sort of the same with the drills. I don't mind when they are oily. also I find there tends to be less flawed drills this way. I wonder if the oil is a trick they use to get a better pour and release when casting them. Anyway, It forced me into using tweezers, which is now may favorite way to lay square drills. So positive outcome in the end.
The Midwest Stitcher (5 months ago)
THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing! You saved me SOOOO much money:)... I almost bought the 82 storage system from Micheals @54.99 each. but just couldn't do it and then I came across your video. I ordered them from consumercrafts @$20.00 each.
The Midwest Stitcher Glad I could help!! 👍🏻🤗🤗🤗
Karyn Walker (5 months ago)
I am just starting diamond painting and watching a lot of you tube videos about it. My question is...why do you save your extra "diamonds"? And are they universal..meaning can the same color "diamonds" be used on other projects for all different salers?
Karyn Walker (5 months ago)
Thank you for you quick responds..better yet..a video to watch. Funny thing is that i was watching it before i saw ur reply and was thinking " oh wow..i just asked a question about this" lol thanks again
Karyn Walker I just posted a video where I answer all your questions! It’s called “All You Need...” Watch it and let me know if you have any further questions. 😊
Wintry Kiss (5 months ago)
i love that tray but they are always out of stock ill get it someday lol
Sheilah Kilmurray (5 months ago)
When my drills come like that, I pour them into my hand and rub them. Takes a lot of the oil or whatever that is, off.
mademoisellekaya (5 months ago)
Thanks for showing! Megan, could you say approximately how much the littlest jars you mistaken ordered can hold on amount and also about the new bigger jars? Btw, I'm going to look if I can buy that from my Country because a lot on Amazon or elsewhere doesn't sell over here. Thanks so much for showing and sharing 👌😎😊 Edit.. shoot, this site doesn't sell to The Netherlands.. we don't even have Amazon and need to buy via Germany because Dutch people aren't willing to make a Dutch Amazon site.. somehow this Country is to small or whatever's going on 😖 There are NUMEROUS craft stores I can't buy from but I love all the craft stores or even the Dollars Store because here in this tiny country it is horrible to find the good stuff..😓 I wished I could find somebody who is willing to help me out to buy things from the State's to me someday.. I keep hoping but for now I keep stuck. Even though, I'm enjoying your video's with much pleasure 😄💋
I’m so sorry I forgot to answer your question!! The small baby jars hold 3 bags of color at the most (and it’s REALLY full). The larger ones hold about 7 or 8. Sorry again for the delayed response!! ❤️❤️
Claire Steen (5 months ago)
They are charging £50 for the Darice trays on Amazon UK! What a rip off! They used to be about £30. Nowhere else is selling them in UK apart from eBay and they are even more on there. Gutted!
Valerie McMellon (5 months ago)
OMGoodness Megan! You are a total life saver! I had the 82ct storage system in my cart on Amazon ready to order in a week or two. 40.00 EACH!!! You just saved me a TON of money! Unfortunately they are sold out of the 82ct storage system at the craft website you gave us but I made an account and signed up to be notified when they come back in stock! Tysm again! Love N Blessings!
Eggdcr8tr (5 months ago)
I wonder if there is a way to wash them? Maybe in a small mesh bag or something?
Karen Oderkirk (5 months ago)
Just purchased the darice storage but got the one that has the four different size containers within the large storage, you can also buy the different sizes to make things more accustomed to your needs. Dont use the labels. Bic marker and when finished wipes off with rubbing alcohol ready for next project.
Karen Oderkirk (5 months ago)
mademoisellekaya comes off fasr a d easy, no work really to get it off, one swipe and its gone
mademoisellekaya (5 months ago)
I had seen the rubbing alcohol trick also! Just keep on rubbing and the Sharpie marker will come off 👌😊
Karen Oderkirk (5 months ago)
Bertha dockett i was what?
Bertha dockett (5 months ago)
Karen Oderkirk was
Diggy415 (5 months ago)
I dont' find it necessary to complain about the oddball shaped drills, nothing is perfect and we get so many extra with each order and a lot left over, a few bad ones isn't worth it. If you order is missing drills like mine had 4 bags and needed 17 then yes other wise the your painting may not be completed if you don't get the right amount or don't have them on hand from previous projects. :) I have two of these I got from Joannes and the lowest I saw them was at $20. I use mine for my peyote beads, I love the clear tower twist together containers and I have a few already. :) Have fun.

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