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Saoirse Song (Song of the Sea 2014)

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PATRICIA HEDRIX (1 month ago)
0:46 Start
THE WeIrD PoTaTo (1 month ago)
Ok I know it's weird I'm not hating actually do like the movie it's just I hate how the sersha gets to be a silki(srrg if I spell wrong) and half human when Ben is all human and not even a little bit special but the both came from the same mom I dunno why I just don't like that
MJTRadio (1 month ago)
Worth its weight in my tears
Karina Ramirez (1 month ago)
James V Xiong (1 month ago)
i'm go to CRY!!!
Its_ Danaplayz (2 months ago)
OoooooooOOOOOO i miss this beautiful song yasssssss Btw the looks of the seal of hearing her sing LOL XD
Madam Marshmallow (2 months ago)
Aurora borealis at this time of year
This is the best movie it has alot of meaning and i really love the songs
Zain Chupacabra (2 months ago)
I love how they all just kinda forgive and gloss over Macha, even though she's basically the one who messed everyone's lives over for many years.
Sheena marx (2 months ago)
I am so captivated by this story, I named my daughter Saoirse.. I can't get tired watching it...
Zain Chupacabra (2 months ago)
After the character in this movie?
Nati S (2 months ago)
This movie is so sad😭😭😭
babushka doll (2 months ago)
great day to be irish
hopeless heathen (2 months ago)
Shy did the mom have to leave when she was born and at the end
Sameeksha kadam (2 months ago)
John Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Why wasn’t THIS version of The Song on the Official Soundtrack??
Feyzanb (2 months ago)
Who see this in 2018?? 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
bread Head (2 months ago)
What this was published on jul 2,2015 the movie was published on 2014
no means yes (2 months ago)
I cried like a baby the first time I watched this
Daisy Prescott (3 months ago)
The seals are like WTF
Niklas Universe (3 months ago)
The animation is so good. Too bad this video is only in 240p
えみ (3 months ago)
F. 21 (3 months ago)
What's the language pf theses song?
F. 21 (2 months ago)
Its a beautiful language I loved+Dandy yo
Dandy yo (2 months ago)
If you didn't find it already , its Irish Gaelic
2Arcade (3 months ago)
Saorise is so adorable! She's my favorite character in this movie!
Antonia Angeles (3 months ago)
Es de lo mejor que he visto asta ahora en animación hermoso tema, hermosa historia todo muy bien 👍🏼 la audiencia pide más de esto please 🙏🏼
That's beautiful!
Denni Jelita (3 months ago)
claire wang (3 months ago)
My favorite part in this movie 😍
s h i n o (3 months ago)
I'm sorry i just wanna say this Between the north Between the south *there was a civil war*
s h i n o (3 months ago)
Replay: 0:01 Emergency replay: 0:00 Emotional: 0:09 Song starts: 0:27
Snazzy Animations (3 months ago)
s h i n o (3 months ago)
I'm crying and you are *too*
s h i n o (3 months ago)
*Y e s*
s h i n o (3 months ago)
*Y e s . *
s h i n o (3 months ago)
Y e s
s h i n o (3 months ago)
Sometimes Animations Yes.
Raya Granum (3 months ago)
Just saw this movie today on Netflix, and it's now officially my favorite movie! 😘
Kris Lane (3 months ago)
Honestly Someone give Tomm Moore his flipping Oscar already,the man is long overdue
• Costy Hetalia • (3 months ago)
I love the musics and the artstyle of this movie!
Kasey Collins (3 months ago)
All Irish stories should be put into movies like this! Celtic animation is beautiful
Netera Pratt-Gutierrez (4 months ago)
This movie is amazing.
Daria Ava's (4 months ago)
Has she died? :,(
hopeless heathen (2 months ago)
No she stayed with her dad and brother rather then going with her mom
L. Hansen (4 months ago)
Great term of education is behind this result. The planar expression of human physiognomy and contrast tricks for light. I'm in heaven at the skill, here.
Thane of Moss (4 months ago)
I have never seen this movie and have only read a brief synopsis about it after watching this video. Definitely gonna find it and watch it! This is so beautiful~!
heck No (4 months ago)
The moment Mac Lir rises from the mountain made my eyes tear up
Hermanto Darmanto (5 months ago)
Cool and fantastis
Vate Ozaki (5 months ago)
Storyline in which it grasps ones heart till it finishes with an etched message on our soul.
Lyra Avatar (5 months ago)
Me: I like the song sure why not *clicks video* Me: *sees it's the actual clip* Me: AW YEAH
Neon Rain雨 (5 months ago)
When the weed kicks in.
Alex Boghitoiu (5 months ago)
This part makes me cry of happyness
SqueriPeri (5 months ago)
Ashlynn Dunstan (6 months ago)
This is so pretty
Anne Albert (6 months ago)
This is abousloutely ashilings voice but sings their voices can any one tell me plz!!
