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NX Modeling - Concept Design (Optical Mouse)

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Text Comments (34)
Ravi Prajapati (5 days ago)
Can you design a Dustpan? Thanks
Om Pathak (10 days ago)
sir how can download and crack nx cam
Brix Portugal (7 months ago)
Harish Reddy (7 months ago)
when i perform move command i select the curve which i want to move and when i do it both the curve are moved from the position plz explain it
Harish Reddy (7 months ago)
sir, when i go to move object command i am unable to select single curve it is automatcally getting selected 2 curves , should i draw both curves in different sketch???
subured (1 year ago)
Lukasz Paprocki (2 years ago)
hey, great video. Are you able to make cam tutorial of this optical mouse ?
Dante Evans Noyola 2 (3 years ago)
Excelente vídeo, me fue de mucha utilidad, mi diseño trate de hacerlo diferente pero con el mismo procedimiento del vídeo, muchas gracias, ganas un suscriptor :)
Erick Quezada (3 years ago)
Alguien podría pasármelo ya hecho para abrirlo en nx y verlo mejor??
Sergio Ledesma (4 years ago)
el diametro de la rueda del scroll debe ser pequeño 2 cm aproximadamente mal ejemplo.
Oz Tallent (2 years ago)
+Sergio Ledesma No Habla espaniol but I know what you are saying.
Alma Gomez (4 years ago)
Es solo un CONCEPTO, de otra forma se habría realizado un ensamble con piezas en medidas correctas.
Youk Tae keun (4 years ago)
very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood !!!
itsjim1 (5 years ago)
Can someone please help me? When I try to do the through curves (shown in the video at 1:40) It doesn't work and I get the message "Unable to create single curve from a profile having multiple loops". I follow the instructions exactly, though I'm using NX8.5, not NX7.5.
Ahmed Eisa (2 years ago)
Select 1st curve, then click on "add new set" then select next curve, and so on...
YONGIN (2 years ago)
+mateuszstanislaw Hi may i know your meaning of clicking scroll down? Thanks:)
mateuszstanislaw (4 years ago)
select curve, then click scroll down, then another curve and scroll down etc :)
tran phu (5 years ago)
it perfect,i want to learn it.
Teodora Videnova (5 years ago)
I have the same problem , can someone help?
mohamed Alsaid (5 years ago)
Good method
Ida Smith (5 years ago)
After 2:10 min, I cannot came along. I tried the same one, How do you create the points without datum plane? And your video is very fast, even when I break them, while you project the curves to the surface.
Ida Smith (5 years ago)
Hi Daljeet, I think you should us beginners in NX show how to manage the menus in NX. I go insane here since I saw your great screen, everything you has very well organized. Thanks !!
Arun6954 (5 years ago)
AcanFL (5 years ago)
This video is just outstanding.
Mohsen Emad (5 years ago)
NX or SolidWorks ?
im a Engineer and i think you are too, so greetings from mexico.
mrc4nl (5 years ago)
Fischer977 (5 years ago)
exelent! can you upload tutorial of more basic stuff?
TX Cung (5 years ago)
I want change the interfaces like you, Can you help me? and, I don't know in my Nx7, tab Insert-> Curves from Curves, there isn't have Curves Mirror sorry I'm not good English
James Lawes (6 years ago)
Having problems with Global shaping by function, it wants me to select all the faces instead of the single one and then deletes the top surface all together?
CNSZU (6 years ago)
What an amazing tutorial! Almost all the techniques were new to me. I'm going to study this video and become an NX maestro too!
TungNgerng (6 years ago)
how to cad spoon?? i want to know
TungNgerng (6 years ago)
thank you so much

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