Anne Albert (6 months ago)
I mean who sings their voices
snow fairy production (7 months ago)
Where can I found it? In 2018?
sara Pérez caceres (3 months ago)
peace hawk netflix
Maja Majdan (8 months ago)
I love it <3
AmanGhostvilla comedyZ (9 months ago)
I liked this song
Jivette Fhaye (9 months ago)
please what is the title of the movie?
Jivette Fhaye (8 months ago)
Legacy Blue (8 months ago)
Jivette Fhaye Song of the sea by Tom Moore
Jivette Fhaye (8 months ago)
Maja Majdan (8 months ago)
It says that on the title you dummy xD
Yiffing (9 months ago)
Jivette Fhaye Song of the Sea
Cody Beinert (9 months ago)
One of the masterpieces of modern animation.
Hend Maged (9 months ago)
معقول اغمض عينى وافتحها القى السيسى مشى وساب البلد ياه ده حلم
Anna Stead (10 months ago)
This scene leaves me breathless. I love this movie so so much!
gain al (10 months ago)
This is the movie that taught me how to pronounce Saoirse properly.
ally_Gamerloverally (10 months ago)
when dad said she’s not coming back i rewinded it over and over it was so halarius u have to try it 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
keanoa kiro (10 months ago)
all ways give me goosebumps...
Windy Singer (10 months ago)
FreddyMontana69 (10 months ago)
I was wondering the whole movie: "Wow. They're building up that moment when she'll sing pretty big time. They better not dissapoint." I should have shut my stupid mouth.
nataliee (10 months ago)
i cried my eyes out😭
sky inkdragon (10 months ago)
Ben Johnson (10 months ago)
Had this come out before 1984 my daughter would be named Saoirse.
Beau-tyler Prince-wildman (11 months ago)
This movie is one of the best I've seen I cried the first time I watched it!!!!!
Carlos Riffo (11 months ago)
gaurav maurya (11 months ago)
this movie is so beautiful beyond belief, it fills your heart and eyes
RazorBeak (11 months ago)
I wonder if Aisling was with that group of Celtic spirits.
bstring13 (10 months ago)
She's on the bus
오유빈 (11 months ago)
Vincent Des Rosiers (1 year ago)
I found this song so beautiful that I actually cried. THAT is how good this movie is.
Edie Smoot (1 year ago)
This scene is so beautiful
Diamond Springs (1 year ago)
Song of the sea I the movie
Rümeysa Toker (1 year ago)
En sevdiğim filmlerden biri
looking forward to his new cartoon😄🖒
oh I cried so much at the end😭😭😭 such a perfect cartoon ❤❤
Heðin Galdr (1 year ago)
Why did this make me choke up?
ariel medrano (1 year ago)
This movie is better than big hero 6
weird sponge guy (1 year ago)
there is literally nothing wrong with this movie. the worst thing i can think of is the less detailed lip sync. and when a mouth moving is the worst part of your movie you must be doing something right.
Annjo Wolfe (6 months ago)
Thanks for informing me of that, I had no idea.
Sgt.Tony (6 months ago)
Annjo Wolfe The language that is mostly spoken in Ireland is English, Irish being a language you have to learn in the Republic and an optional language in N.I. Although there is an Irish version of this movie, I wouldn't think it would be made with the main idea that it would be in Irish, if you exclude the songs..
Annjo Wolfe (8 months ago)
weird sponge guy i think thats because it was originally in irish, so there isn't anything wrong with it. I would also suggest the secret of kells, same studio i believe.
I love be his movie I watched it like 39 times already
파르니엘봉봉 (1 year ago)
Please!Don't delete this video!! :(
neha singh (1 year ago)
One of the most intricately woven movie of frequencies.
Selina Akhter (1 year ago)
i Love how they see the selkiy revived from drying out and how ben's sister for the first time see's her mother
Danielle bakus (1 year ago)
there's some mythical shit going on here
Raquel Hyodo (1 year ago)
If someone has the version with Thomas Bergersen soundtrack, please share it again twt
Sanhati Pal (1 year ago)
I love this movie and it's music so much. So I've always been a Celtic music fanatic,and some Anina song led me to the song,and I watched the movie many times after that. it's an absolute masterpiece,and reaches the heart so beautifully. Whenever Saoirse would blow the conch shell Id be mesmerized..and the concept of each beard hair a story blew me away. the best thing is it tells us that our emotions are important,even negative ones, without them, we're no better than rock. Please,if you haven't watched it , watch it. and if you have,well,watch it again.
Thao, T. P, Nguyen (1 year ago)
This movie is pure magic. I even consider Saoirse as a name for my future daughter.
Jay Sexton (1 year ago)
I knew it'd be good. I liked Secret of Kells, too. Thing is, I didn't know how good it would be. Wow.
Darragh walsh (1 year ago)
she looks like aisling from secret of the kells
Coconut Jam (21 days ago)
No she doesnt
Meta (1 month ago)
+Eszter Varga There's a scene in this movie, when they board the bus, Aisling (I think that's her name) from Secret of the Kells, is there. It's a quick scene so easy to miss.
The Muse (3 months ago)
Saoirse means freedom and that’s my dogs name. Also the reason I watched the movie, because Netflix gave it a terrible description.
Eszter Varga (3 months ago)
where? I seen the movie, but I didn't seen that
Michael Peters (3 months ago)
B 12 (1 year ago)
Wаtсh Sоng ооf the Sееa оnlinееe hеrеeеe => https://twitter.com/dabe6672291c72cf1/status/850530911321899008
ceilo 22 (1 year ago)
Yоu саn wаtсh Song оf thеeее Seа herее https://twitter.com/5bd3e705fa65bf7f6/status/850530911321899008
Nora Baudoux De Corte (1 year ago)
J'adore, c'est super beau. ^^
Celso Villamar (1 year ago)
Finally I've fоund full Song of thе Sea movie hereeee => https://twitter.com/5bd3e705fa65bf7f6/status/850530911321899008
Hitroki (1 year ago)
Song of the Sea moovie here => https://twitter.com/18f1ac3e33075b48a/status/850530911321899008
JHarris (1 year ago)
Wish they made more films like this, we have such great legends and stories. Eire mo gra
Sarthak Smosh (1 year ago)
Saoirse's song is better than mum's because of the heavenly instrumental
MalcolmMalcontent (1 year ago)
The Irish have done what the Japanese never could (at least not to me): captured the true beauty and power of animation and folklore. Which is even more amazing after Kells left me kinda disappointed. Song of the Sea enraptured me in a way that I haven't felt in years. It took me on an engrossing and fantastical journey that I was sad had to end. I'm so glad I got to experience it and I have high hopes for Tomm Moore's future works. Also, great to see that there are still those out there that want to make drawn animation, and understand how to do it.
MalcolmMalcontent (2 months ago)
Oh, shit, I didnt even know this comment got any responses. Sorry, I didnt find out until now. Anyways, i know this will probably tick some people off, but i was actually referring to guys like Ghibli. I find that the problem with Japanese animation in general is that it feels like the product of something that has no soul but is trying desperately hard to have a soul (I'm not speaking literally, I dont think Japanese animators are actually soulless, I'm just saying that's how the works feel). Guys like Ghibli especially are ones that you can tell their heart is in the right place and they're trying hard, but they just seem to lack something. They leave me with just sort of a middle of the road feeling, and that also goes for other anime at it's best. This film definitely felt like it was going for that style that guys like Ghibli do (which was kinda a red flag for me at the start), but it actually worked. It didnt feel like something trying to gain a soul, it was a soul. A living breathing soul. And it's especially impressive to me since it's only Moore's second film. I didnt care for his first (felt like it wasnt fully formed), but he really nailed it this time. I'm really glad I saw it.
plucas1 (3 months ago)
I'm sorry, but yes they have. The problem with Japanese anime is the same with the US animation; they put out so much product that the real gems can get lost amongst all the drek. But they can put out great, amazing, beautiful, and emotional animation just like Song of the Sea. You just have to dig for it. And I do not want to disparage this film in any way; Song of the Sea is a masterpiece. It's just not the only one. Heck, the ending of Wolf Children or the song at the end of Coco wrecked me emotionally just as much as the good-byes did in this movie.
Jixie Dye (6 months ago)
Hm I don't know. I agree about anime but anything from Studio Ghibli is amazing. Especially Arrietty or Marnie. I'd say Arrietty and Marnie could match up to this
bakago (9 months ago)
the japanese's problem is the low frame rate
Dark Knight (1 year ago)
Finally I'veeee found full Song oooof the Sea movieee here => https://twitter.com/3a49eeab922641ea9/status/850530911321899008
Frisby2007 (1 year ago)
I still cannot believe this movie & Kaguya lost to that Big Hero 6 garbage at the Oscars (along with every other animated film that lost to some shit from Disney & Pixar in the past 5-6 years). This movie along with Kaguya are some of the finest animated films we've gotten In a long time, & some of the freshest storytelling, & they didn't hold back from being a grown up movies for kids. The Oscars haven't given the right animated film the Oscar since Spirited Away. Those idiots need to be fired from their jobs at the Oscars, because they're biased & don't even do their jobs properly. Almost every critic there said something along the lines of "my kids liked Big Hero 6 more therefore it got my vote", & one even said "nobody cares or will remember that Chinese movie or whatever". It didn't surprise me in the least that Kubo had lost to that Zootopia shit. I really hope this company is planning on more movies, because so far I've loved them all (though Song of the Sea was definitely better than Kells).
hrpang (1 year ago)
Frisby2007 I recommend you look up College Humor's Adam Ruins the Oscar. Trust me it says alot, and with facts
S0PH1A - :0 (1 year ago)
Anybody else get Pangur Ban feels with this?
Sione Schaumkell (1 year ago)
Really beeest movieeee. I found it here => https://twitter.com/5bee61cb0603378a2/status/822787795211014145
Benji Villegas (1 year ago)
Watch Song of the Sea ooonline in hd qualityyyy here => https://twitter.com/48573a8178743198c/status/822787795211014145
Gökhan eke (1 year ago)
Reeaaaallyyy great moviee. I found it here => https://twitter.com/6af580e7e7e4b639c/status/822787795211014145

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